Problem Of Evil

What is the deductive problem of evil? (Use both the videos and Adams’ article to explain.) How does Adams understand the problem, i.e. what is horrendous evil and what implications does it have for the existence of God? How does Adams think we can respond to the problem of evil? It is important that you […]

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Ethical Dilemmas

Review the following ethical dilemmas: John Doe has decided to clone himself. He is sterile. He cannot find anyone to marry him. He wishes to have children. He knows that he will not be able to love a child that is adopted or not connected directly to him biologically. He will be making use of […]

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Ability To Communicate

Write two healthy paragraphs in response to the following (approximately 150 words each): Recall a time when you felt confident or embarrassed in your ability to communicate. Who comprised the audience? What made you feel this way? With what audience do you generally feel most comfortable communicating and why?

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Forces Of Nature Exploring The Hero

You have explored Emerson’s concept of heroism in this lesson. How do his ideas align with the notes you took while reading Beowulf? Do you think Emerson would have called Beowulf a hero? Do you think Emerson’s hero could slay a monster like Grendel? Based on your reading of Emerson’s essay, Heroism, and Beowulf, select […]

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Split Sides Response Assignment

Video # 1: Split Sides 45 Split Sides 45, Directed by Charles Atlas, Choreography by Merce Cunningham According to you and your own experience, what was this dance about? Create your own story as you will submit it in your response assignment on the next page.  Video  #2: Split Sides 46 Split Sides 46, Directed […]

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Literacy And Reading

For your short paper, consider how Eisenstein and Ong discuss literacy and reading. What are the parallels or differences in the two readings? Do you see any similarities between their discussions of these “technologies” and how people now talk about digital literacy?

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Canon Fodder Response

I want you to explain and explore your definitions of and relationship to literature. What you believe we should read and why? Why is it even necessary to have a class like this? Why should we care? Your first paper accomplishes two things: for you, it is a chance to articulate what you believe, to […]

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Reasons Why Free Speech Should Be Protected

Based on this week’s readings, explain the reasons why we should protect free speech; then explain an example of a situation where it seems appropriate to limit protection of free speech for the sake of the greater good.  In what sense do we embrace deontology when we protect free speech, and in what sense to […]

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Beowulf is a Hero

4-5 paragraphs with 5-7 sentences in length introductory paragraph with a thesis statement and concluding paragraph discuss the steps of the Hero’s journey embedded quotes in each body paragraph The thesis can be that Beowulf is a hero

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The Lottery by Shirley

evidence, such as facts or examples, to support claims. story elements like dialogue, symbolism, theme, or figurative language to enhance plot or character reasoning to develop plot ideas and to connect claims and evidence. stylistic or persuasive elements, such as word choice or appeals to emotion to add power to the ideas expressed.

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