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Is it that time that you have a write a thesis for your course work, and are stuck? If yes, you are not alone; a thesis is most probably the longest academic piece that a student has to handle in their lifetime. Even so, it is like any other academic paper and has significance in the performance of a student. It is important that a student understands what writing a dissertation is and what it entails before they can begin writing it. Better yet, a student can seek cheap thesis writing services to help with writing the thesis and or guidance on how to do the same.

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The article below will help you know what a dissertation is, its structure, what to include in a dissertation, and where to get cheap thesis writing services.

What Is A Dissertation?

A dissertation is also known as a thesis and is a long piece of academic work that is based on research work. One can submit a dissertation when undertaking their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.

Determining The Structure Of Your Dissertation

Dissertations do not have a similar structure. That is because research work takes different forms. Your research form will depend on the approach you use, the discipline, your location, and the topic. For instance, dissertations in humanities usually appear like an essay. The writer builds an argument to support a thesis and thus organizes chapters around different case studies. Dissertations in the science subjects are different in that every element of your dissertation will take a whole chapter by itself. How a writer arranges the sections will vary with the school, and country.

Therefore, it is advisable that a student enquires from the instructor the right format to use for their thesis. This information is helpful when a student is seeking cheap thesis writing services as the essay writer can adhere to the instructions.

The Common Format Of A Thesis

In case your instructor has not given you the structure to follow when writing your thesis, you can use the common approach. Here is a breakdown of the common format that a thesis follows:

Title Page

This is the first page of your thesis, and it needs to contain different elements. These elements include the thesis title, name of the author, the department, institution, the study program, and the date of submission. In some cases, you need to write your registration number, the name of your supervisor and attach the institution’s logo.


Some students choose to include this section and others opt to leave it out. However, the acknowledgements section gives you the chance to thank every person who played in role in helping you deliver the thesis. It does not matter the magnitude of their role. So long as one helped you deliver the thesis, include them in the acknowledgements section. These people can be your family members, friends, research participants, fellow students, or supervisors.


The abstract has a limitation of words, and it should have between 150 to 300 words. The abstract is a summary of your thesis. It is advisable to write your abstract after finishing writing your thesis so that you do not leave any important information. The abstract contains the following details; the research topic, purpose of the research, research methods, research results, and conclusions from the research. Usually, people read the abstract first before digging deep into the thesis. Therefore, you want to ensure that you write your abstract right.

Table Of Contents

This section carefully highlights the chapters, headings, subheadings, and page numbers in your thesis. The table of contents page gives a reader a clear overview of the paper’s structure. Also, this section helps the reader navigate a document easily. Every section of your thesis, including the appendices, should be in the table of contents. You can create a table of contents manually or use the headings style in Microsoft Word to generate a table of contents automatically.

List of figures

Some theses have research work that contains data. An author should use data analysis tools to help a reader understand the result of their research work. As a result, a thesis can have tables and figures in the body. The section after the table of contents should capture all the figures and tables in the thesis in a list form. Like the table of contents, you can generate this list automatically to ensure you do not miss any of them.

thesis writing


Any abbreviation in the thesis should be listed in a section. That helps a reader refer to this list when they encounter a new abbreviation or when they want to know the real meaning of an abbreviation. You should arrange the abbreviations in an alphabetical manner on this list.


In cases where one is writing a thesis on a topic that is not too familiar with many people, you may find that you will use specialized terms. If a reader does not understand the meaning of these words, they could end up not getting the significance of the Situs Judi Slot Terbaik dan Terpercaya No 1. Therefore, you should provide a glossary with these specialized terms. Like the abbreviations, one should arrange the terms in the glossary in alphabetical order.


This section is an integral part of your thesis as it tells a reader what to expect in the thesis. One should assess the topic of your thesis, the purpose, and the relevance just by reading the introduction. When introducing your research topic, give the reader enough background information to help them understand the context of your work. Also, state the existing research work on the research topic and show the relevance of your research work to a bigger problem. Lastly, state your research objectives clearly to the reader. The introduction should be relevant to your research work, engaging, and concise.

Literature Review

Before conducting your research, you should undertake a literature review to understand the research work that has been done prior. That will require you to collect sources, evaluate every source, and draw connections between the sources. The literature review section of a thesis does more than summarizing existing studies on a research topic. Instead, this section seeks to develop an argument that will justify your research work. The literature review is critical for a thesis as it acts as the basis for your theoretical framework. In the theoretical framework, you analyze key theories in your research.

thesis writing


This section seeks to explain to the reader the methods you use for your research. That way, a reader can assess the validity of your research work.

The main goal of a research methodology is to let the reader understand your research method while convincing them that the research method you used was and is the best for your research work. The methodology will contain the following details:

  • Type of research and the research approach
  • Data collection methods
  • Research details; the venue, the participants, and the research period
  • Data analysis methods
  • Research materials and tools you used
  • Obstacles faced during research
  • Justification of your research method


In this section, you should report your results. You can use topics, questions, and hypotheses to structure the results section. You should only include research results that are relevant to your research. Some disciplines require students to separate the results section from the discussion section. While in some disciplines, the two sections are one. In the results section, it is helpful to include graphs, charts, and tables to present your research results. If you have to use the illustrations, ensure that you do not include the data you have included in the text. That is because that is repetition, and it does not leave a good impression on the reader.


In this section, you should expound on the meaning of your research results and the significance of those results to your research work. You should explain the research results in deeper detail, whereby you will discuss whether the results meet your research goals. You should also show the results fir into the theoretical framework in previous chapters. If you obtained unexpected results, you should give an explanation for the same. You should also give alternative data interpretations and bring up any limitations that could have altered research results. Lastly, give any recommendations that may be helpful for future research work.


The conclusion answers the research question briefly and leaves a reader with an understanding of the relevance of your research work. In some disciplines, the conclusion may come before the discussion. In such a situation, you should state your conclusions then interpret your conclusions in the discussion section. Nevertheless, the general purpose for a conclusion is to wrap up the thesis with a final reflection on your research work.


You cannot say you carried out research without having sources and research materials. Therefore, after concluding your thesis, you should provide a reference list for all your sources. You should list all the sources and use a citation style throughout your thesis. Whatever citation style you use for your thesis, you should remain consistent.


This section contains information that is helpful to the thesis but should not be in the thesis. This information should be answering the research questions. Some of the elements to include in the appendices section include survey questions, interview transcripts, and tables.

Frequently Asked questions on thesis writing

Where Can I Get Free Essays Without Paying?

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Can I Get Someone To Write My Dissertation?

Yes. You, however, need to choose a reputable writer from a reputable online cheap thesis writing services company. For instance, [brand] has quick and qualified essay writers who can handle academic papers of any type on any subject. When you need help with writing your dissertation, contact the team at []. You will need to give them the assignment guidelines and wait for timely delivery of your dissertation. The team will give you a thesis writing price upon which you need to pay before receiving your dissertation.

How Much Does It Cost To Write A Thesis?

The cost of getting a thesis varies on a few things. First, different online writing companies charge differently for cheap thesis writing services. Second, the length of your dissertation will determine the cost you will incur for the writing service. A long dissertation will cost more to write than a short dissertation. When you request to get parts of a dissertation from an online essay writer, they will charge you a fraction of the total cost of writing a thesis. Lastly, the urgency of your paper will determine how much you pay for a thesis. Urgent papers are usually more costly than papers that are less urgent.

Can You Write Essays For Free?

When you need to obtain an essay, you will need to hire essay writing services. You can get free essays from online tools that contain databases with essays and articles. However, you are likely to get an essay that does not meet your requirements.

Can I Pay Someone To Write My Paper?

Yes, you can. When paying someone to write your paper, you want to be sure that you are paying an expert writer for the best cheap thesis writing service. Quality and top essay writing services come at a cost; however, the quality work you obtain is usually worth every dime you spend. Online essay writing websites undertake a thorough requirement for a person who wants to become an online essay writer. That way, they ensure that their writers meet the expectations of their clients.

Can You Buy A Dissertation?

Yes. You can buy a dissertation from an online website. When buying a dissertation online, you want to be sure that you will get a dissertation with zero plagiarism.

Can You Get Caught Buying An Essay Online?

Yes and no. You will be caught buying an essay online if you buy a plagiarized essay and submit it to your instructor. However, you will not be caught having bought an essay online if you submit an essay that is 100 per cent original. It is your responsibility to double-check every essay you buy online to ensure you are not caught.

thesis writing

What Is Essay Typer?

This refers to an online tool that enables students to obtain academic papers of any kind on a few minutes. This tool is preferred by many students as it saves them a lot of time they would spend writing their academic papers.

Is Essaytyper Legal?

The fact that you can find Essay Typer on the Internet proves that this site is legit. It is important to note that this online site uses information and algorithms from Wikipedia. That affects the legitimacy of this site.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Essay Typer?

This online service is free of charge. Also, there are no extra or hidden charges that you may incur.

Is Essay Typer Safe?

Yes. There is a concern, though that online cheap thesis writing services helping students with their academic assignments encourage deception among students instead of helping them improve their learning skills.

What Is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a valuable resource in academic writing. Students are encouraged to pass their academic papers through Turnitin before submitting to the instructor. Turnitin checks the similarity of an academic paper with the papers in its database. Therefore, it checks if a paper is original or not. It cannot detect whether a paper was purchased online or written by an online writer whatsoever.

Can Turnitin Detect Essays Bought Online?

The correct answer is that whether Turnitin will detect you bought a paper will depend on where you bought the paper. Turnitin has copies of the text on databases of academic papers. The database includes online websites that sell revision papers, online publications, and online journals. Turnitin is likely to flag your academic paper if you acquired it from a database that is cached by Turnitin.

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