Advanced Statistics In Psychology

275 Word Discussion Board Post for the following: In Example 4.12 in your textbook, it describes the Physician’s Health Study that concluded those taking aspirin had a significantly lower chance of suffering a heart attack than those who took a placebo. What other variables could have influenced this finding? Would an in-depth study of the […]

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Infant And Toddler Development

Directions: Reflect on the assigned reading and answer each question below. Your answers should be detailed; a simple one-sentence reply will not suffice. Number your answers and present them in separate paragraphs. Do not retype the questions. At a minimum, your post must be at least 500 words. Oversharing is encouraged! It is strongly suggested […]

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Personality Characteristics

Length: Minimum 150 words Hide details Instructions How might an environment different from the one you experienced have affected the development of personality characteristics that you believe you inherited from one or both of your parents? For more information on Personality Characteristics read this:

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Science Compared to Humans

How Intelligence in the Digital Computer Science compare to humans

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Psychology Life

applying psychology to my life

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Narrative Proposal

I don’t have an exact thesis but I want the narrative proposal to consist of research in the BDSM community. I am copying below what I submitted as some options when my professor asked for ideas. Let me know if you have any questions.   Negative Stigma has existed in the Bondage and Discipline, Dominance […]

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Maintaining Good Self-care Practices

After reading Chapter 10 in the Cormier text, complete Application Exercise 10.4, “Self-Care,” on pages 236–237. Respond to the questions and describe your application experiences. Post your answers to this discussion.   APPLICATION EXERCISE 10.4 Self-Care Questions that beginning helpers might revisit regularly in the service of developing and maintaining good self-care practices include the […]

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Childhood Brain Development

Chapter 2: How does income Affect Childhood Brain Development by Kimberly Noble Watch the Video “How Does Income Affect Childhood Brain Development?” by Kimberly Noble We know about many ways in which poverty is detrimental to child development. Dr. Noble actually claims poverty can affect the physiological development of the brain. Does she make […]

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Grief and Loss

*Use Sources as Necessary-Determined by you* (Should watch some of the videos) 2 Questions – 1. Incorporating Worden’s Four Tasks of Mourning, discuss your understanding grief. Is it necessary to “break bonds” with the deceased in order to fully adjust to the loss? How does the dual-process model show grief as a dynamic […]

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Health Behavior Interview Assignment

Health Behavior Interview Assignment Interview someone that you know that engages in a negative health behavior. Examples of some negative health behaviors include, but are not limited to: tobacco use, eating fast food regularly, speeding, poor sleep habits, not wearing helmet on bike/scooter, not eating vegetables. Try to learn as much as possible about their […]

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