Qualitative and Quantitative Summary

Week 4: Quantitative and Qualitative Summary (Abstract) This week, you will submit summaries of quantitative and qualitative studies. The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with published research, research designs, and methodologies. For the assignment, you will select one quantitative research study and one qualitative study related to the field of nursing and […]

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Mental Health

Topic: The increased demand for mental health assessment in the geriatric population What is the impact of this trend on the profession of nursing professionals Nursing.? Two aspects must be addressed. 1) Relate specific nursing roles to the topic. How are they impacted by the trend? 2) Which of the NLN Core Values predominate in the […]

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Theoretical Application

Theoretical Application Assignment Essay Questions Directions: Use this form and fill in your responses. Your responses must be thoughtful and address all aspects of the question. You must use scholarly references such as the textbook or reputable web sites; you may not use the PowerPoints as references. Correct APA, in-text citations, and references must be […]

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Pain Management

Pain can be very difficult to control in a critical care patient, and pain may be mistaken for anxiety or another condition. Mechanical, chemical, and thermal stimuli results in pain perception. The patient endorphins can also suppress pain. For this discussion question please address the following questions: What are the normal physiological responses to pain? […]

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Gamma Globulins

Initial Post Using the Week 3: Discussion Choice Question, choose your topic for this week’s discussion. The topics come from Chapters 5 and 7. Chapter 6 talks about infection and you should apply what you learned from Chapter 6 to your topic as well. You may use the textbook as one reference as well as […]

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Conceptualizations And Nurse Patient Relationships

What were the early conceptualizations of nursing theoryNursing Theory? What are nurse-patient theories? For more information on Conceptualizations And Nurse Patient Relationships  read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nurse%E2%80%93client_relationship  

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Lyme Disease

Case Study A 38-year-old male had a 3-week history of fatigue and lethargy with intermittent complaints of headache, fever, chills, myalgia, and arthralgia. According to history, the patient’s symptoms began shortly after a camping vacation. He recalled a bug bite and rash on his thigh immediately after the trip. The following studies were ordered Studies, […]

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Evaluation of Fad Diet

Your task is to learn about, evaluate, and blog about your selected diet. Your blog should be approximately 850 words in length and designed for an audience with limited food and nutrition knowledge.  

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Prevention of Injuries and Violence

An important role of nursing is to provide health promotion and disease prevention. Review the 2020 Topics and Objectives on the Healthy People website. Choose a topic of interest that you would like to address, in conjunction with a population at risk for the associated topic. Submit the topic and associated group to your instructor […]

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Growth And Development

A nurse is working in the outpatient pediatric clinic and is performing an assessment on a 3 year old. The mother tells the nurse that the child has temper tantrums and she doesn’t know how to deal with them. What should the nurse tell the mom about how to manage temper tantrums? According to Piaget […]

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