Organizational Culture

Writing the Report Organizational Culture
4C assignments are analysis and a report, not essays. For the most part, you will not be writing a great deal of prose in this document. For large sections of the paper, you will simply list information using headings, brief paragraphs, and lists. However, the instructions request that you provide some brief commentary and critical analysis of the information you are listing. I strongly recommend that you use headers to indicate each of the required element and commentary sections. This will make it much easier for others to grade and will improve your score.

In some cases, there may be much more information available than you can realistically include in your 4C document. In this situation, use the required page count (given in each assignment) as a guide for when to cut back. DO NOT WRITE EXTRA. When deciding what to cut, be sure to include content for most or all the requested information rather than fill up the entire space with one topic.

A great deal of this paper will be copied and pasted from external sources. To avoid plagiarism, you will need to cite your sources using footnotes. Simply place the URL or source title in the footnotes at the bottom of the page and place a numeral after the quoted content.

The paper should be 1.15 spaced. MAKE THE DOCUMENT BEAUTIFUL, a joy to read! Your first priority is making it easy to draw information from the document! Carefully study this document for Writing requirements.docx. Your paper should remain anonymous so do not include your name.

Selecting a Company and Gathering Information
Most 4C assignments require you to analyze a Company. Start by selecting a company that you find interesting. If you like, you may choose a company that you have studied in other classes, or choose one that you like because of their products, because their industry interests you, because you want to work in that company or industry, or because you currently work there.
It will be important that you have access to ample amounts of information about the company you choose; otherwise, you will have a difficult time completing this assignment. Information might be available
On the company website—look at pages including About Us, Culture, Media, etc.
In the first pages of annual shareholder reports
In the media—including pundit reports and opinions
Through your own personal experience—perhaps at your place of employment.
Occasionally a student will choose to do this project on a company that does not exist. While this is more labor-intensive because all aspects of the report will need to be fabricated, it is encouraged, especially for those that are entrepreneurially minded. Many portions of this report will be useful when filling out business loan applications and working with investors.

For this 4C assignment, you will create a culture audit for an organization you find interesting. The purpose is for you to gain insight into how a company’s culture can be purposefully created and used to diagnose and correct potential problems.
Write a 2 to 2.5-page paper including the elements and commentary listed below. Do not include your name on the assignment.

Identify the culture for the company you selected and discuss how they communicate it. Include the following items.

Company name and background
Company Name and Logo – Include the logo image
Mission, Vision, Values – Identify the company’s
Mission – What we do – brief and to the point
Vision – Who we are [perfect state] in what context
Values – Why we do what we do
Slogan, Motto – A memorable tagline that captures the outcome of what the company does
Objectives – At the macro level, what 3-7 objectives describe what, in general, the company does to fulfill its mission.
History and stories – What narratives does the company tell to breathe life into their culture? Who are the role models? Provide stories where the company has lived up to its mission, vision, and values. If necessary, write them for the company based on what you know about them (be sure to let us know if you are writing your own).
Awards and Testimonials – Identify awards and testimonials the company uses to give credibility to their claims.
Posters, publications, speeches, conversations, metaphors, programs, orientations
Elevator Speech – Summarize the entire organizational culture in one or two brief paragraphs.


Provide analysis for the following questions:

Why are you interested in the company? Make it personal.
Why should the reader be excited and interested?
How does the company name and logo represent and drive company culture?
How do the history and stories illustrate the culture?
Why is the motto/slogan effective?
Why did they choose those awards and testimonials to showcase, how do they relate to the culture they are trying to communicate?
How does the company showcase its culture so that it is consumable and transportable for its employees and others?
Are the company’s cultural communication efforts effective, why or why not. For more information on Organizational Culture check on this:

What Is Ethical Judgment?

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