Scholarly Activities

Scholarly Activities This document describes the scholarly activity elements that should be included in a five-paragraph summary. You may use this resource to help guide the preparation of the Scholarly Activities assignment, due in Topic 10. Overview This section consists of a single paragraph that succinctly describes the scholarly activity that you attended/participated in, the […]

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Defending Austrian School Economics

Defend Austrian school economics. While defending:   the classical school (including its later development such as monetarism, Austrian economics, supply-side economics, new classical economics) and the Keynesian school (including its later development, new Keynesian economics). Then, the two groups (or four to include two classical groups and two Keynesian groups, depending on the number of […]

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Social Interaction Invention

Discussion 1-Activity: Discussion Social Interaction invention : How can teachers promote Teaching Social Skills in class? Name one Social Skills Program and explain the philosophy of the program how this may assist with teaching Social Skills ?   2- What are some unique issues and challenges for family members with Residential placement of children ?For […]

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IEPs Reflection

Look at the IEP examples and refer to Lo (2012). Based on what you have learned from these materials and Chapter 2, what stands out to you as most difficult in regards to the IEP process? Are there particular sections of the IEP that someone from a diverse cultural background might have difficulty with? What […]

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Educational Risk Management

The purpose of this assignment is to create an educational risk management presentation. Building upon the outline for an educational session you created in the Educational Program on Risk Management Part One: Outline of Topic 2 assignment, develop a 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentation that expands in greater detail on how and why your organization should […]

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Curriculum Analysis

At the end of this assignment, you should have a cohesive, tangible product (e.g., traditional paper, website, a podcast with supplementary materials, interactive timeline or map, etc.). In addition, you will be asked to share key components of your project (topic/question, method of inquiry, key findings, links to course readings, implications). Each student will have […]

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Instructional Accommodations And Co-Teaching

Assignment #2: Co-teaching Scenario, Week 4 Instructional Accommodations & Co-Teaching: This assignment is intended for you to delve deeper into the concept of co-teaching, especially as it is applied to the general education and special education teacher working together for the positive academic/behavioral outcomes for a student with exceptional learning needs. (Approx. 3- 4 pages), […]

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Genogram Activity

Use the symbol lists provided on canvas to assist you in developing your genogram. You will be graded on the visual depiction of your genogram, summary of 5 or more trends or patterns found within your family, and your explanation of how a genogram can be used to understand family violence. Please use an APA […]

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Impact of Technology as a Problem

This week, think about the problem in education that you identified back in Week 3. Create a timeline showing how technology has impacted, is impacting, and will impact this problem. Then write a one-page summary in APA format detailing your findings and responding to all the following prompts: Do you consider technology to be part […]

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Security of the Middle Ages

The uncertainty of the security of the Middle Ages played a role in the forming of Christianity and the feudal systems. Look at the societies we covered (Early and Late Middle Ages.) Pick one society find an image of the dress and compare it through images of the artwork and/or architecture of the times: then […]

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