How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Have you ever listened to a preacher in a religious crusade? They win converts rhetorically. Rhetoric means the use of influential words in writing or speaking. The rhetorical analysis essay writer can break down the content into various segments and study them to meet the intended purpose. The intention may be to influence, entertain or enlighten the audience.

rhetorical analysis essay

Rhetorical analysis essays can target a written, audio, or visual content. For instance, a cartoon program is a good example of visual content.

Unlike other essays,  this kind of essay does not allow the writer to give their opinion. You just focus on the rhetorician’s claim and state whether it has been delivered successfully or not.

Components of a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Compared to other essays, rhetorical analysis essays are a bit technical hence calls for expertise. Certain key factors must be considered. There are three main areas to consider if you want a credible rhetorical analysis essay. These include the evidence of the text, available evidence, and the techniques that have been applied.

Objectives refer to the intended purpose of the rhetorician’s argument. what are the targeted goals? Secondly, study the shreds of evidence presented by the author. Are they relevant/ How reliable are they to support the claim? Last importantly, consider the techniques applied in the writing the text. How do they explain the argument topic in question? Cite various examples for each technique. Since the text has a purpose, mention how effective these techniques are in achieving the stated objectives.

With the overview of areas to consider, you now need to know the 5 steps on how to write a rhetorical analysis essay.

1.Study the Author’s Strategies or Appeals

A rhetorician will seek the audience’s approval by presenting their arguments in various ways. This is called proof. There are artistic and inartistic appeals. The artistic proof is directly related to the rhetorician. They include the appeal, canon, and technique applied.

On the other hand, inartistic proofs are externally formed. They include available testimonies, collected data, a survey done, and polls if possible. The two types of appeal are useful in evaluating a rhetorician’s text.

However, the artistic appeal is prevalently used in scholarly are 3 types of appeals or strategies used by rhetoricians. The names are derived from Aristotle’s philosophical writings. They are pathos, ethos, and logos.

Patho or pathetic appeal involves the description of an argument in a manner that arouses the emotions of the audience. a personal experience or an interview may invoke anger, joy sympathy, or mercy towards the teller or the person in the text. For instance, an advertisement that requests assistance to a sick orphan may invoke mercy and willingness to help.

Etho or ethics appeal is where a rhetorician influences the audience, they may invoke virtue of their status in the society or expertise. A preacher or a renowned doctor or scientist can largely pull the thinking of their audience because of the respect given to them.

 Logos or logical appeal is where a case is argued based on reasoning or proofed facts. An advertisement on medicinal products uses logos appeal. The benefits of the products are based on scientific facts.

 Logos appeal is mostly used in essay writing in academics because it is independent of individual feelings or status. Experts apply all three rhetorical analysis strategies whereby facts are explained in an influential language.

2. Read the Content Severally

It sounds tedious but you need to read the content under scrutiny many times. This will help you understand the text, the author’s point of view and have the information at your fingertips when writing.

3. Formulate Your Thesis

This is a clear statement of the argument. A rhetorical analysis thesis forms the backbone from which the body is is therefore important that you state the keywords in your thesis to connect with the body of your essay. A thesis should have the claim or the argument expressed by the author and its support

4. Create an Outline

Design a good layout of your work. A wise selection of points and their order will give you a clear rhetorical analysis essay outline in a visual rhetorical analysis essay outline evaluate the purpose of the objects or pictures that you see. Every visible item should be studied You can consult experts on how to outline a good outlook that guides the readers on what to expect in the essay.

5. Write the Rhetorical Analysis Essay

tips on writing rhetorical analysis essay

Like other essays, a rhetorical essay has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.


State your argument in the first line of the introduction A rhetorical analysis introduction should have relevant background information of the topic and the author of the argument at hand. You may start with a common ground as a way of inviting your audience to your work. It is also important to state that it’s a rhetorical analysis essay so that your audience does not expect your opinion and feel disappointed later.


The body is the core part of your rhetorical analysis essay. It is here that you describe the techniques in a detailed manner. Arrange the sub-topics in paragraphs. State and explain the various techniques that have been applied. Discuss the ethos, pathos, and logos appeals as expressed by the author.

What is the layout of your paragraphs? You can discuss the appeals systematically such that you discuss each appeal and its relevant examples then sum up with a conclusion. Another way is to describe the techniques in order of importance. Alternatively, you can arrange them in a chronological format. Whichever format you use, ensure that you bring out a seamless flow of information.

 The order of techniques should align with the order that appears in your introduction. They should also show their connection with the thesis. This gives your essay a firm development that’s logical and smoothly connected. More importantly, give relevant examples that add weight to the evidence.


A rhetorical analysis conclusion is a summary of the entire work. Briefly explain the key points as described in the essay. it is in the conclusion that the essay writer gets a chance to assess the author and their argument closely. Were the patterns and techniques used significantly? Indicate whether the author was persuasive or not.

In summary

It is important to note that in writing a rhetorical analysis essay you however need not judge but rather bring out the author’s opinion. Finally view the importance of the argument to the related field and indicate its effectiveness. You can use a rhetorical analysis essay example from an expert to see how the conclusion reaffirms the thesis in slightly different words but with the same content.

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