General Aviation Advertisement

Research a general aviation advertisement in a trade publication or on-line. Identify the market segments that the ad is targeting. What is the organization trying to achieve?.For more information on General Aviation Advertisement read this:

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Embers from the Bigbang

Hello, Please read the short article and tie it into our discussion on the Scientific Method and answer in 1-2 paragraphs In your write up please include the following to receive full credit. What parts of the article tie into observation, hypothesis, theory, and law? what did you learn from reading this?

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TED Talk Analysis

Write a 500-word analysis of a TED Talk video. Select one 12-minute or longer TED Talk (TEDx discouraged, but accepted) for analysis. This is an excellent opportunity for you to see examples of effective speeches. Choose the speech that you think is relevant to you and a good example of an effective speech. The first section should be […]

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Extreme Ice Nova

Go to: Extreme Ice Video Or just Google: “Extreme Ice Nova” The video is about 52min long. In the video, Extreme Ice, our relationship with ice was said to be one of the most important controllers of the environment for the entire plant.  Answer the following questions related to the importance of ice to our plant […]

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Racist Housing Practices

I need you to write two synopses of two online geography articles and answer the provided questions for each article. I will provide the links to the articles. Questions for the first article: Link to the first article: Give a quick synopsis of what the article details How this situation relates to place/geography? How does […]

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Tap Water Vs Bottled Water

TASK: Select one of the three topic options below and address ALL the question(s) listed.  Clearly label your subject when you reply: sodium, caffeine or water. Be sure your primary post is at least 10 sentences long and includes references and citations in APA format. TASK: Select one of the three topic options below and address ALL the question(s) […]

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Preparing a recipe Building

Preparing a recipe A building or assembling an item, such as a piece of furniture or model plane Creating a do-it-yourself project or craft

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The Corporate Anthropology

Choose one of the following two options to address in this discussion. Be sure that your initial post meets the full length requirement of 300 words, and that you incorporate at least two of this week’s required resources in your post, one of which should be the textbook. Include citations and a full reference to […]

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Quantitative Research Application

Quantitative Research Application Objectives Explain quantitative research methodology Analyze the types of research questions that benefit from quantitative studies Discussion Overview In this discussion forum, you will use your problem of interest to explore how quantitative research methodology can be used to find answers to research questions and what types of research questions can benefit […]

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Environmental Policy

Requirements for a single reading: 1) A summary should be approximately 300-500 words, and it should be submitted prior to class each week. 2) A summary should consist of two paragraphs: One paragraph should summarize the reading and the second paragraph should provide a reaction/analysis to the reading. 3) At the end of your summary, […]

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