Braided River

1. Name the feature 2. Use diagrams to illustrate the different stages of formation 3. Explain which reach/course of a river this feature is found and why 4. What is the dominant process to form this feature: erosion, deposition, both 5. Give 2 examples of where this feature is located on earth with illustrations. For […]

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Cycle Lanes in Roundabouts

Please include figures, tables, and diagrams. Note the figures, diagrams and tables should not count towards the word of 1500. Please identify with the research paper: Current practice Gaps Future proposals/designs The topic does not have to be country-specific. Please use sources either from google scholar or other known publications. Please structure it and make […]

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Application and Limitation of Specialized Battery

prepare a scientific report, which must include the use of scientific terminology and: Sections of Report Suggestion number of Words Introduction an introduction to identifying the focus of the investigation and the key concept(s) of science as a human endeavour that it links to 100-150 Chemical Background relevant chemistry concepts or background 350-450 Science as […]

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Contemporary Architecture

Bernard Tschumi: Park de La Villette, 1987 Bernard Tschumi, “Spaces and Events,” Architecture and Disjunction (Cambridge MIT Press, 1994),139-149. Bernard Tschumi, The Manhattan Transcripts (London: Academy Editions, 1981): 7- 12+ (look at images) make an argument concerning the theme of the week. Please make specific citations to portions of the text that reinforce your interpretation […]

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Leadership and Strategic Development

In Part A, we assess learning outcomes related to topics 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 by providing you with case study information on the leadership and strategic development processes that operate within the innovative context at RyanAir.   The purpose of this brief is to provide you: Details of the coursework assessment: background to […]

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Terror Attacks Against the United States

In Module One, you learned about the relationship between counterterrorism and homeland security. In Module Two, you have been examining the historical events that led to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as well as the agencies that make up the DHS. In this assignment, you will apply what you have learned […]

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Ethical Issue In Machine learning

A Significant Ethical Issue in ….. (Professional area to be selected by student based upon personal interest and knowledge) A significant ethical issue confronting a professional field will be determined by the student. It is expected that students will choose a field in which they expect to be involved upon graduation. The issue should be […]

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NASA Picture

Time to visit the NASA Picture of the Day website again! This is the APOD post 2 of 7 required for the course. Remember that every day NASA posts a different image or photograph of our amazing Universe. The picture is accompanied with a brief caption explanation written by a professional astronomer. For this class […]

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Death Penalty & Solitary Confinement

Please give me your VIEWS on the death penalty & solitary confinement. I only need THREE paragraphs with five sentences each.

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Sites Mission

500 word (or so) commentary describing a web resource that you’ve found to use, either personally or professionally. Give us the URL, tell us about the site’s mission, audience, content, and style. Most particularly, tell us what you like about it. Give examples of how and when you use the site.

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