Gothic Architecture

KANOPY: WHAT IS A CATHEDRAL link (Links to an external site.)

  1. Have you been inside a Gothic Cathedral? If so – which one?  What was your first thought when you entered the sanctuary?
  2. How is the Gothic Cathedral a theological expression of Christianity?
  3. The lecturer’s first cathedral he ever entered was in the city of Amiens. What are 2 of its attributes? 
  4. What are a few general statements about cathedrals? What is interesting about Saint-Denis? 
  5. What did the term Gothic mean?

Have the Gothic cathedrals changed over the centuries?

  1. Are Gothic Cathedrals museums?
  2. What are some external forces that will change the shape of a cathedral?
  3. What are 3 natural causes that will change the shape of a cathedral?
  4. How does pollution affect cathedrals?
  5. What is the role of the bishop?
  6. What authority does he have?
  7. What types of churches accept the “apostolic authority” today?
  8. Saint John Lateran, Rome – what is interesting about this Cathedral?
  9. What is the chair for inside the Cathedral?
  10. The Cathedra – what does it symbolize?
  11. How did the role of Bishop change?
  12. Canon law – rules of the church—were enforced by?
  13. Because Rome fell – the church took on civil roles to assist their local communities. Thus making Bishops even more: _____________.
  14. Relics are?
  15. How did the relics add ‘mystery’ to the Cathedrals and move people around the area?
  16. Why did the Cathedrals have to be so big?
  17. City of Siena: 2 huge buildings: what are they?


KANOPY: women_monasticism and saints link (Links to an external site.)

  1. What is Saint Jerome’s story?
  2. Who is Jerome the Patron Saint of?
  3. How many people would be living in monasteries during middle age?
  4. From where does the word “monk” derive?
  5. What lifestyle did the early monks seek?
  6. Who is considered to be the first monk?
  7. What is Anthony’s story? (5 points—5 elements)
    1. The side effect of his monastic existence?
  8. What was the ascetic movement?
  9. Who was Simeon Stylites and what was his story?
  10. Can you believe Jerome, Anthony and Stylites were all giants of the faith in the 300’sAD??? Wowowowow…………….
  11. What were some ‘gifts’ early these holy men displayed?
  12. What tension rose up?
  13. Saint Benedict (480-547bce): What is his story?  (8 points –8 facts)
  14. Who developed the first community of monks called a monastery?
  15. What is the Rule of Benedict?
  16. What is an abbot? L
  17. How many appointed times per day/night did the monks have to meet to pray, etc.?
  18. Were the monks allowed “private ownership”?
  19. The 12 degrees of humility: list 4 of these:
  20. How is it that monasteries (which started out humble and poor) grew in wealth?
  21. What was the cult of the saints?
  22. What is a patron saint?
  23. What is the cult of relics?


KANOPY: Siena Cathedral link (Links to an external site.)

  1. Why is this cathedral so important (according to the lecturer )?
  2. How did were the Sienese going to create a much larger building (to compete w/ Florence)?
  3. How did the Black Death affect the population of Sienna (c. 1200)?
  4. What happened to their plans to expand the cathedral after the Black Death subsided?
  5. From what century are the doors to the Siena Cathedral?
  6. Who was known as the “Queen of Siena”?
  7. What are the names of some of the bible “heroes” & Greek scholars on the façade of the Cathedral?
  8. What sculpture is at the “very top” of the Cathedral?
  9. Why the black and white marble?
  10. The people of Siena were and are civic-minded! What is the Palio di, Siena? 
  11. 1311 – the small painting of Mary & Jesus was replaced by the Maesta: artist: Duccio, altar painting was created in the years 1308-1311.
    1. How many sides did it have?
    2. What was below the main panel?
    3. What is painted on the backside?
  12. What is the floor of the cathedral decorated with?
  13. Are you surprised to find out that ancient Greek philosophy and wisdom were integrated into this cathedral? Why or why not?
  14. What are 3 other characters/ideas demonstrated on the floor of the cathedral?
  15. Who is displayed on the floor – right in front of the altar?
  16. Who is the sculptor of the John the Baptist statue in the Siena Cathedral?
  17. Bernini is a grand sculptor from the 1600s. This Cathedral and its artwork contents—AMAZING!
  18. What is the long wooden pole about?
  19. The pulpit: by Nicola Pisano:  What are some basic elements? 
  20. Who influenced Nicola’s realistic, relief work? For more information on Gothic Architecture check on this:
  21. What Is Ethical Judgment?


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