European Theater History

Hi, Please watch the medieval morality play Everyman at the following links (it’s in four short parts that total about an hour): Everyman Part 1: Everyman Part 2: Everyman Part 3: Everyman Part 4: The unknown playwright of Everyman gave his characters very strong emotions. The stakes for Everyman are really […]

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Civil War

Explore this week’s Webtext materials then take a stance in regards to the following question: “Does the Civil War have any value in today’s society or is it simply buried in America’s historical past?” Provide support for your stance. For more information on Civil War read this:

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Critical Analysis

CHIAGO STYLE FORMAT FOR THIS ESSAY Although Florida’s Clemency Board granted a pardon to the Groveland Four in January 2019, from what you have read about this case was justice served to the four men for what occurred 70 years ago? In the Groveland Four case and Emmett Till’s murder both of their accusers were […]

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Seminars structure

Paper topic: Beatles Music and the Psychedelic Experience. !!Please look at and follow the ” A Seminars structure” file added for further instructions 1. You have to introduce the research question and the idea of the seminar. 2. You have to present structure for the paper: Introduction, the first chapter about the 1960s’ history and […]

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Palette Of Narmer And Political Messaging

Palette of Narmer and Political Messaging Is there a difference between political messaging today and that in Ancient Egypt?   The Palette of Narmer was created in Ancient Egypt in 2900-2500 BCE at the beginning of the “dynastic period” and is considered to be seminal in that it set a standard for Egyptian Art that […]

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Experiences Of Minorities In College Athletics

Introduction Identify and research an individual in history that has made a significant impact on the reforms to intercollegiate athletics. Activity Instructions Please create a narrative that details the impact the individual you chose to research has had while answering the following research questions: What has this person done and what was the mission they […]

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Political Views

You need to visit the sites: and Answer the questions and make note of each site’s “conclusions” about your ideology/typology. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with the results? Do you think these are accurate measures of your political philosophy? Write about your opinion of these quizzes and about political […]

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Bonnie And Clyde

Write an essay of at least two paragraphs (one page) Option 2: Bonnie and Clyde Why do you think Bonnie and Clyde were able to continue their criminal activity for so long without being stopped? If you were a law enforcement agency, how would you have stopped Bonnie and Clyde? Make sure the writing assignment […]

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Railroad strikes Of 1877

Respond to the following two questions (1 page for each question): 1. Based on Jeremy Brecher’s account of the 1877 railroad strikes in “The Great Upheaval,” why did many workers who were not employed by the railroad companies support the striking railroad workers? 2. Do you think that a fundamental class conflict between working people […]

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Slavery Resistance Strategies

How did the experience under slavery differ in the northern and southern British colonies of North America in the seventeenth century? What factors shaped resistance strategies in various regions of the North and South, and in urban and rural locations where slavery existed? How did “race” and “slavery” come to be almost synonymous? Was it […]

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