Foreign Policy

Answer three separate questions,answer separately.
Also, be sure to comment on another student response

Q1: In the comic book page (American Asshole?), in a paragraph discuss your gut reaction to the story, how you can relate to the story, and then reflect on the bigger picture and the issues involved in the story.

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Foreign Policy
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Q2: In the comic book page (It’s the Big Club), in a paragraph discuss your gut reaction to the story, how you can relate to the story, and then reflect on the bigger picture and the issues involved in the story.

Q3: In the comic book page (Gas, Gas, Gas!), in a paragraph discuss your gut reaction to the story, how you can relate to the story, and then reflect on the bigger picture and the issues involved in the story.


Comment on these student response

1. After reading the chapter 3 comic book (American Asshole?), I think the reason why the United States is considered to be imperialistic is that in the course of carrying out its foreign policy, the United States often adopts imperialistic behavior.For example, the Monroe Doctrine.1823 U.S. President James Monroe gave his annual address to Congress, warning European nations not to interfere in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere.This warning became known as the Monroe Doctrine.From 1904 to 1915, the United States sent Marines to other countries in the Americas several times. Americans thought this was to keep Europeans away from the Americas.But Latin Americans see this protectionism as a FIG leaf for imperialism.Economy, ideology and psychology are also reasons why the United States waged a war.Like the war between the United States and Spain.The Great Depression of 1893 led to a terrible financial crisis in the United States before the war with Spain.Many Americans are out of work.Many government officials believe the United States needs to expand into foreign markets to get business thriving again.American foreign policy has been and continues to be driven by the concept of Manifest Destiny.In 1898, Europeans began annexing territories around the world, and the Americans felt they needed to get involved in these things, too.Americans have a sense of insecurity at home.Much of this insecurity was caused by the dramatic increase in immigration in 1890.Many Americans believe that new immigrants are unwilling to assimilate as quickly as previous immigrants.Many Americans wanted to end the divisions caused by the Civil War. They needed a purpose so that the North and South could work together for a common purpose.The people of the country supported the conflict for ideological, economic and psychological reasons.On January 24, 1898, President McKinley ordered the battleship Maine to Havana to protect American interests in Cuba.On February 15th the United States went to war with Spain over Cuba because of the bombing of the USS Maine.


2. After reading the chapter 4 comic book (It’s the Big Club), I think when people have some social problems we need to be like people in 1900-1920.The period from 1900 to 1920 was the Progressive era.Before 1900, power was in the hands of very few people. The top 1 percent of Americans controlled more than half of the nation’s wealth.Big business has a strong hold on the political system, the courts and the economy.People who wanted to change this were called progressives.The Progressives were led by Theodore Roosevelt and made up of many different classes of people.They are made up of workers, farmers, small businesses and the new urban upper class.After Theodore Roosevelt became president, 140,000 workers went on strike in May 1902.To resolve the strike, Roosevelt ordered representatives of labor and management to the White House.For the first time, an American president treated labor as an equal partner in negotiations.Workers are working shorter hours and getting paid more.By 1903, Roosevelt had created the Departments of Commerce and Labor. In 1903, he signed the Elkins Act, which amended the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887.The bill empowered the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) to levy huge fines on railroads that offered rebates and on ships that accepted them.President Roosevelt continued to push for reform in his second term.He called for investigations into insurance companies and signed the Hepburn Act, the Pure Food and Drug Inspection Act, and the Meat Inspection Act into law in 1906.After retired from the presidency, Roosevelt called for massive federal regulation of the trusts, banning child labor, and enforcing workplace safety, minimum wage laws, and the eight – hour work day.The Progressive era allowed people to take back power from big business.Direct democracy, referendum, initiative and recall election have all emerged from the Progressive era.

3. My gut reaction to the chapter 5 comic book page (Gas, Gas, Gas!) was horrific and desperate. It is hard to believe that the soldiers have to endure such desperations by enduring themselves in the harsh conditions and poisonous gases. Furthermore, I can relate to this with what I saw on the news regarding protesting and tear gasses. Of course, the gases used in war were much harsher and more dangerous, but these gases were hazardous. The bigger picture is that war is always cruel and brutal because what the soldiers have been through is devastation and despairs.

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