Monochrome Rainbow

I need to respond to 2 discussions. In these responses, provide additional insights/critique based on finding at least one additional outside article for each response that is related to the article that was read initially. Responses to these discussions should be 5-6 sentences each.

1. The article I choose was represented by an organization that specializes in the science of water. They discuss the physics of rainbows in this article.

A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. It takes the form of a multicolored circular arc. Rainbows caused by sunlight always appear in the section of the sky directly opposite the sun. Color is shown in rainbows through the same concept as when a prism reflects color. A white beam emerges from the prism and is split up into individual beams of different colors. For the rainbow, all of this light comes from the sun. Each time a light beam bounces, it can get wider and that is how the length of each color is expanded. Each color bouncing in its own row. This also explains why we can sometimes see two or more rainbows due to the light bouncing through the droplets. A second rainbow is typically reversed since it’s a reflection of the primary rainbow. Rainbows are rare to see but can be made with water and light, so a sprinkler in your own yard! Rainbows may also take shape in a circle which is often seen when in an airplane. However, airplanes take a bow shape due to the physics of air that was studied in Carl Boyer’s book, The Rainbow From Myth to Mathematics. It is this concentration of rays near the minimum deviation that gives rise to the arc of the rainbow. A full moon is bright enough to have its own light refracted by raindrops at night.

This is the equation of the law of refraction:

nisin(ci)=nr sin(cr)


Hwang, F.-K. (2014). Physics of rainbows.

2. Protect the Efficacy of National Wetlands Reserves in China.

Wetlands are the largest biodiversity element that contains sequestration carbon and is one of the world’s natural regulation environments. Studies have indicated that the main purpose was to ensure and strengthen the protection ratio throughout the wetland reserves.
Eco-security wetland systems have been proven to maintain their organizational structure significantly, on the other hand, eco-insecurity systems reserves are incomplete or abnormal forms.

In China, over 30 years, (1978-2008), the wetlands have decreased tremendously according to the 9% acceleration speed and calculation. In this article, the scientific methods were visible in all aspects along with precautionary research and data.
(i.e, 1.2 Database of Wetland Reserve and 1.2.1 Research Methods and Data Processing)

The reason for this occurrence was to expand the protection level throughout primitive reserves that were characterized by land utilization and management ability.
It also states that in the population ratio, endangered species were the selected key protected species. A long-term security plan has been advised for each reserve to install a more effective measure and intensive habitats for endangered species.
To sum up, everything that had been started, the biological elements of biodiversity protection and ecological security has vanished related to the deficiency of the natural wetlands. This actively clarified that the framework for wetland protection to improve the nation’s environmental security is to maintain the reserves at the core along with management administration. On the contrary, the outcome of the assessment impacts the wetland by overcoming underlying stages of different stressors to impact the assessment which was based on the reachable information from net primary profitability (NPP).


Zheng, Y. M., Zhang, H. Y., Niu, Z.G., et al. (2012) Protection efficacy of national wetlands reserves in China, Chinese Science Bulletin, Vol. 57, Issue 10, 1116-1134 pgs, doi:10.1007/s11434-011-4942-9 For more information on Monochrome Rainbow check on this:

What Is Ethical Judgment?

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