Organizational Behavior Concepts

There were many different organizational behavior concepts introduced in this chapter. Reflect back on a situation that you either encountered in your personal or professional life that involved one of these concepts. Would the outcome have been any different if you had prior knowledge from this week’s readings and discussions? (Describe the situation and the […]

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Best Companies to Work for in America

Have a look at Fortune’s list of 100 best companies to work for in America. 1. Research at least two of the companies on the above-linked list — one in the hospitality industry, and one in a different industry. I have selected Hilton as the hospitality industry and Northwell Health as Non-hospitality. 2. Write […]

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Intuitive Rationality

Assignment Instructions Module 4 Assignment Which position or group of stakeholders has the most power in your organization or one with which you are familiar? Is their power obtained through formal positions, or does the culture of the organization lead to some people or groups having more power than others? How can the distribution of […]

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Global Communication

would like you to write a 3-5 page paper with global communication as your topic. I am going to leave the details of this paper up to you…it just needs to involve global communications in some way. You could choose to cover the topic in a broad way, or you could choose to focus on […]

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Secretary of Homeland Security

SCENARIO: You have been tasked by the Secretary of Homeland Security to form and lead a committee to determine the actions required to reform immigration. 1. You have to present your findings to Congress on Friday. They will expect you to answer each of the following questions: a. Define the committee’s task (think of this […]

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Supply chaining

read the paper sent write 300 words or more discussion answering the two questions and giving your opinion   Please answer the following set of related questions: Wal-Mart is the biggest retailer on the planet. What, according to Friedman, is – and continues to be – Wal-Mart’s secret of success? Does Friedman have any reservations […]

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Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace Prompt Diversity is very present in today’s workplace. There are several ways to have diversity in the organization. That is why it is important to share different scenarios that may represent that diversity. Post a situation of you or someone you are familiar with representing diversity in the workplace. Identify the […]

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Inefficiencies in Managing Human Resources

Investigate the degree to which human resources are related to other factors (project management, product design, process strategy, location decisions, layout decisions, etc.). In a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document, address the following: · Identify inefficiencies in the way that human resources are utilized in a business at which you have worked in the […]

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Organizational Behavior

The field of organizational behavior can be organized around three levels: individual level, team level, and organizational level. In other words, some theories focus on factors influencing individual behavior (e.g., personality, motivation). Some theories focus on factors influencing team or group behaviors (e.g., group development, conflict, roles). Still, other theories focus on factors that tend […]

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Operations Capacity

Instructions Operations Capacity You are considering opening a small doughnut shop in your hometown. Research the process required to make doughnuts. After learning all of the steps that are required in the production of doughnuts, respond to the following: List and describe all of the steps required to produce doughnuts as well as the equipment […]

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