Human Information Behavior

The readings this week introduce technical and cultural perspectives that will be used throughout the semester to interpret media production, distribution, and reception practices. The goal of this discussion is to discuss what you have learned, make connections to the readings in real-world contexts in your responses, and to share perspectives and ideas with class […]

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Submission for Journals Journals: Find newspaper articles. Read the articles, and then give your opinion. (Do not rewrite the articles.) Answer the following questions: How do you feel about the article? What is the article makes you feel the way you do? Example: According to the article,”_______________________,” the writer states that. . . In my […]

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Ethos Logos Pathos

He wants examples of ethos logos pathos  

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Guns and Cars are Different

I just need three paragraphs on “Guns and Cars are Different”. It’s only a reading response The criteria requirements are: introduce the text and summarize it in one paragraph, state the thesis, respond to the text: what it says, how it is written, and how you react, conclude by summing up your response and its […]

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Color Photography

Goal: Robert Mapplethorpe – specific with color flowers. 1. Research an inspiration of color photography 2. Creating and presenting a concise and engaging public presentation. 3. Inspiring your peers. Description You will researching a color photographer is to study other photographer images. 1/ Why you choose this Photographer. What you find inspiring about their work. […]

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College Student Services

Cypress College Student Services Discussion 1 1 unread reply. 1 1 reply. Discussion Prompt: This week each of you researched three campus resources at Cypress. You should have chosen one resource from three of the four student support categories: financial assistance, academic support, health care and special programs. Post your thoughts on the services provided […]

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Rogerian Argument

As part of the information you include for your Introduction Paragraph, write a complete thesis statement. Type the thesis in bold font to make it easy for your instructor to locate it. At a minimum, the body paragraph outlines should include complete topic sentences for each paragraph and two or three supporting statements with evidence […]

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Mechanical Problems

This week you will submit the final draft of your first major writing assignment–the narrative essay. The essay should be clearly focused, have a meaningful theme, and be free of hindering mechanical problems. You must use the methods of narrative development covered in units 1-4 to tell your story and develop your theme. As explained […]

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Modify Annotated Bibliography

For the Rogerian Argument essay, and this bibliography assignment, use the same topic you used for your Classical Argument essay; however, expand the focus of your research in two ways: 1. to educate yourself about alternate/opposite perspectives on the issue 2. to discover and communicate the state or national impact of this issue. You may […]

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How COVID Affected

write about how COVID affected you personally negatively and positively. I started writing rewrite what I wrote and make it make sense plus feel free to add anything  

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