Analysis On Genesis

ANALYSIS OPTION (GENESIS) When the first woman eats the forbidden fruit, God tells her that “your urge shall be for your husband,/And he shall rule over you (3:16). Many readers interpret this as a decree applying to all women thereafter, not just Eve. Do you think the male-female relationships depicted in Genesis later on demonstrate […]

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Narrative Essay

Object and Criteria Write a narrative essay about something that happened to you, to somebody else, or about something you saw or read. Remember, to write a narrative means to write a story, and this means you cover the events in time sequence (first to last). Though your last essay (the descriptive essay) could have […]

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World Trade Center Attack

Contemporary Public Policy Paper Assignment Overview For your final assignment, you will examine the rapidity of change in our contemporary society and what happens when a public policy outlives its original intent. You will analyze the theory of Social Construction of Reality and how public policy is influenced by societal, political, and economic factors. You […]

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Human Factors And DOET

In your opinion, what does it mean to design for people/end users (“Human Centered Design”)? Provide an example of how something is designed using this approach. Donald Norman describes various psychological concepts or principles of good design including: Affordances, Constraints, Mapping, Feedback and Conceptual Models. Select 3 of the concepts. Describe each one, and provide […]

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Evaluation Assignment

Evaluation Assignment The goal of an evaluation is to determine if something is “good” or not. This is usually done to establish whether or not a product is worth the cost that it is being sold for, although it can also be used for establishing the quality of work done by an employee or student. […]

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Teaching Twain

The topic for this discussion will be “Teaching Twain” and the discussion can be linked to content in Chapter 4. The purpose of this discussion is to develop a greater understanding of the powerful nature of words. This is one of the more challenging discussion forums to partake in because we juggle many different values […]

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Statistics In Everyday life

For this discussion, begin by finding an article, web page, advertisement, or public service announcement that makes some reference to statistics. Review the information that is presented, and develop the main response in which you address the following: 1. Summarize the main points and purpose 2. Describe the reference to statistics and how do you […]

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Literature Fiction

Not a research paper! Always double space, use Times New Roman 12 point font, and send it to my email as a Microsoft Word attachment. TERMS: Literature is different from regular fiction. What sets it apart is it includes life lessons that can be applicable to anyone of any ethnicity, gender, or background. It contains […]

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Two Ways of Seeing a River

Now let’s look at some essays written by other students, modeled on “Two Ways of Seeing a River”. The students were asked to write about a subject similar to Clemens’ piece, a place they had been at two different points in time/their lives, and how their view of the place had changed. Read each of […]

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Statement and Function essays

Name and describe two specific prewriting methods you might use. Explain what a thesis statement is and its function in an essay. What is one reason for outlining your essay before you begin writing it? What is a lead-in? Explain the difference between revising and editing an essay?  

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