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Proposal part one. | Criminal homework help
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Individual Project Assignment : Identifying and Addressing Agency Resource Needs

Project Goal

To develop a program budget request to be implemented in your agency (or, if you do not work in a public safety agency, for an agency of your choice). 

Course Objectives Satisfied:

• Relate budgeting concepts to an organization’s mission, goals, and operation.

• Illustrate the roles of a leader vs. manager within a public safety organization and how that may impact the budgeting process.

• Depict the value of ethics in the managing of a budget within an organization.

• Develop skills in written communication.

Assignment Overview

The process of preparing, obtaining approval for, and implementing a budget can be complex. To best understand this process, it is very helpful to interview those that are experienced with the budget process for a public safety agency. Also, a review and analysis of current strategic plans and budget documents will help students understand the relationships between agency objectives and resources obtained in the annual budget.

For this project you will be required to research a specific public safety program, which you will advocate should be implemented in your agency (if you do not work for a public safety agency, choose one in your local area). You will write the program goals and expected performance measures for this program and develop its budget. 

From your research, interviews, course readings, review of programming in other agencies, journal articles and discussions, you will develop a budget request covering specific needs for the program that you believe should be implemented for your agency. For example, in a police department, this might be the addition of a crime prevention unit, a target specific undercover unit in a police department, or a program for juvenile offenders. For a fire department, the program might address starting a new training academy, implementing a battalion safety officer program, or starting a new volunteer program. The type of program to be developed should be decided based on your interviews and other research, along with a review of agency documents, some of which will give you the information you need to calculate the cost of personnel and equipment for this program. 

Please note that the program should include the addition of at least three (3) additional personnel and associated equipment, vehicles, supplies and office space. This is necessary to build a more comprehensive budget, for the project, and to demonstrate your understanding in how to do so. 

This project will be completed in two parts. Your professor/instructor may add additional considerations for this project in class announcements.


As soon as possible after the course starts, begin developing your plan to study a particular program not in operation at your agency, or, if you are not employed by a public safety agency, an agency in the area you live. Some of this information might be gained from the agency Web site, or by visiting the local library in that jurisdiction and researching budget documents (if you do not work for an agency). Interviews are valuable on a research project of this type and should be used as part of your work on this project. As soon as possible you should locate a member, or members, of that agency that you can interview and use to gather information needed for this project, particularly the financial data necessary. If you have any difficulty locating someone to interview, please contact your instructor immediately.

While interviewing people in the agency, try to discern the actual costs involved in adding personnel, floor space or equipment needed for your budget request. Budget documents may provide some of this information, too. 


Part I – Initial Report – Due in Week 5

This paper should:

· Be 4-6 pages in length, conforming to APA writing standards

· Describe the agency to be used in your project

· Identify person(s) to be interviewed as sources and provide contact information for them

· Provide a that discusses the program you will address in your budget proposal

· Briefly discuss why this program would be needed for this agency

Part II – Due in Week 7: Budget Request

This paper should:

· Be 4-6 pages in length, conforming to APA writing standards

· Be addressed to the governing body for the jurisdiction by including a memo for the report, or follow a format suggested by your instructor in any announcement provided regarding this paper

· Include an APA formatted reference section 


· Background on the issue that will be satisfied if the program is approved

· Discussion of the program to be implemented, including program goals and objectives, and operational mission and focus. Give as much detail as needed to convince the governing body of this need. However, be concise.

· Fiscal impact of the program: these are the resource requirements, including new personnel needed, equipment, space and other costs that would be rolled into the new budget (this can be covered in an overview in the memo, but a spreadsheet or table of the actual details should be attached to your proposal). Include projected costs for the program over the in this area of the report. 

· Summary, to include a brief overview of the request. 






I need PART 1 completed by tomorrow Oct 1.


I have a similar paper that I did last semester on a proposal and I want to use the same paper but since it’s two parts in this course I want this paper too be made into two parts. 




I have attached all the websites where all the information is going to be gained from.

 Budget Website of Cook County – 

Workshop of Mental Illness that is currently being tested- (In which in my proposal I want it to be mandatory for every new correctional officer. This is also the article that is asked in part one)

 This is the main website of the jail just in case is needed for any additional questions


This is also a good article to discuss the back up of my proposal on how inmates are receiving treatment for mental illness, so therefore if inmates are getting the help necessary now we should also provide correctional officers the adequate training to help the inmates.

I have also attached the literature review of why it’s important to be trained on mental illnesses because it can prevent suicide if we are aware of the signs. 

The agency this proposal is taking part in is Cook County Jail ( Chicago IL). The whole proposal is to provide every single correctional officer who works for that jail to attend a workshop that will teach them the signs on mental illness, and how to help these inmates and etc. Of course it’s a proposal where budget is included this time. 

For Part One the person who is going to be interviewed I will message you directly with her/his information.

I have also attached an article that discusses the proposal but in this article it is not a mandatory workshop yet, from reading the article it is something that is still getting tested and may soon be provided at Cook County Jail. I have also attached the literature review that discusses a similar workshop provided in other places to help the same purpose of this proposal. 

Whoever I assign this too I would also like them to complete Part 2: In which I will post this upcoming Monday. 

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