355+ Captivating Psychology research topics for college students

355+ Captivating Psychology research topics for college students

Are you trying to decide on what to write in a psychology paper assignment? Do you want to write the best research paper in psychology?

The first step is to select the right psychology research topics. Choosing a suitable subject for a psychology paper is a challenging task for most students.

Writing a psychology paper can be difficult, especially when you do not have the right topic. Students should take time to find unique and interesting topic ideas.

Psychology research papers can take a long time to write. Selecting a topic that is interesting makes the writing process enjoyable.

An exciting subject helps keep the writer motivated and the audience intrigued enough to read the entire research paper. When an instructor is captivated, chances of getting higher grades increases.

How to choose good psychology research topics

Writing a psychology research paper can be difficult but exciting as well. The starting point is pivotal to producing a successful paper.

Understanding what are good topics to write about for a research paper for psychology is a good place to start. The best psychology research topics should be unique, focused, and interesting.

They should have enough information that can be researched and presented in an academic paper. The following steps will help you find the best topics in the psychology field

1.      Perform a preliminary research

Search the internet and look at literature on good psychology topics. Write down interesting and unique topic ideas.

Perform further keyword searches to find more information on specific ideas you might have. Write down what you have discovered.

2.      Brainstorm topic ideas

Brainstorm the list of topics you have created from the research. Look at the topic ideas critically and shortlist them.

Select a subject that is interesting and unique. Unique psychology research topics will produce a solid and interesting paper.

Do not pick a topic that most of your classmates are likely to choose. It will be difficult to produce a unique paper when you are writing about a popular topic. A unique topic is easier to write, and it will capture the instructor’s attention.

3.      Understand the subject

After selecting the most interesting and unique topic idea, research it. Look for books or online material like scholarly journals, magazines, or relevant videos.

Understand what your topic is all about. This initial search on a subject helps to find out if it has sufficient information.

A good psychology topic should have enough material. This will make it possible to research, write and add value to an audience.

4.      Narrow down the topic

When a topic is broad, it is difficult to research and write about it. A broad topic might not fit in an academic paper that has a specific word count limit.

It can also confuse the audience since it lacks focus. Narrow down your topic to a specific idea or item.

When a topic is narrow and focused, your thesis statement and arguments will be strong and focused. This will help produce a clear and concise psychology research paper that an audience can easily understand.

Make sure the topic adds value to the field of study and the audience. This makes your research work meaningful.

The following psychology research paper topics guide provides unique and interesting ideas. Students can brainstorm the list of topics and write excellent psychology papers.

School psychology research topics

School psychology is a field that deals with families, children, the youth, and the school system. Psychologists in this field help to promote a positive and conducive learning environment for students. The following are interesting and unique subjects in school psychology

  1. Discuss the effects of parental pressure for high academic performance on students
  2. Discuss burnout among the youth in college
  3. Explain the effects of school bullying on students
  4. What are the duties of school psychologists
  5. Should students choose their favorite teacher to motivate them?
  6. Can all teachers influence students?
  7. How well can students adjust in community-based schools
  8. Should school psychologists participate in formulating school policies?
  9. How can school psychologists help refugee students to adjust
  10. Can school psychologists help students in their leadership roles?
  11. The effects of school suspension on a child
  12. How to counsel a sexually abused child. Discuss the impact of abuse on the child’s education
  13. How does school shape a child’s personality?
  14. How does school shape a child socially?
  15. Discuss psychological interventions in school dropouts

Clinical psychology research topics

Clinical psychology  is a field that covers all ages from various systems. It deals with comprehensive mental health and behavioral health care.

The subject covers socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. The following are interesting research topics in clinical psychology you can consider

  1. How can you control chronic pain through psychology?
  2. How can cognitive therapy treat panic attacks
  3. Discuss behavioral therapy and criminals
  4. Explain therapeutic methods that can treat depression
  5. What causes post-traumatic stress
  6. Can anti-depressants be addictive? Discuss
  7. What causes insomnia
  8. Ways to treat insomnia
  9. What are the psychological effects of abusive relationships
  10. Discuss psychological disorders
  11. What causes social disorders?
  12. Discuss the treatment of social disorders
  13. What is social anxiety, and how can it be treated?
  14. Discuss ways of treating phobias
  15. Discuss therapies that can be used on patients with schizophrenia

Sports psychology research topics

Sports psychology  involves studying psychological factors that affect athletics and sports. This field covers all levels of sports activity and all age groups. Below are sport psychology research topics

  1. Can sports cause anxiety disorder?
  2. Discuss the connection between exercising and mental health
  3. Discuss sports psychology and athletes
  4. How can football coaches contribute to mental wellness in their teams
  5. Explain how coaching challenges affect coaches psychologically
  6. Explain why bonding in a team is important than talent
  7. Discuss controlling emotions when playing
  8. How can coaches help develop confidence in a team?
  9. How can teams in sports handle stress
  10. Discuss good qualities of a coach
  11. Discuss new coaches and the challenges they deal with
  12. What is team chemistry? Why is it important?
  13. Discuss the evolution of sports psychology
  14. How can players handle personal pressure
  15. Discuss how good behavior in the field can affect the outcome of a game

Social psychology research topics

Social psychology deals with the study of how an environment can influence a person’s behavior. Students can research the following list of social psychology and write an interesting paper on the subject.

  1. What are the effects of racism
  2. Explain homophobia
  3. Discuss the social issues and culture of your community
  4. Explain social depression
  5. Discuss social cognition
  6. What causes social anxiety among children
  7. What are the causes of gender biases
  8. Discuss youth and peer pressure
  9. How does violence in marriages affect children
  10. Explain the effect of violent games on children
  11. Discuss the impact of divorce on children
  12. Discuss introverts and depression
  13. Explain bullying and how it affects a teenager’s social life
  14. Discuss grief and how to cope with the loss
  15. Discuss self-illusion

Child psychology research topics

Child psychology is a subfield in psychology that deals with children’s physical, mental, social and emotional development. It focuses on the development of the mind and the behavior of a child.

This starts from prenatal to adolescent stages. Here are child psychology topic ideas that students can brainstorm.

  1. Discuss adoption and the psychological issues it causes
  2. Can parental negligence cause obesity in a child?
  3. Discuss introverted children
  4. How can abuse affect children psychologically
  5. How does a mother’s love or lack of it affect a child mentally
  6. How do children develop psychologically? Explain the stages of development
  7. Explain how violent music can impact a child’s mind
  8. How can torture affect a child mentally
  9. What causes depression in children and teenagers
  10. How to identify mental disorders in youth and children
  11. What causes anti-social behavior in children and teenagers
  12. Causes of ADHD among children
  13. How does smoking affect children
  14. Why is it important for children to eat breakfast
  15. Explain how sickness like cancer can affect a child socially and mentally

Abnormal psychology research topics

Abnormal psychology deals with psychopathy in the broad field of psychology. This subject addresses abnormal behavior from a clinical perspective.

It covers disorders such as OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) to others like personality disorders. Professionals in psychology like clinical psychologists and therapists and work together to address abnormal psychology issues. The following are abnormal psychology research paper topics you can consider

  1. What causes anorexia?
  2. How can a person overcome anxiety disorder?
  3. Explain eating disorders and their causes
  4. Is frequently lying a psychological problem? Explain
  5. What are the causes of suicide among teenagers?
  6. Discuss how sexuality and psychology are connected
  7. What psychology issues can cause suicide thoughts
  8. How can you identify a suicidal person?
  9. Discuss multiple personalities disorder and their causes
  10. How do video games affect the mood of children
  11. Discuss depression in the workplace
  12. Discuss narcissism
  13. How can phobias affect your personality
  14. Discuss separation anxiety
  15. How is stalking connected to mental illness

Forensic psychology research topics

Forensic psychology is a subfield in psychology that involves the law. Psychologists in this field apply their expertise as it is required by the justice system.

What are some topics for research paper in forensic psychology? Consider the following list

  1. Discuss homegrown terrorists and their psychology state
  2. How can the field of psychology help in the rehabilitation of criminals
  3. Discuss internet policing
  4. Discuss the reliability of the memory of an eyewitness
  5. What causes mass suicide in teenagers
  6. Discuss the mental disorder of a serial killer
  7. Discuss the differences between forensic psychology and clinical psychology
  8. Discuss sex offenders and misconceptions
  9. What are the patterns of juvenile crime? How can you identify them?
  10. Explain the psychology of people who copy crime
  11. Discuss gun violence vs. mental illness
  12. Discuss criminal recidivism
  13. Discuss pedophilia and neurodevelopmental disorder
  14. Aggressive people. Are they a danger to themselves?
  15. Discuss delusion and why it is dangerous

Experimental psychology research topics

Experimental psychology is a part of the psychology field that uses scientific methods of research. This involves collecting and analyzing data that provide relevant information.

Experimental psychology can be performed in universities, businesses, research centers, and government agencies. The following are research topics in experimental psychology

  1. What is the role of color in improving mood?
  2. How can breakfast affect a person’s daily activity?
  3. Discuss violence among teenagers and how social medial has contributed to it
  4. What is mood freezing?
  5. What is the relationship between obedience and social status
  6. Explain how groups can influence a person’s behavior
  7. Discuss hindsight bias
  8. What are the effects of lack of sleep
  9. Can a person’s choice of music tell you about their personality
  10. Are geniuses born or made?
  11. How can smell affect the taste
  12. Are creative people different
  13. Explain behavior and conformity
  14. Explain gender roles and modern society
  15. How is the memory affected when a person grows older

Cognitive psychology research topics


Education psychology research topics

Cognitive psychology studies what goes on in the brain. This includes thinking, learning, solving problems, perception, memory, and language. The following topics can help students research and learn more about the subject

  1. Discuss color psychology and cognitive development
  2. Explain how to measure attention span
  3. Explain how to recover memory loss
  4. Discuss how memory affects a person’s behavior
  5. How to improve a child’s problem-solving skills
  6. Discuss speech disorder
  7. Discuss critical thinking and cognitive psychology
  8. Discuss the causes of bullying
  9. What causes slow mental development
  10. How can romantic movies affect a child
  11. Discuss single parenting and the mental development of a child
  12. How can ADHD affect a child’s development
  13. Discuss the factors that cause repressing of memories
  14. Discuss the effects of autism in a child
  15. Discuss intellectual growth stages

Undergraduate research topics psychology

Writing a psychology paper can be challenging but finding the right topic makes the process easier. Here are psychology research topics you can consider.

  1. Explain aging vs. mental illness
  2. How is socializing good for a person’s health
  3. Discuss morality vs. law
  4. What is the connection between mental health and obesity
  5. Discuss social interaction types
  6. How does postpartum depression affect children
  7. Discuss depression vs. productivity
  8. How does stress affect the human body
  9. Discuss bipolar disorder and how it can affect the quality of life
  10. Discuss hate crime and how it affects the mind
  11. Discuss the mental health of a homeless person
  12. Discuss psychologists work and military interrogations
  13. How can a bad relationship affect a person’s health
  14. Discuss abortion and a woman’s mental and emotional health
  15. How can miscarriage affect the mental health of a person

Easy psychology research topics

When students write a psychology research paper, the aim should be to educate an audience. The purpose is to pass information in the psychology field about recent developments.

This includes new theories, ideas, field experiments, and arguments. The following are easy topic ideas that you can research and write about

  1. Why do people dream
  2. What is borderline personality, and how can it be treated?
  3. Discuss the impact of religion on mental health
  4. Discuss gender bias in the society
  5. Attractive people get more favors in life. How true is this statement?
  6. Discuss senior citizens and mental health
  7. Why is divorce counseling helpful
  8. How is the brain affected when you win
  9. How is the brain affected when someone is in love
  10. Discuss emotional responsiveness
  11. Discuss emotions and performance
  12. How is taking excessive selfies connected to narcissism?
  13. Why do people love volunteer work?
  14. Discuss sociopathy
  15. Analyze PTSD

Controversial topics in psychology for research paper

Controversial subjects in psychology and other sciences are open for people to scrutinize. This is essential as it allows scientific progress.

The arguments can be based on logic or the implications of an experiment. Here are interesting, controversial topics in psychology

  1. Discuss Ethics and the Milgram experiment
  2. Should you have clients as friends on social media?
  3. Discuss intimate relationships and violence
  4. Discuss the effects of childhood trauma
  5. Explain the impact of social media on teenagers
  6. Explain how parenting can affect a child’s psychology
  7. Discuss the experiment in Stanford prison
  8. Discuss termination of treatment when a patient cannot pay
  9. Should therapists and clients text each other
  10. Are men who are victims of domestic violence treated the same as women who are victims
  11. Should psychologists store all emails and texts from patients for reference purposes?
  12. Does it exists
  13. Should psychologists prescribe medicine
  14. Can anti-depressants cause more harm?
  15. Are there psychological benefits of the internet?

Developmental psychology research topics

 Developmental psychology focuses on change and how people grow over time. The growth involves emotional, cognitive, and social development throughout an individual’s life.

Some of the changes are expected and normal, but sometimes they pose challenges.  People require assistance to manage these challenges. Here are interesting and unique psychology research topics you can research and write about

  1. How does bullying affect a person’s mental health?
  2. How can social media increase violent behavior in children?
  3. Discuss how stereotypes affect people
  4. How can an abusive parent affect the development of a child
  5. Discuss psychopathic behavior in the youth
  6. Discuss mental development issues in an abused child
  7. What causes people to age quickly?
  8. Discuss the effects of drugs on a person’s mental development
  9. Discuss psychology and the process of aging
  10. How can medication affect a person’s mental health?
  11. Discuss postpartum depression and mental health
  12. Discuss sleeping disorder and mental health
  13. Does the ability to learn reduce as a person gets older?
  14. Discuss midlife crisis in men and women
  15. What affects learning languages?

Health psychology research topics

Health psychology is a branch of the psychology field that focuses on the well-being of a person. It deals with the psychology, social, behavioral, and biological factors. Below are interesting health psychology topics students can research, learn and write about

  1. Discuss ways of coping with grief
  2. Discuss the best weight-loss strategies
  3. Discuss meditation and pain relief
  4. Discuss ways in which exercise is beneficial
  5. Explain how to communicate effectively with patients
  6. How to identify eating disorders
  7. Discuss anxiety
  8. How can exercise improve a person’s mood?
  9. Discuss the mental health of a caregiver
  10. Discuss the emotional health of senior citizens
  11. Discuss emotional responsiveness
  12. How can emotions affect a sports person?
  13. Discuss strategies that can help a person stop smoking?
  14. Discuss crib death and the awareness of child safety
  15. Discuss why some parents do not immunize children

Education psychology research topics

Education psychology is related to learning. It focuses on learning centers like schools or professional learning and development of skills. Students can research, learn and write about the following topics in education psychology

  1. Discuss different types of models of assessment in schools
  2. Discuss the differences between peer aggression and bullying
  3. Discuss the impact of school discipline on a student’s performance
  4. Discuss how students at the same academic level can learn differently
  5. What are the effects of parents insisting on their child’s career choice
  6. Discuss family interactions and a student’s performance
  7. How can education psychology help train a student to become a professional athlete
  8. Discuss methods of assessing a teacher’s performance
  9. Discuss attention-seeking students
  10. Discuss motivation methods for non-academic performances
  11. How do parents and students perceive homework?
  12. Discuss students’ perception of mathematics subject
  13. Discuss examination models and student aptitude
  14. Discuss the impact of parents participation in their child’s performance in school
  15. What is precision teaching?

Interesting research topics in psychology

Psychology research papers help to update the audience about the latest developments. It focuses on different ideas, theories, arguments, and experiments.

It is important to select a unique topic or approach a topic from a different angle to make your paper interesting. The following are interesting psychology topics to research

  1. What are the mental health benefits of socializing
  2. How can hypnosis help a person quit smoking
  3. Can harsh laws influence morality?
  4. Discuss social interactions
  5. Discuss abuse in dating
  6. Discuss different kinds of mental torture and their effects
  7. What are the consequences of not dealing with stress
  8. Discuss mental illness and the abandonment of senior citizens
  9. Discuss how the memory can become weak
  10. How do people form habits
  11. How can failed relationships affect a person’s mental health
  12. Discuss depression and gut microbiota
  13. How can tolerance improve mental health
  14. How can preterm delivery affect a mother’s mental health
  15. How is mental health connected to junk food

Research topics in human development psychology

Research topics in human development deal with ethnicity, social class, and race. Other factors include the culture and socioeconomic status of a person.

The human development psychology field demonstrates how these factors can influence an individual’s well-being across their lifespan. Consider the following interesting research topics

  1. Discuss the memory of adults with high self-efficacy vs. adults with low self-efficacy
  2. Discuss the effects of word games on the elderly creative skills
  3. Discuss happiness and improved performance in adults and children
  4. Discuss anti-social behaviors among adults
  5. How can resilience be developed
  6. Discuss loneliness and how it can be managed
  7. How can sports activities help juvenile delinquency programs?
  8. Explain factors that affect change in personality
  9. How to develop self-esteem
  10. Discuss religion and spiritual development
  11. Discuss the factors that impact the development of self-esteem in children
  12. Discuss fetal stage and emotions
  13. Discuss language development in children and social media
  14. How does trauma affect child development
  15. Discuss self-identity and media influence on a teenager

Personality psychology research topics

Personality psychology is a fascinating field for most people. It is also a broad subject in life and popular at the same time.

There are various interesting topics that students can explore and write about in this area. Here are interesting ideas for a personality psychology paper

  1. Discuss the connection between temperament and creativity
  2. Discuss personality traits and social behavior
  3. Can people with the same personality get married?
  4. Discuss the impact of birth order on personality
  5. Can your personality determine the type of music you like?
  6. Do athletes have particular personalities
  7. Discuss how self-esteem affects the personality of an individual
  8. Discuss the connection between personality type and cheating in exams
  9. Can a person’s personality influence how they use social media?
  10. Discuss the connection between personality type and art
  11. Discuss a person’s personality type and their choice of pet
  12. Discuss type A personality and academic success
  13. What are the effects of high self-efficacy
  14. Discuss genetic influence and behavior
  15. Discuss defensive pessimism

Industrial organization psychology research topics

Psychologists in the industrial organization field use scientific methods in psychology to improve an organization’s effectiveness. They also focus on employees who work in the organization.

This improves the lives of employees and boosts their productivity. Students can explore and learn the following interesting i/o psychology research   topics

  1. How to keep workers motivated in an organization
  2. How to select the best candidate for a specific position
  3. How to manage a team effectively
  4. Leadership skills that help come up with better strategies for business
  5. What to consider when developing consumer products
  6. How to ensure workplace diversity
  7. Discuss industrial organization and inclusion
  8. Discuss work environments that encourage maximum employee performance
  9. Discuss procedures that enable employees to maximize their potential
  10. What causes employee stress at work?
  11. Discuss job attitudes in organizations
  12. How to build a winning team
  13. Performance management issues at the workplace
  14. Discuss ethical issues among employees
  15. How to deal with legal issues at the place of work

Biopsychology research topics

Biopsychology is a branch of psychology that studies the brain and how it functions. It also focuses on the nervous system.

This field examines how the brain and the nervous system can influence a person’s behavior. Students can research and learn more from the following Biopsychology topics

  1. Discuss how neurotransmitters affect the body
  2. Explain biopsychology
  3. Discuss Parkinson’s disease and dopamine
  4. Discuss the connection between excessive dopamine and schizophrenia
  5. How does the central nervous system work?
  6. Discuss the link between the endocrine and the nervous system
  7. Discuss the functions of neurons
  8. Explain autonomic nervous system
  9. Discuss will power and the brain
  10. Explain how hypnosis affects the brain
  11. Explain dramatic triangle vs. addictive attitude
  12. Discuss biological rhythms
  13. Explain plasticity vs. functional recovery
  14. Discuss the brain and the recovery process after a trauma
  15. Discuss heart rate vs. respiratory rate

Research topics in comparative psychology

Comparative psychology deals with animal behavior. This field uses comparative methods such as the similarities and differences of various animal species to understand relationships.

When psychologists study animal behavior, they can understand human psychology better. The following are comparative psychology topics you can brainstorm

  1. Discuss animals and their social environments. How do they adapt their vocal signals?
  2. “Baboons have a voice, and they can communicate” how true is this statement?
  3. Discuss conscious metacognition in humans and animals
  4. Discuss dolphins and conscious metacognition
  5. Explain how the minds of animals work
  6. Do dogs understand human emotions?
  7. Discuss how brain size is related to problem-solving
  8. Explain evolutionary processes and behavior patterns of a specific animal
  9. Explain how genetics contribute to the behavior of animals
  10. Explain adaptation and animal behavior in an environment
  11. Explain how animals reproduce
  12. Discuss parental behavior and offspring behavior of animals

Research topics in history psychology

Modern psychology covers a wide range of subjects. It addresses human behavior in various contexts. It also covers mental processes.

History psychology helps in gaining a better standing on these topics. Here are interesting research topics to consider

  1. Explain history psychology and how it is applied
  2. Discuss Freud’s contribution to psychology. Explain his theories
  3. Explain how mythology is connected to psychology
  4. Discuss issues relating to the history of psychology. Explain causes and treatment
  5. Explain the developments in psychology
  6. How is the human psychological age measured?
  7. Discuss socionics
  8. Explain the difference between the work of a psychologist and the work of a psychiatrist
  9. Explain Gestalt psychology
  10. How did the cognitive process change psychology?
  11. Discuss the influence of psychoanalysis in psychology
  12. Explain the contribution of Kurt Lewin to social psychology
  13. Discuss the experiments that transformed psychology
  14. Discuss John Watson, a pioneering psychologist

Research topics in applied psychology

Applied psychology deals with solving problems regarding human behavior. Psychologists in this field address health issues, education, or workplace issues. The following are interesting applied psychology topics

  1. Explain the human factors in applied psychology
  2. Explain environmental psychology
  3. Discuss management in an organization vs. organization behavior
  4. Explain how community psychology can affect a person’s psychology
  5. Law vs. psychology. What is the connection?
  6. Explain the role of a psychologist in military
  7. Discuss the analysis of applied behavior
  8. Discuss various treatment programs for offenders
  9. Explain consequences of domestic abuse
  10. Discuss psychosis
  11. Explain autism and how to deal with the condition
  12. Discuss restoration justice
  13. Discuss trauma vs. resilience
  14. How can careers affect families
  15. Discuss brain injury and trauma

Psychology research topics about social media

Social media can be persuasive across all age groups. It provides continuous communication that alters the way people think and behave.

These habits can be beneficial or harmful to a person’s mental health. The following are interesting social media research topics that you can explore and write about

  1. Discuss the youth and social media
  2. Discuss the negative effects of cyberbullying
  3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media
  4. Can social media make a person commit suicide?
  5. Discuss the effects of social media on a person suffering from a chronic disease
  6. Explain the effects of social media on relationships
  7. Discuss life without social media
  8. Discuss social media and psychology education
  9. How to deal with social media addiction
  10. Discuss excessive use of social media and its consequences
  11. Can social media shape a person’s identity?
  12. Explain how social media can change how other people perceive you
  13. Discuss loneliness and social media
  14. Discuss friendship and happiness on social media

Key takeaway

Writing an excellent psychology research paper can be a daunting task for most students. The foremost step to producing quality work is choosing the right psychology research topics.

This guide provides topics that are interesting and unique. You can explore such topics, narrow them down and approach your writing from a different angle.

Perform in-depth research and offer value to the readers. This will make the research and writing process easier. To get help on choosing psychology research topics for college students, reach us.

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