Marketing communication mix

Homework Essay Help: Marketing communication mix: Question 1Which of the following elements of the marketing communication mix involves use of mail, telephone, fax, email, or Internet to communicate with or solicit response or dialogue from specific customers and prospects?

Question options:

a) Advertising

b) Personal selling

c) Direct marketing

d) Public relations

Question 2

Which of the following is a form of earned media for marketing communication messages?

Question options:

a) Experts providing product reviews

b) Celebrities endorsing products

c) Social network discussions about products

d) Company salespeople contacting target buyers

Question 3

Marketing communication strategy can be decided by conducting an image analysis by profiling the target audience in terms of:

Question options:

a) brand knowledge.

b) purchase patterns.

c) demographic characteristics.

d) income levels.

Question 4

In __________, marketers bid in a continuous auction on search terms that serve as a proxy for the consumer’s product or consumption interests.

Question options:

a) paid searches

b) pop-up advertising

c) display advertising

d) banner marketing

Question 5

Buzz and viral marketing both try to:

Question options:

a) use unethical methods to popularize a brand.

b) market products by providing free samples to customers.

c) create a splash in the marketplace to showcase a brand.

d) induce impulse sales by displaying products close to the pay counters.

Question 6

__________ is a measure of communications effectiveness that describes the percentage of target market exposed to a communication.

Question options:

a) Frequency

b) Reach

c) Width

d) Depth

Question 7

The qualitative value of an exposure through a given medium is known as:

Question options:

a) frequency.

b) reach.

c) amplitude.

d) impact.

Question 8

The number of different persons or households exposed to a particular media schedule at least once during a specified time period is known as:

Question options:

a) range.

b) impact.

c) intensity.

d) reach.

Question 9

An advertising __________ is a specific communications task and achievement level to be accomplished with a specific audience in a specific period of time.

Question options:

a) medium

b) objective

c) channel

d) budget

Question 10

According to researchers, which of the following is the correct order in which content of print advertisements matter?

Question options:

a) Picture-headline-copy

b) Copy-picture-headline

c) Headline-copy-picture

d) Picture-copy-headline

Question 11

Which of the following is an example of a trade promotion?

Question options:

a) Free samples

b) Discount coupons

c) Display allowances

d) Contests for sales reps

Question 12

Which of the following is generally acknowledged as the most powerful advertising medium and reaches a broad spectrum of consumers at low cost per exposure?

Question options:

a) Television

b) Radio

c) Newspapers

d) Magazines

Question 13

The weighted number of exposures (WE) of an advertising message over a given medium is given by:

Question options:

a) WE = reach * frequency.

b) WE = (reach * frequency) / impact.

c) WE = reach * frequency * impact.

d) WE = (reach + frequency) / impact.

Question 14

__________ refers to simple exaggerations in advertisements that are not meant to be believed and that are permitted by law.

Question options:

a) Puffery

b) Boasting

c) Pseudo promotion

d) Doublethink

Question 15

__________ advertising aims to stimulate repeat purchase of products and services.

Question options:

a) Reinforcement

b) Comparative

c) Persuasive

d) Reminder

Question 16

The original and oldest form of direct marketing is:

Question options:

a) billboards.

b) banner advertising.

c) mail campaigns.

d) field sales calls.

Question 17

Which of the following sequences accurately represents the hierarchy-of-effects model of marketing communications?

Question options:

a) Attention-interest-desire-action

b) Awareness-interest-evaluation-trial-adoption

c) Awareness-knowledge-liking-preference-conviction-purchase

d) Exposure-reception-cognitive response-attitude-intention-behavior

Question 18

People who know and communicate with a great number of other people are called:

Question options:

a) buzzers.

b) connectors.

c) informants.

d) stickers.

Question 19

Which of the following elements of the marketing communications mix involves a variety of short-term incentives to encourage trial or purchase of a product or service?

Question options:

a) Advertising

b) Direct marketing

c) Public relations

d) Sales promotion

Question 20

Which of the following is a disadvantage of using a percentage-of-sales method to determine the marketing communications budget?

Question options:

a) It discourages stability when competing firms spend approximately the same percentage of their sales on communications.

b) By using a percentage-of-sales method, communication expenditures tend to be extremely high irrespective of what a company can afford.

c) It discourages management from thinking of the relationship among communication cost, selling price, and profit per unit.

d) Dependence of the percentage-of-sales method on year-to-year sales fluctuations interferes with long-range planning.

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