Discussion Questions

Please watch the following video found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWyXGT9GLV0 then respond to the following questions: What holds people back from pursuing their dreams? According to the video, what qualities do successful people have?

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Pre-Socratic Philosophers

Watch video Symphony of Science: “We Are All Connected” (Sub Ita)  (Links to an external site.)  by Franko Russo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq_zY6hEvA0 Watch video The Ionian Origins of Greek Philosophy Daniel Riano:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVKlJueJbTw After reviewing the “We are All Connected” video and reading the selections from the Pre-Socratic Philosophers, what connections (if any) can you make between the two? […]

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Writing Process

Writing Process In this class we will discuss writing that successfully meets it’s goals of communicating with or even persuading the audience.  Any successful writer, however, always takes time to reflect on previous experiences by reviewing feedback, grades, and analyzing their own experience. In this activity, reflect on two previous writing experiences, one that was successful and one that […]

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The Roar of the Tiger Mom

Essay 2 – Based on at least three readings in “The Roar of the Tiger Mom,” write a persuasive paper in which you take the position that (1 The “Tiger Mom” parenting style is more likely than the Western parenting style to produce happy children who grow up to be happy, productive adults or (2 […]

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Blog on Poem

PSA Blogs ask you to preview, summarize, and analyze the reading for a given class period. These exercises are designed to prepare you for class discussions as well as hone your close and critical reading skills. Preview: Before you read the text, provide a brief summary of what you’re expecting. What do you think the […]

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Text of Understanding

Consider the instructional information presented thus far. In this discussion forum, you will analyze the overall theme of the essay “musings.” Note that your answer will be graded for: Demonstration of text understanding Understanding of literary elements Ability to write a well-developed response that addresses the topic presented Ability to analyze and interpret as opposed […]

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Information about Stress

Goal: Explain why, when analyzing a situation, it is important to consider another person’s point of view. Provide details to support your reasoning. Provide two references that you cite in your essay using APA format. Refer to the Writing Resource – APA 250 words or more Double Spaced  

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Ethical Reasoning

The Ethical Reasoning Behind Background Checks Collins (2019) discusses several areas that may be covered when an employer conducts a Background Check (see chapter 3). Please address each (listed below) and share your rationale for agreement or disagreement with each area. Educational Accomplishments Credit Checks Criminal Records Social Media (searches) Place yourself in the role […]

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Communication Technology Sectors

3-4 pages (750-1000 words), APA Style: Pick any one of the communication technology sectors over-viewed in Chapters 6-14 (e.g., Cinema, Radio, E-Books, etc.) and give an overview of how this technology operates within the technological ecosystem. That is, how users, software, content, hardware, and organizational infrastructure make up its social system. You may want to […]

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Supporting Your Opinion

The prompt is- Would the average person benefit from more or less technology in their lives?

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