Tips on how to write a Research Paper Discussion

Tips on how to write a Research Paper Discussion

A big percentage of students are not conversant with what is required when it comes to writing a research paper discussion. Reason being they are not sure of what it should contain. End your worry now as this article will elaborate on what it is and how to write it.

What is a research paper discussion? This is a report written, giving a clear picture of your research by interpreting and describing importance of your prior research findings. During this discussion, the writer will be able to point out any research problems encountered during the research. This is achieved better by scrutinizing the problems and providing a permanent solution.

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Tips on how to write a Research Paper Discussion
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Parts of a research paper discussion

A good discussion format should have three parts. These are introduction, Intermediate, and conclusion paragraphs. In your introduction, include title and purpose of your research. In the intermediate paragraph, begin with describing each study conducted and provide solutions of problems encountered. The conclusion paragraph should include summary of discussions for your research. This summary will help reader point out key points of the whole discussion.

Discussion and conclusion

The main objectives when writing a discussion is to survey the basic meaning of your research.  This report outlines possible problems and offers conclusions.

In a research paper discussion section, you write about discussions of your research findings and conclusion. However, there is a difference between discussion and conclusion. Discussion refers to how the data collected compares to the previous researches. Conclusion refers to summary of lessons learnt during your research.

When writing a research paper discussion, the discussion section appears to be the hardest part to write. This is because it requires you to translate the information in your mind into writing. Having a proper discussion will not only portray the importance of your study but also will show its meaning.

Discussion section of your research comes before the methods of your research findings, but just before your conclusion. In the discussion, you should answer questions raised in the introduction. Ensure the answers provided are relative to your initial research. Your discussion should be appealing to your audience.

When learning on how to write a discussion, there are various things you should put into consideration. First and foremost, start by capturing important issues of your research findings. Providing a meaning of your research is fundamental. You should be able to answer questions raised in the introduction, and offer supportive information from previous researches. When you lay your focus on how to write a discussion for a research paper, start by including your crucial report of your research and its analysis.

A good research paper discussion should provide an explanation on how your findings are linked to what had already been researched before. Outline shortcomings if any, in unpredictable results of your research. Recommend on how you can further your research findings.

In the discussion and conclusion, avoid introducing new ideas that were not previously presented in your report. More so, avoid any unjustified speculation and conclusion that are not supportive to information provided prior. Writing your discussion in a list format will make it easier for reader to access information in your report. When listing, start with the most important points to the least.

Always contextualize your analysis for your readers. Let your conclusion be the summary of your previous information presented in your report, to avoid mix up of ideas.

Scientific discussion

What is a scientific discussion? This refers to a discussion aimed at providing information about why your research is meaningful. When writing a scientific paper discussion, start by a summary of your results. Provide an analysis of your research and give conclusions based on your earlier findings.

When writing your summary, ensure your data report is in line with what is present in that field. This will enable any one reading your report to re-examine and reconstruct models to then test it. Make sure you explain the importance of your research findings. Prioritizing on the most crucial research findings will not only add value to your report but also make it easily remembered.

In a scientific discussion, pointing out any difficulties encountered during your research is paramount. Provide a long term solution to these problems to prevent future re-occurrence of the same.  Forming a platform to discuss things to be done in the future will help you not to be held up in the discussion. Think on any questions that may arise when writing your discussion. These questions will pose as a key to any future researches.

In your discussion and conclusion, always avoid repetition and over interpretation. Ensure your conclusions are in correspondence with your results. Avoid introducing new data that was not previously written in your report, to avoid confusion. Use less jargon when writing a scientific paper discussion. This will increase accessibility of your article to a larger audience thus making a bigger impact.

 Use subheadings in your scientific format to help in organizing your presentations. Consider your target audience when writing your analysis and discussion. This will help you in determining the choice of words in relation to professionalism.

How to write implications in a research paper

When you think on how to write implications in a research paper, first, consider reasons why the research was conducted. Secondly, figure out impacts it will have in the future research fields. This can be achieved by basing your implications to previous studies on the same field. Conduct a thorough literature search on the topic of your research. Point out any similar research that had been conducted on the study and conclusions provided.

Note any difficulties encountered in previous studies. This will help you to know objectives of your research. Base your implications in accordance to how previous studies have diversified, and what impact your study will add to that field. Be on the lookout when hypothesizing because, baseless claims can bring negative impact to journal reviewers.

How to write a discussion essay

A discussion essay is also referred to as an argumentative essay. In this type of an essay, you take lead by presenting an issue on a specific topic and thus triggering an argument. To facilitate a good argument of the topic at hand, proper and solid information of the research is crucial. The following are steps on how to write a discussion essay.

  1. Work out on your essay. Make a decent plan of your essay. This is because structure of your essay will depend on topic you are writing about. During your plan, ensure you read and understand all questions carefully. Conduct a thorough search of words and phrases that are unclear. This will facilitate better understanding of your questions. Use reliable sources to back up your thesis.
  2. Conduct an initial research. Conduct a research on the underlying issues. This can be achieved by reading books or using the internet. This is because during research, you expound your mind on the topic thus presenting a well laid report.
  3. Ally yourself with the issue. Decide on the position you would like to take and write it down. Ensure what you write on your essay is relevant to your position.
  4. Highlight the basic points. When you are done reading, outline the most crucial points. Use these points as your main points in your research paper.
  5. Research thoroughly. A thorough research is recommended at this stage to support your points. Look for reliable sources for your research that will provide relevant information for the topic provided. Reading books, journals or even using websites can help in collecting information.
  6. Make notes with references. During your research, note down all sources you gather information from. In case you use a book as a source, start by writing, title of the book and include the page where you collected your data. Include also the authors’ name, year of publication and country of origin. This will facilitate in referencing your research.
  7. Finalize on your essay plan. Having completed noting down the main points, add a few bullet points under the main ideas. This will help in expounding and providing backup to the main ideas.
  8. Write your introduction. A research paper discussion section should start with an introduction. When writing an introduction, always start with a hook to capture the attention of your audience. (A hook is the first sentence of an article that captures reader attention). Introduce your topic to give readers a sense of direction. Present your topic in a neutral way before formulating your thesis. Work on points your argument will be based on. Using phrases will be helpful to readers in understanding major points to be covered in that topic.
  9. Formulate the body. In a research paper discussion, ensure that each paragraph is limited to one idea. For example, in a short essay, write each paragraph with a main point and emphasize it in other sentences. Present your argument based on comparison between your position, and the other side of the issue. Elaborate perspectives of opposite side by using counterclaim. Give reasons why you are better placed in that position. Allocate ample time and space for discussion of opposite side. For example, you can opt to give the other issue a sentence or an entire paragraph.
  10. Keep a record of your argument in your mind. In a discussion section of a research paper, it is important to ensure that everything you write is recorded in your mind. This is because, all ideas you write in a research paper discussion, should link to each other. Having this link will create a good flow of your argument. It will also increase the ability of your reader to trace any information needed in your essay. Provide supportive arguments based on prior research and provide legible sources. Give quotes on your main ideas. You can also use statistics to back up your research.
  11. Write a conclusion of your essay. A conclusion of a research paper discussion should include a summary of discussion of results written previously in the essay. Always avoid rewriting your introduction as your summary. Writing a conclusion enables readers to compile ideas included in the article. It also helps readers to have a brief summary of important points in the essay.
  12. Read, revise and edit your essay. Having completed your final draft of your research paper, re-read it carefully. Check for any grammatical errors, typos and edit your article. Ensure that your essay is reasonable, and has a good flow of ideas.


In this article, more details on a research paper discussion have been elaborated. To start with, you have learnt that, a research paper discussion is a document written offering thesis of a research already conducted. This is done by interpreting and offering descriptions on the importance of your research findings. A research discussion format has 3 paragraphs i.e., introduction, intermediate and conclusion. Ensure you write a good discussion and conclusion. This will not only show the importance of your discussion but also show the meaning of it.

When writing a research paper discussion, ensure all questions pointed out during your research are answered appropriately. Start your discussion by writing the crucial points of your research, and analyzing them. Make sure your discussion is appealing to your audience. Avoid introducing new ideas in your discussion that were not previously stated in your research findings.

During your analysis, ensure your ideas are linked to each other. This will create a good flow of your argument. Having a good link will also increase the ability to trace any information needed in the essay. Always ensure your research contains solid arguments in relation to previous researches. You can achieve this by using reliable sources when collecting your data.  Keeping a record of sources you collect data from is important. Always ensure you read, revise and edit your work before submitting it.

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