MTV (Middle Eastern TV Channel)

MTV (Middle Eastern TV Channel)

Mashaweer is the first personal service company in Egypt.
It’s purely dedicated to saving its clients’ time and effort
acting as a personal assistant 24 hours a day. The personal
assistant is a rider with a motorcycle who runs any errands
for individual clients or corporations at any given time. The
most common service they provide is buying groceries or
other goods from stores, paying bills, and acting as a courier.
Mashaweer’s success relies heavily on their flexibility, and
they have often received unusual requests that they have
fulfilled in order to gain customer loyalty – including going to
the gym to tell someone to turn on the phone as someone is
trying to reach them, delivering presents to a client’s fiancée
every 15 minutes, and carrying a client’s shopping bags from
the car to the house.
Mashaweer is an essential service for the Egyptians
because traffic is a problem that everyone in Egypt faces,
making it difficult for an individual to get a couple of errands
done on the same day. Mashaweer’s service has achieved
such success in Alexandria and Cairo, where traffic is an issue,
saving people one of the most valuable commodities out
there time. The service is able to give people more quality
time to spend with family or friends, instead of taking care of
the daily errands that usually take up half of one’s day. They
also act as a security or safety measure as they perform
people’s errands in unsafe times, such as the period after the
revolution or simply late at night. Most individuals cannot
afford to have a full-time assistant to perform their errands
whenever needed. Mashaweer’s agents act as full-time
assistants for every individual at a part-time cost.
Since starting the company in Alexandria in 2010,
Mashaweer has since expanded to Cairo and operates around
600 orders per day. They plan to expand even further
geographically within Egypt and to other countries in the
the region as well as enhancing and increasing the services they
The idea of Mashaweer was created by Mohamed
Wahid (24 years old) and then co-founded with his partners,
Ahmed El Kordy (25 years old) and Aly El Shazly (27 years old).
They were all born and raised in Alexandria. Ahmed El Kordy
and Mohamed Wahid met when they both transferred from
different schools to IGCSE Academy (AAST) for high school.
Ahmed El Kordy finished high school in 2 years and went on
to achieve his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering
from The Arab Academy of Science and Technology (AAST),
graduating in 2008. Part of his undergraduate degree was
spent doing a year abroad at Carleton University in Ottawa,
Canada. During the summers of his undergraduate years,
Ahmed completed several internships in the United Kingdom
and Ireland. Mohamed Wahid also went to AAST graduating
in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering.
Aly El Shazly attended St. Marks School for his entire school
career, he then went on to Alexandria University where he
studied business and graduated in 2007. After college, Ahmed
El Kordy went on to work at his father’s import/export
business. Mohamed Wahid went on to establish a company
called X-trade for trade and contracting, followed by a
marketing and advertising company called Green Media.
Currently, he’s the main shareholder in both, in addition to
being the vice-chairman of Green Towers, a real estate
company with a net worth of about $16 million.
Wahid thought of the idea of establishing
Mashaweer while he was preparing for his wedding. His
bride-to-be was overwhelmed with errands that she had to
get done within a few days and he started wondering what
she would have done if she couldn’t afford to have a full-time
the driver who did all of her errands for her. While on his
honeymoon, he kept thinking about this idea and how much
time people could save, and what a valuable service it could
be, so he decided to call his friends to start transforming the
idea into an actual business plan. After developing a business
plan, the three entrepreneurs decided to go into the
implementation phase and actually build this business. They
started small and grew organically as the demand for the
service increased. Each of the three entrepreneurs invested
$5,000 into the project to total a starting capital of $15,000.
They started with only 3 motorcycles, 6 riders, and a hotline.
As the three friends realized they had actually
succeeded in Alexandria, they decided they wanted to move
to the next phase by establishing Mashaweer in Cairo. When
they decided to expand to Cairo, they decided to adopt a
completely different strategy. They wanted to be able to
cover all of Greater Cairo, as a whole, and not just specific
areas, from the very beginning. During the Revolution in
January 2011, they started gathering market research to
expand in Cairo and started investing heavily. Since business
all over the country had come to a standstill, they made
several large purchases such as motorcycles and advertising
space for fractions of the price. When others saw it as a time
to slow down, the entrepreneurs saw it as an opportunity to
start marketing for their business. By March they realized that they needed to increase the original investment so that
they can grow large enough to capture the market in Cairo.
To do so, they brought in other investors, mainly from their
friends and family, to raise the capital investment up to $1.67
million. They planned to enter Cairo with full force so that
there would be a high barrier of entry for any competitor
they decided that their competitive advantage would have to
be in investing in technology. They wanted to get an ERP
(Enterprise Resource Planning) system but found quotations
to be too high. To fix this they started their own information
technology company, Innov8 (innovate), where they created
a customized ERP system, which they then connected to their
customized PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) through a cloud
computing system that was made by LinkDotNet and Mobinil.
Each rider receives tasks one at a time on the PDA, which also
includes a GPS to provide detailed directions. The GPS
monitors the rider’s location.
To reduce cost and ensure quality, Mashaweer does
not rely on outsourcing in any of its stages as long as it can do
the work with the same or better quality. This explains why
Mashaweer founded Innov8 in order to build its system and
manage its technical work. Now, Mashaweer only owns part
of this company and is one of its numerous clients. One
further example of Mashaweer’s in-house capabilities is its
call center. The company preferred to have an internal call
center after rejecting a number of offers for an outsourced
one. The reason for this was to be able to monitor the
performance of the agents and always work on improving the
quality of their customer service. Investing in an innovative
contact center and using CISCO, which supports up to 300IP
phones, a reporting module, and a recording system made it
much easier for Mashaweer to track its received calls and
work on any problems that might face its customer service
Software components developed by Innov8 include
the Mashaweer Server, Mashaweer API (Application
Programmers’ Interface), and Mashaweer PDA client.
The Mashaweer Server is a centralized application that
manages the following elements:
• Orders (placement, editing, pricing, review, tracking and
• Routes management and optimization
• Clients (management, reports, discounts)
• Packages tracking
• Contracts
• Call center.
• Satellite offices
• Representatives
• Cash transactions and expenses tracking for
representatives and satellite offices
• Asset tracking of vehicles, PDAs, and mobile printers
• Management reports
The API is a method of integrating Mashaweer ordering
a system with third parties. This allows third parties to
automate their delivery system and integrate Mashaweer
into their existing CRM/dispatching systems, opening a wide
opportunity for business expansion.
The Mashaweer PDA application is installed on each
representative PDA and manages the following elements:
• Order items progress tracking
• Collection of order fees and other costs, against a
printed invoice
• Package handling (barcode scanning and
• Messaging
• Cash and expenses tracking
• Synchronizing data periodically and at the beginning
of each shift
When Mashaweer was first introduced in Egypt, it
captured 100 percent of the market share for such a service,
because it was the first and only company of its nature.
However, the market was not aware or used to such a
service, so it started growing slowly in Alexandria until people
grasped the idea and got accustomed to the fact that there is
a company that can take over your errands. In contrast, when
the company started operating in Cairo, it grew at a surprisingly
fast pace. There are several factors that are expected to affect the
target market and make it easier for Mashaweer to penetrate
it aggressively.
In the beginning, people’s assumption is that using
Mashaweer is too luxurious and costly. When they use it for
the first couple of times, this perception changes and they
begin to rely on this convenient service. As more and more
people get accustomed to the service, it creates a cultural
change that significantly affects the demand for the service.
Another factor that is expected to facilitate working
conditions and reduce costs is the technological advances
that occur every day. Mashaweer heavily depends on
technological tools and would benefit from the
advancements and price reductions that continuously take
place. As a result, Mashaweer’s total costs will decrease,
enabling it to decrease its prices and further improve its
quality to become even more convenient for a larger number
of people.
Mashaweer is the only company of its kind in Egypt that
operates on this scale. However, there is a company called
Wassily was established in Cairo after Mashaweer’s
success in Alexandria. This company operates on a much
smaller scale. Their indirect competitors include other courier
services (e.g. DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx). However, they have
positioned themselves as the flexible courier in contrast to
the couriers available in the market today; they offer same-day delivery rather than next-day delivery.
Mashaweer has several other advantages that make it very
hard for others to compete:
• Database of thousands of loyal clients.
• Self-investment is manageable.
• Highly qualified and carefully selected riders due to
the high salaries compared to the delivery sector in
• Various revenue streams.
• Being the owner of the IT company Innov8 fosters
technology integration in Mashaweer. For more information on MTV (Middle Eastern TV Channel) check on this:

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