Reviewing Mentoring Programs

Research and review a mentoring program in your area or state. Do you believe these types of programs are effective? Why or Why not? For more information on Reviewing Mentoring Programs read this:

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Effects Opiods Have On Juveniles

In 2-3 paragraphs, discuss and analyz the effects opiods have on juveniles? In your opinion, are there gateway drugs that could lead to opoid usage?For more information on Effects Opiods Have On Juveniles read this:

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Self Disclosure

What is your experience with self disclosure? After studying Lessons 4.1 and 4.2, spend time completing the following reflective writing assignment. Use these questions as a jumping off point for your thoughts on disclosing your “self” to others. Choose two of the three to write on: Have you ever said too much on a first […]

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What Is Empathy?

Lessons 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3 focus on listening and empathy. Make sure you’ve read these sections carefully, then watch the following short video: Next, focus your attention and respond to the following: In your opinion (and in your own words), what is empathy? Why is it difficult for so many of us to empathize? If […]

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US Laws and Regulations

What is E-wallet? – The Definition of the E-wallet. – The Properties of the ِE-wallet. – The Functionality of the E-wallet. – The Types of the E-wallet. —— The Legal Nature of the E-wallet and its Distinction From Other Electronic Payment Systems. – The Legal Nature of the E-Wallet. – Distinguishing between the E-wallet and […]

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Criminal Law

This is for a criminal law class Ask me if you have any questions   For Chapter 4, please answer these questions in your own words, not as quotes from the text (watch your Turnitin score!). 1. There are four mental states of culpability, please list them from least culpable to most culpable. 2, 3, […]

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Juvenile Justice

You are part of the taskforce assigned to the “Effective Police Interactions with Youth” project. The taskforce (you) is asked to explore and answer the following questions: • What role should police organizations play in delinquency prevention and control? • What training and education should police officers have to improve police – juvenile interactions? • […]

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Criminal Justice

Do the actions of a person lead to them becoming a victim of crime? Discuss the theories surrounding victimization. Please read attachments. Please write my name subject and date. Thank you.For more information on Criminal Justice read this:

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Criminal Evidence

Circumstantial evidence is frequently needed to establish intent. This is especially important to establish specific intent crimes. However, the two most common approaches to establishing intent are modus operandi and motive. 1. Examine two recent criminal cases, then explain the presence of one approach in each case. if you use internet articles be sure to […]

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Constitutional Standards and Contemporary Issues

Discuss the issue of suicide in prisons. Do you think the correctional staff members have an obligation to prevent inmate suicides? How can prison conditions contribute to the problem? Review articles and case law for your discussion. Provide examples. Using the library, course materials, textbooks, and Web resources, research the suicide rates in prisons. Focus […]

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