Jessica rabbit case project- 100 points jessica rabbit and george

Jessica Rabbit Case Project- 100 points

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Jessica rabbit case project- 100 points jessica rabbit and george
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Jessica Rabbit and George Foreman are contemplating becoming business partners of an out-door grill company appropriately named, “Outdoor Chef Grill.”  Jessica solicited George to be her business partner to prove to her husband, Roger, that she has more to offer than singing at cocktail lounges and drinking martinis.  Jessica has been a customer of George Foreman’s grills for years, to cook low-fat foods and maintain her figure.  George accepted her proposal, as he believes that Jessica’s name and image will bring in a new demographic of shoppers.  Although Jessica is an outgoing lady, she has not managed her money and needs to obtain funding from her husband to buy into the company.  Although Roger loves Jessica, he has asked to see budgets and forecasts for the revenue and expenses of the company.  Since George’s finance department is in the process of preparing budgets for 4Q of 2016, he is having the finance department create a special monthly forecast budget for Roger as well as an annual forecast and budget.  You, being one of George’s employees, is asked to prepare the monthly budget for October2016.

Budget Requirements:55 points

Using the information below, please prepare

1.       Sales Budget including a schedule of expected cash collection.

2.       Production Budget

3.       Direct Materials budget including a schedule of expected cash disbursements.

4.       Direct Labor Budget

5.       MOH Budget including cash disbursements for overhead

6.       S&A budget including cash disbursements for S&A

7.       Budgeted Income Statement.

a.       When calculating COGS please illustrate how you computed the COGs per unit.

8.       Cash Budget

For Budgets 1-6:There are two product lines, Master & Backyard, prepare only 1 of each budget above that includes the data for both products.  Both Product Lines should appear on the Budgets and not be combined.  This will require some creative thinking in regards to the layout of the budgets. 

For Budgets 7 & 8:  The financial data will NOT BE SEPARATED BY PRODUCT LINE and all numbers will be combined.  For example, on the Income Statement, there will be one Revenue number that includes the revenue from both Backyard and Master.

For Budgets 1-8:  If rounding is necessary, please round to two decimals.

ExcelRequirements:30 points

The budgets are to be completed in Excel.  Please use the Excel File uploaded on Blackboard.

The Excel Requirements are as follows:


1.       Each Budget will appear in an individual worksheet with the each Tab labeled with appropriate Budget’s Name.


2.       All calculations must be completed in excel using formulas.  The formulas must reference other cells (within the Excel workbook) in the calculations.  In other words, you will not be manually inputting numbers in the formulas but instead referencing other cells in the workbook.


3.       The following are the minimumFormularequirements for each budget.

a.       Sales Budget – minimum of 9 cells that contain formulas. 

b.      Production Budget – minimum 6 cells that contain formulas

c.       DM Budget – minimum 20 cells that contain formulas

d.      DL Budget – minimum of 8 cells contain formulas

e.      MOH Budget – minimum 5 cells that contain formulas

f.        S&A Budget – minimum 3 cells that contain formulas

g.       COGS calculations:  All numbers (DM, DL, VMOH, FMOH) should be cell referenced from appropriate budget worksheets within the Excel Workbook.  Minimum 6 cells that contain formulas.  Cell Referencing is not included in the minimum 6 formula count.

h.      Income Statement:  Minimum 3 cells that contain formulas.  All other line items that do not include a formula, should be entered by cell referencing from another worksheet within the Workbook. 

i.         Cash Budget:  Minimum 4 cells that contain formulas.  6 cells should contain information from cell referencing other worksheets within the workbook.

Presentation Requirements:15 points

Each Budget must have a layout that is “reader friendly.”   The audience for these budgets are “managers” who are not accountants and want to find the information easily. When creating the layout of the budget, please consider the message you are communicating to management.  Please feel free to use various fonts, sizes, and color schemes to help emphasize areas of the budget.

Helpful Hints

Please refer to the budget examples in your textbook for additional information.  Also, Excel offers budgets templates and remember the Internet is at your fingertips too!


The caseis tobe completed in teams of 2.  You will have threeweeks to complete the project.  You may ask Sheila, other instructors, or tutors from the Academic Support Center for help or clarification but collaborating with other students is not permitted.  Any evidence of collaboration will result in a zero for the assignment and possible withdraw from the class.  The project will be worth 10% of your final grade.

Selected information concerning sales and production for October2016 is summarized as follows:

a.       The sales budget must be divided up by product (Backyard and Master) but not required to be divided by location. 


Estimated sales for October by sales territory:


                Backyard Chef                                                                                   280 units at $750 per unit

                Master Chef                                                                                       250 units at $1,500 per unit


                Backyard Chef                                                                                   210 units at $800 per unit

                Master Chef                                                                                       160 units at $1,600 per unit

New Hampshire:

                Backyard Chef                                                                                   305 units at $850 per unit

                Master Chef                                                                                       275 units at $1,700 per unit


Estimated sales for November for all territories:

                Backyard Grills      620 grills

                Master Grills      1,150 grills


Outdoor Chef Grill has a beginning accounts receivable balance of $550,000 in the month of October and expects to collect 30% of that balance.  In addition, their accounting department has estimated that 80% of sales for the Master Grill will be paid in cash and 70% of the Backyard grill will be paid in cash.


b.      Inventory of Grills

Beginning Inventory of Grills:

                Backyard Chef                                                                                   36 units

                Master Chef                                                                                       18 units


Outdoor Chef Grill has established a new ending inventory policy to take effect the month of October.  From October and going forward, the ending inventory should be:


Ending Inventory:

Backyard Chef                                                                                                   5% of November’s sales

Master Chef                                                                                                       2% of November’s sales.


c.       Estimated direct material inventories at October 1:


Direct materials (available for the Master and Backyard Grill):

                Grates                                                                                                  300 units

                Stainless steel                                                                                   1,800 lbs.

                Burner subassemblies                                                                   150 units

                Shelves                                                                                                                300 units

Desired inventories at October 31:


Direct materials (available for the Master and Backyard Grill):

                Grates                                                                                                  320 units

                Stainless steel                                                                                   2,100 lbs.

                Burner subassemblies                                                                   135 units

                Shelves                                                                                                                285 units



d.      Direct materials used in production:


Direct Materials required to produce one Backyard Chef Grill:

Grates                                                                                                                  3 units per unit of product

Stainless steel                                                                                                   24 lbs. per unit of product

Burner subassemblies                                                                                   2 units per unit of product

Shelves                                                                                                                                4 units per unit of product


Direct Materials required to produce one Master Chef grill:

Grates                                                                                                                  6 units per unit of product

Stainless steel                                                                                                   42 lbs. per unit of product

Burner subassemblies                                                                                   4 units per unit of product

Shelves                                                                                                                                5 units per unit of product


Anticipated purchase price for direct materials:


Grates                                                                                                                  $16 per unit

Stainless steel                                                                                                   $5 per lb.

Burner subassemblies                                                                                   $125 per unit

Shelves                                                                                                                                $8 per unit


Because of their excellent relationships with the vendors, they pay the following percentages when placing their order:


Grates:  10%

Stainless Steel:  25%

Burner subassemblies 5%

Shelves 2%, if pay the entire balance within 35 days.






e.      Direct labor requirements for one grill:


Backyard Chef:

                Stamping Department                                                                   0.60 hr. at $17 per hr.

                Forming Department                                                                     0.80 hr. at $14 per hr.

                Assembly Department                                                                  2.0 $12 per hr.

Master Chef:

                Stamping Department                                                                   .80 hr. at $17 per hr.

                Forming Department                                                                     1.50 hrs. at $14 per hr.

                Assembly Department                                                                  2.50 hrs. at $12 per hr.


f.        Outdoor Chef Grill Company budgeted the following costs for anticipated production in October. The list below includes fixed MOH expenses and  Fixed S&A expenses


Advertising Expenses $24,000

Sales monthly salary (not commission) $7,500

Factory Insurance $5,000

Production Supervisor Salary $4,900

Executive officer salaries $25,000

Indirect Labor Salaries for Quality Control $2,800

Factory Depreciation $4,000

Corporate Office Building Depreciation, $3,000


Total estimated VMOH expenses are $41,000 for the month of October.  VMOH expenses are allocated to the products based on a single PDOR rate using the allocation base, Direct Material Cost.


FMOH is assigned to the products based on DL hours.


Note:  You will have two PDOR’s for this assignment.


Variable S&A expenses are allocated at rate of $3 per grill.


g.       Other Information:

a.       Income Tax Rate is 35%

b.      Minimum Cash Balance $500,000

c.       Beginning Cash Balance  $750,000






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