Disaster Preparedness

Congratulations! You have been hired as a consultant to advise Saint Leo University Hospital leadership on the development of a Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan. Saint Leo University Hospital is currently under construction and will celebrate its grand opening twelve months from the beginning of this course. Among the many projects to be completed before […]

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Communication Literacy

Describe how Patient-Provider communication and health literacy are related to the definition of health communication – In-text citation – 4 sources already provided for more information on communication Literacy read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communications_in_Information_Literacy

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Methods to Assess and Interpret Results

Answer the following question. 3. Discuss methods to assess and interpret results and correctly dimension small cohort clinical trial (can use the example below as a reference). [100 marks] Example: Imagine you need to analyze a small dataset composed of blood pressure measures conducted on a population of patients suffering from high blood pressure (300 […]

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Laws And Regulations

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following: Do laws and regulations protect patients or do health professionals protect patients? Thinking about laws and regulations, how would the events that led to the discovery and experimentation with HeLa cells have been different if they occurred today? For more information on Laws And Regulations read […]

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The Challenge Of Health Care Delivery And Health Policy

Blackboard Discussion 1 The Challenge of Health Care Delivery and Health Policy: September 20       This discussion will focus on some of the issues that will arise in the remainder of this course, with respect to the importance of good health to Americans, defining characteristics of the U.S. health system (which the authors […]

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Importance Of History In The Field Of Public Health

We’ve touched upon the importance of history in the field of public health. Do a bit of internet research on the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. What similarities can you identify between the 1918 event and the current COVID-19 pandemic. What differences can you identify? What lessons are we learning during the current pandemic that public health […]

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Nursing Informatics

Nurse Informaticists: Your group has been assigned to determine the impact the role of the NI has on patient outcomes.     What law(s) was enacted to regulate health information?   Please address questions below and the position on this regulation in a narrative format.   Provide the process required to make the change with […]

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Implications Of A Sleep Deprived Society

Your Journal research assignments are worth 15% of your grade. Please complete them by the end of the week. You will submit your Research Assignment by clicking on the title “Week 3 Research Assignment” above, then creating your document and saving to your computer. This document will then be uploaded by clicking on “Browse my […]

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US Healthcare Quality Movement

1. Examine the origins and the evolution of the US healthcare quality movement. – Provide a timeline – Give examples of key developments 2. Explain some of the elements involved in successful healthcare quality improvement efforts. – What has been most successful? – What has required legislative and regulatory support? – What have been the […]

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Health Care Ethics

HWK – Answer the following: (about 1 1/2page total) (10 points total). (Email your homework to me as an attached word file) Name your file Mod1Homework1 and be sure to get it to me by the due date. You are to do this homework based on the associated readings for Mod1Reading1 – namely Bentham and […]

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