Journalism and Psychological Research

find a news report of interest to you in recent popular press of a study.  Find the original research literature cited (does not have to be a psychological study) and summarize the study and evaluate the experimental design, statistics, and conclusions drawn by the press.  You will submit the paper written in grammatically correct English prose, using APA citation and reference format.  The paper is due; TYPED AND POST on Blackboard:


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Journalism and Psychological Research
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Individual Critique Paper

Psych 215 – Introduction to Research Methods

This assignment will require you to briefly summarize and evaluate a research article and a related article in the popular press.  I suggest finding an article of interest in the popular press first and then searching for the study in a peer reviewed research journal.
For this paper you must: Min 3 PAGES

Summarize the main points and evidence found within each resource (use your own words, do not use direct quotes from the articles). Compare and contrast sources. Provide citations and a reference page in APA format (  Please make sure you include citations from the popular press article and the original scientific article(s).  Please briefly state how you found your original source (process by which you found the article).

Make sure that your paper is written as an expository essay.  It needs to be coherent, with smooth transitions between topics, and it must be in essay form.  You should not have different sections in your paper.  There should also be no bullet points or other forms of separation in the paper.

Please write several drafts, spell check, proofread, and revise your work before handing in your assignment.  You will not receive full credit if your assignment contains multiple grammatical, spelling, or stylistic mistakes.  If you have trouble uploading the popular press article and the scientific (original source) article, you can email those to me separately. Late submission will result in a grade penalty.

1.    Popular press:

The popular press includes newspapers, magazines, etc. that report information in a format intended for the general public. Your assignment is to find an article from the popular press that summarize research preferably involving psychological or behavioral research. The article you choose should be of interest to you. The article should come from a popular but reputable news source: For example – New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, any reputable news reporting website (CNN, FOX, etc.), or a regional newspaper.  The article could also come from a print magazine.  If you have any questions about a popular press article you’ve found, feel free to email me to discuss.

2.    Locating an original source

Based on the study (or studies) referred to in the popular press article you choose, you will have to do a literature review to find the original source.  The original source should be a scientific article in a peer-reviewed journal.

Compare and contrast the popular press and original source(s).

Use the following guide in writing your report.

Briefly describe the topic being investigated; Briefly describe each article.

Evaluate the original source – Describe the study. For example, what was the overall research question? Who were the research participants?  What are the specific hypotheses the author proposes?  In your own words, describe the specific research methods that were used.  What were the independent and dependent variables and how were concepts operationalized? In your own words, describe the results and main conclusions.

Evaluate the popular press article – How does the author present the study? What are the author’s main conclusions in their article?  Does the media piece accurately represent the scientific work in the area?  How might it better do so?  For example, are there any errors or misleading information or do you think it is a good reflection of the original source?  Please point out areas that you think are errors or a job not done well and those that are done correctly and presented accurately.  How could the author of the popular press article improve their presentation of the original source? If you were the author of the popular press article, what would you have done differently?  Overall, do you view the popular press article as a credible source of information on this topic?

Other requirements

The paper should be typed and double spaced in 12-point font.  Please use Arial or Times New Roman.

References should be on a separate page and in APA format (see website above).

Please have 1 inch margin

Paper Format & Points Values

Popular press article is included and presents research, preferably uses psychological or behavioral concept(s) – 10 pts

Article from peer-reviewed source is included and is relevant and appropriate – 10 pts

Summary of each article is effective and clear – 10 points

Discussion of the relationship of the articles is clear and thoughtful – 20 points

Reflects understanding of differences between goals of journalism and psychological research and offer suggestions for improvement of press article – 20 points

Appropriate language usage, no major grammar issues – 10 points

APA style citations and references – 20 points

If you have any questions, please make sure to ask me early so I can help

For more information on Journalism and Psychological Research read this:

Salvador Late or Early


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