Grace in Christianity

Synthesis Paper

Getting Started
The presence of evil in the ancient world is not disputed. However, there are differing beliefs as to the origin of evil. The reading in Genesis this week explores the source of evil and the origin of sin in the world. Genesis also presents us with the first example of a “covenant.” In Scripture, a covenant is an agreement or a promise ratified between two or more entities.

As you study these important principles, consider the role of God’s grace and faith as it applies to His promises and His relationship with humanity.
Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:
• Recognize the basic nature and importance of the Old Testament.
• Examine examples of sin and sin-results as they relate to God’s plan for humanity.
• Recognize the function of covenants in the Old Testament.
• Demonstrate critical thinking that applies Biblical texts to present-day living.

• Textbook: God with Us: An Introduction to the Old Testament
• Bible: A standard translation, as noted in the syllabus

Background Information
Your textbook states, “The Babylonians believed humans were created evil because they were made from the blood of a rebellious god.” The Bible tells a different story, that humans were created good but chose to distrust and disobey God. This fundamental principle is imperative to understanding the basic nature and importance of the Old Testament.
Another important principle introduced in Genesis is that of a covenant. In the Bible, a covenant is a relationship that God initiates, and it is God who stipulates the terms in the covenant. Humanity either accepts or rejects the terms but does not have the privilege of offering alternatives. Blessings come from trusting that God will always honor the covenant and that obedience to the God-given terms brings peace and wholeness to human life.

1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
2. Review Chapters 5 and 6 in your textbook, God with Us: An Introduction to the Old Testament.
3. Review Genesis 1–11 in a standard translation of the Bible.
4. Write a 3-4 page paper addressing the following as discussed by Lennox:
a. Identify and discuss the following:
i. The most important thing we are to learn from the Bible.
ii. The two most important questions we should be asking continually about the Bible’s content.
b. Summarize and briefly explain the four safeguards we are to remember to help us avoid misunderstandings about God as we read the Old Testament.
c. Your textbook states, “The Babylonians believed humans were created evil because they were made from the blood of a rebellious god.” The Bible tells a different story. Humans were created good but chose to disobey God. Expand on your understanding of this fundamental difference in beliefs by identifying the following examples and explaining their relevance in God’s larger plan, both then and now.
i. What did Adam and Eve lose after they disobeyed God?
ii. What effects or results of sin are found in Genesis 3?
iii. What other sins and sin-results are found in Genesis 4–11?
iv. What evidence of God’s grace and kindness are found in Genesis 3–11?
d. The covenant between God and Noah and his sons begins in 9:1 and continues through 9:17. God was setting out an agreement or understanding at the start of a “new world” after the flood.
i. Identify the main points of this agreement.
ii. Discuss what we learn about God from this covenant.
iii. Does this covenant apply to us now? If so, explain how it is applicable today.
5. You may refer to pages 64–68 of your textbook for insights that you see beyond the biblical text.
6. Be sure to cite and reference your textbook where you quote or paraphrase the author’s thoughts. Cite scriptures you use in your paper. All citations should be formatted using the correct APA format.
7. Copy the questions into the body of your paper and answer the questions in well-written paragraphs.
a. Your responses should demonstrate understanding (synthesis) of the material. Simple lists or sentence fragments are not acceptable.
b. Whenever possible, apply the principles learned to live in the twenty-first century.
8. When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself and submit a copy to your instructor using the Assignment submission page, by the end of the workshop.

1)Addresses all objectives of the assignment and stays focused on the topic. Clear, focused thesis. Strong supporting details and insights that prove the thesis. Displays critical thinking and analytical skills.

2) There are no errors in mechanics, usage, grammar, or spelling. Paper length requirement met. All required elements of the assignment are met.

3)Appearance is readable and neat. Correct use of APA formatting. In-text citations and references correctly used. For more information on Grace in Christianity check on this:

What Is Ethical Judgment?



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