Project management ch 17

Traditional approaches to project management concentrate firmly on thorough planning _________.

  A) Up front
B) With the customer
C) With the project team
D) Of the WBS
E) None of the above

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Project management ch 17
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Once the project scope has been firmly established, every detail of the project is defined through the ________.
A) Deliverables
B) Job tickets
D) Estimates
E) Risks

Project ________ varies according to the extent the project scope is known and stable and the technology to be used is known and proven.
A) Stability
B) Certainty
C) Unity
D) Uncertainty
E) Degree
All of the following are part of the Agile Project Management model except:
A) Flexibility
B) High uncertainty
C) Embrace change
D) Design up front
E) Self organized project teams
In the Snap Shot From Practice IDEO: Masters of Design, one of the product innovations is:
A) First Apple Mouse
B) Head’s Airflow Tennis Racket
C) Zyliss Salad Spinner
D) Nokia N-Gage Smart phones
E) All of the above are correct
In the Snap Shot From Practice IDEO: Masters of Design, CEO Tim Brown recommends that _______ should only take as much time and effort needed to generate useful feedback and evolve an idea.
A) Projects
B) Prototypes
C) Experiments
D) Product Design
E) Development
Which is not part of a family of methods designed to respond to the challenges of unpredictable projects.
A) Agile modeling
B) Lean development
C) RUP (Rational Unified Process)
D) Crystal clear
E) Fixed scope
Which each of these Agile principles: Test assumptions early and build working prototypes to solicit customer feedback and refine product requirements?
A) Focus on customer value
B) Iterative and incremental delivery
C) Experimentation and adaptation
D) Self-organization
E) Continuous improvement
Which each of these Agile principles: is where Teams reflect, learn, and adapt to change; work informs the plan.
A) Focus on customer value
B) Iterative and incremental delivery
C) Experimentation and adaptation
D) Self-organization
E) Continuous improvement
10 A new holistic approach in new commercial product development efforts is known as:
A) Scrum
B) Specific project management
C) Traditional project management
D) Prioritized WBS
E) Functional teams
11 In the Scrum Development Process a specific feature is:
A) Analysis
B) Design
C) Build
D) Trust
E) All of the above are correct.

12 A person who acts on behalf of customers to represent their interests is called a:
A) Customer service representative
B) Project champion
C) Customer liaison
D) Product owner
E) Production coordinator
What are the questions asked at the daily scrum?
A) What have you done since the last Scrum?
B) What will you do between now and the next Scrum?
C) What is getting in the way (blocks) you from performing your work as effectively as possible?
D) What is the newest schedule changes
E) A, B, and C are all questions
The _________ is the customer’s prioritized list of key features desired when the project is completed.
A) Project master
B) Spirit backlog
C) Creative backlog
D) Product backlog
E) Project list
Which of the following is not part of the Agile Alliance manifesto that declared four core values?
A) Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
B) Working software over comprehensive documentation.
C) Creating an end user survey
D) Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
E) Responding to change over following a plan.
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