Commonly used rhetorical strategies

Commonly used rhetorical strategies

Communication is an essential aspect of our lives, but you ought to have the right communication skills if you are to make an impact. Whether you are communicating verbally, in writing, or using visuals, the technique you use to present your message will affect how the listeners respond. Though there are various techniques that can capture your audience’s attention, rhetorical strategies are known to create a lasting impact.

What are rhetorical strategies?

Proper communication is an art, and rhetorical strategies, also known as rhetorical devices, are an essential part of the art. The appropriate rhetoric definition is the use making strong arguments, increases compassion, and offers a platform where people will connect with your speech. Having a great speech without the right art to present it will not impact the viewers as per your intentions.

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Commonly used rhetorical strategies
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  Are applied to verify allegations and reply to discussions. They play a major role in the craft of in order to understand what rhetorical strategies are; here is what you should know.

  • Ethos offers honesty and flair to the essay
  • Pathos offers an affectionate connection with your readers
  • Logos offers a sound and reasonable argument

A look at the rhetorical strategies list

Understanding the list of rhetorical strategies Capturing the public’s attention is not easy, especially if you do not use the right rhetorical style. Since speech art, known as rhetorical strategies, captures attention, learning this skill will positively influence your speech. Here is a list of some popular rhetorical devices you can include in your speech or writing.


Alliteration is where a sentence has two or more words linked, and they share the first consonant sound. The proper use of alliteration is to ensure the linked words rhyme. It should have a poetic effect on the audience.

The purpose of ensuring the same consonant sounds rhyme is to attract the attention of those reading or listening. The rhyming words will attract and capture those listening which means they will pay keen attention to what you have to say.


The art of amplification is using words or phrases to amplify a statement by making it louder, more robust, or bigger. The reason to use amplification in a conversation is to evoke a sense of urgency and ensure the one reading or listening is intrigued.

Amplification can describe something that people see each day but ignore. It can involve embellishment or technical elaboration. Amplification adds new data to a statement to make it stand out.


Anacoluthon is where a rhetorical device in speech has a disorder and does not tie in with what is expected. An author or someone making a speech interrupts a sentence from the desired logical order and adds in random order.

The change used in anacoluthon can be placed in the form of tense. It can imitate ungrammatically, misled, or even informal speech to capture the listener’s attention.


Anadiplosis is a common form of rhetorical strategy that can persuade, create a sense of urgency, and offer a pleasing text. Anadiplosis uses specific phrases when closing a sentence and then uses it when starting the next sentence.

Using this strategy will emphasize the ideas you are conveying. It also permits your conversation to stress its importance.


Antanagoge is a figure of rhetoric where the statement turns a negative view into a positive one. It responds to accusations of adversaries instead of offering counter-allegations.

Antanagoge will offer well-developed and effective access to speech. It provides a positive resolution to negative remarks.


The rhetoric definition of apophasis is almost similar to that of irony. This is when someone chooses to mention a particular statement, whether in writing or discussion, while also denying it. In most cases, it states with a phrase like “I am not stating that…” then goes ahead to talk about what they said they will not state.

The use of apophasis raises a certain issue by claiming they will not mention them. It is a technique to attract the attention of the readers or listeners.


The application of chiasmus is an art where a singular expression is echoed in the next sentence. But, the copied phrase is done in an inverted manner. The use of chiasmus guarantees the viewers have an emotional insight and response to the report. Due to the sentiments, the conversation will connect better to the audience.


Some statements can be too harsh or blunt, and uttering them openly could result in a harsh reaction by the public. That is why the use of Euphemism comes in. With Euphemism, offensive word language is replaced with those that might be too harsh. Some statements or phrases could be unpleasant, and euphemism makes it too offensive or embarrassing. The aim of using euphemisms is to avoid offending the crowd.


Hypophora is where the speechwriter raises a query and then answers it. The speech bearer’s writer will ask and respond to it in the next sentence. The response can be a word, a phrase, or an entire speech.


The application of metaphor is relating one element to another. It is a speech figure where the one presenting it refers to one thing by mentioning another one. The use of metaphors invokes understanding in those listening. It is also used to create a picture of what you are discussing.


Similes compare two things and establish a link. It is frequently used to aid in building a relationship with your listeners. It also creates a mutual understanding.

The use of similes is widespread since it is effective when it comes to capturing the attention of your audience. It also makes the speech you give simple to comprehend as it will vividly bring out the picture.

How to use rhetorical analysis?

rhetorical strategies

Before applying rhetorical analysis, you ought to fully grasp the rhetorical strategies. Before executing this technique you ought to learn the rhetorical strategies AP lang. The best way you can fully grasp this communication technique is by practicing it. The style will aid you to be a more skilled writer and impress your readers. However, the skill needs you to rehearse severally so you can fully comprehend it.

After mastering the style, you will need to evaluate the rhetorical situations you are in. The technique you use should fit the crowd you plan on addressing; if not, you will have an audience that is not engaged in your speech.

You also need to make clear what you will be sharing. The data you will give to the readers is also essential as it will determine the rhetorical statement to use.

Another important feature when using rhetoric situations is to offer a decisive acknowledgement using rhetorical tools. Thus, it is paramount to take the time to analyze the rhetorical situation.

What is rhetorical strategy analysis?

The rhetorical analysis will assist you to know the situation better and warrant you get a positive outcome. When analyzing, think about yourself. It is essential to think of yourself in terms of;

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Believes
  • Education
  • Region
  • Skills
  • Social status

All this information will determine how you write your article or speech and the rhetorical strategies you will use.

It would be most helpful to put your audience into consideration, and it is paramount for you to consider the information that they grasp the reservation and expectations. That way, you will understand the most reliable way to capture their attention and see they are drawn to your discussion.

The setting will also affect your speech. Consider where the presentation will be taking place and the time. The location might reshape the speech since different areas might have different views on the circumstances.

The topic is also another vital point for you to contemplate. When you draft an essay, ensure it is appropriate for your target audience. Assure that the rhetorical analysis you use will apply to the issue. Being on the point is essential when writing a rhetorical strategies essay.

The purpose

The other vital point to consider when writing an essay is the goal. The aim of what you are saying is key and will affect the rhetorical devices you can use.

How to create persuasive speeches using rhetoric


The creativity process is where you write a fitting essay for the viewers. The first step is creating a draft where you can categorize and select what you will have in the conversation. Before you write an essay, consider your audience and what they might be planning to hear. Ensure you give them what they need and more. Failing to capture your audience’s attention will lead to your conversation not be getting the effect you intended.


Once you have created the report, you need to organize it to impact your listeners. You can do this by analyzing each segment and how long it should be. It is also vital for you to ponder on the points you will present.


The method you will use to express yourself in your speech is also vital. It will be beneficial to make sure that you have included the right tactics so that your readers will have a positive reaction to your essay. It is best if you can make use of visualization and other techniques that will evoke emotions.


The method you deliver your essay is essential, and for you to accurately deliver, you need to ensure you have properly presented it. Think about the gestures you will use, eye contact, pronouncing, and pace when writing the essay.

Criticism of rhetoric

Some claims have been made concerning the use of rhetoric as a language of deceptive representation. They believe rhetoric to be a manner of manipulation. But even when one is involved in criticizing rhetoric, they are already engaged in rhetoric as they are trying to get other people to agree with them.

Rhetorical strategies work great in various situations like speeches, essays, business presentations, and even poems. The tool is known to be ideal and practical. However, just like any other style you might use in writing, it is up to you to ensure that it is effective. If you do not use it right, it might not give you the intended outcome.

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