Ethics in Finance

The report must use the following headings: Introduction Include a clear thesis statement, introduce the term ‘ethics’, justify the importance of the assignment topic, outline what topics the report will cover. Ethical Behaviors List 5 ethical behaviors such as being truthful, fairness, and respect for others. Briefly describe each of the behaviors with examples. Ethical […]

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External Audit

1. Introduction – Present summary of all sections of the proposal. – Present a general overview of the topic. – Provides a concise overview of relevant literature to make the proposal sound. – Explain the importance and relevance of the topic – Statement of the problem: Further clarifies the intent of the investigator and reason […]

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Financial Statements

  For this discussion, imagine you are considering loaning funds to a corporation: Examine the key information you would look for in a company’s financial statements and explain why this information would be important to you. Suggest at least two (2) financial statement analysis tools you would use to evaluate this company’s financial statements. Provide […]

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Opportunity Costs

You use economic concepts on a daily basis without even knowing it! When you decide whether or not to eat lunch at a restaurant or make a sandwich at home, you are making a decision based on the costs and benefits of those options. Economists use these same basic tools to examine economic issues. Think […]

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Please answer the following questions in detail, provide examples whenever applicable, provide in-text citations.   What is the payback period for each of the above projects? Given that you wish to use the payback rule with a cutoff period of two years, which projects would you accept? If you use a cutoff period of three […]

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Once you have prepared and exported all the required reports for Chapter 1 to the Excel Reports Template, submit your completed Excel file using the instructions below. In order to receive full credit, your Excel file must contain each report that has been assigned to you by your instructor. Sheet name Description C1.9.1 TB Trial […]

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Please prepare a research paper on the subject of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and answer or address the homework questions shown below. Your submission must be prepared in Microsoft Word using the APA General Format. Submission must include four major sections: Title page, Abstract, Main Body, and References (Citations). Minimum of 3 references. […]

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Accounting Firms

Many companies have jumped to support the Black Lives Matter movement; however, some times their track record on things like representation and diversity may not line up with their statements. What are accounting firms and corporations doing that is working to attract and retain Black accounting/finance students into the profession? What are accounting firms and […]

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Corporate Governance Guidelines

Go to In the search box, type in “corporate governance guidelines.” Open the document titled “Corporate Governance Guidelines at Xerox.” Identify at least two of the specific ethical principles that are reflected in this document. What is a specific meaning that illustrates each of the principles identified?

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Financial Accounting

I need someone who has experiences in: 1. preparing a full set of Consolidated Financial Statements with applicable Australian accounting standards, 2. translation of foreign subsidiary’s accounts, 3. acquisition analysis, 4. journal entries, 5. recommending company improvement in sustainability and future performance or disclosure and any identified risks relevant to the current COVID climate. *Please […]

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