Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies

Write a recommendation report, 9 pages in length, in which you identify a specific area within the field of emergency management where there is a demonstrated need for improvement which is CYBERSECURITY AND EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES TO IMPROVE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT. Your recommendation paper should have three sections. In all three sections, support your claims and positions […]

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Analytics In Software Development

Write a 1–2 page executive summary that describes the synergy between software development cycles and data analytics, and why data analytics should be applied to a software development life cycle. In this assignment, you will describe a software that needs to be developed, a software development life cycle, and a rationale for the application of […]

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Information Systems

Of the five primary components of an information system (hardware, software, data, people, process), which do you think is the most important to the success of a business organization?   Part A – Define each primary component of the information system. Part B – Include your perspective on why your selection is most important. Part […]

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Feminism and Film

Watch Chisholm “72: Unbought & Unbossed (2004)—available on most paid streaming sites; AND any two of the selected clips below, your choice. Two-Part Question: 1) (150 words minimum) Using one example from the film Chisholm “72: Unbought & Unbossed, describe a challenge the congresswoman and presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm faced in the 1972 election. 2) […]

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Hybrid Cloud Platform

I need the hybrid cloud solutions which will be considered on 3 cloud player which is 1. AzureStack 2. VMware 3. Oracle The comparison includes technical, pricing, capabilities, certification, support and etc. The final assignment will be in PowerPoint format.

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The Importance Of Establish An Enterprise Architecture Governance Framework

1. Why is it important to ensure an alignment between the business processes, the architecture, and the vision of the organization? 2. Why is it so important to establish an Enterprise Architecture Governance framework? 3. Describe some of the most important characteristics relevant to EA governance 4. How does this transform “change management”?

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Information Security

Search for current events or other information (fun facts) based on topics covered in the Chapter. Find information related to attacks, threats, or vulnerabilities you would like to know more about. You should summarize each in 10 or more sentences and provide links to each one of your sources. Also, discuss why you chose each […]

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Information Technology Management

I need an essay about it. 1. How AI help organizations? 2.Provide a specific example for AI implementation at the organization level 3. What are the disadvantages of AI?

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Applying Technical Communication Ski

his Competency Assessment assesses the following learning outcome(s): CM241M1: Apply fundamental technical communication skills to practice-based situations. GEL 1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English. GEL 8.01: Apply critical thinking to construct persuasive arguments. For this Assessment, you will be writing a business proposal to sell your idea of […]

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Physical Security

Find an academic or professional resource on the topic of physical security. Summarize its contents in your discussion post. Include an explanation of one of the following: 1) how it relates to the topics learned in the course so far, 2) how this resource is valuable to your understanding of physical security, or 3) how […]

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