Generally Math

Draw a graph with at least 5 nodes and 15 edges. Bonus points if you are able to come up with actual relationships to graph instead of abstract numbers. Describe your graph. Include if it is directed or undirected, the number of nodes and edges, the maximum possible number of edges based on the number […]

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A town official claims that the average vehicle in their area sells for more than the 40th percentile of your data set. Using the data, you obtained in week 1, as well as the summary statistics you found for the original data set (excluding the supercar outlier), run a hypothesis test to determine if the […]

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The Greed Cycle

Mid Term Paper: You will write a paper in proper APA format, including a title page, be double spaced in 12 pt. font, and include citations. The Greed Cycle” on page 175-185 will be presented. The paper should be between 3-5 pages excluding the title and reference pages. Your answers must make an argument and […]

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