How to write a personal responsibility essay

How to write a personal responsibility essay

What is a personal responsibility essay? How is it written? These are some of the questions you might ask yourself when your professor gives you an essay on personal responsibility. You have no idea what is expected of you. You do not know where to start or how to even go about it. This article will help you put things into perspective.

Personal responsibility definition

What does personal responsibility mean to you? Since time immemorial, parents have taught and trained their children to be responsible from a young age. But responsibility means different things to different people. Responsibility can be defined as being aware and understanding the consequences that you may face from your actions. Personal responsibility is defined as one being accountable for their actions regardless of the outcome.

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Benefits of responsibility

  • You are granted more freedom
  • Your problem-solving skills improve
  • You earn the respect of other people as well as self-respect
  • It makes you more confident in your abilities and yourself
  • You improve your decision-making skills
  • You have control of the situation because you know what you are doing and its consequence

As a child, you barely had any responsibilities, but as you grow, people begin to expect more from you. You begin to understand that a lot of things depend on your actions and you are responsible for the consequence. For instance, a single mother of three children is responsible for them. She knows their needs and is aware that she is expected to provide for them or face consequences. That is why she may decide to take up a second or third job so that she can meet her children’s needs.

Importance of responsibility

Responsibility is important because it brings a sense of purpose. When people like your family depend on you, you feel fulfilled to own up. Your life is driven by goals, these goals show a sense of responsibility and give your life’s purpose.

Responsibility also helps to build resilience amid adversity. When things do not seem to be working out, responsibility tells you to keep pushing through. Nothing worth it is easy, meaning that your goals can only be achieved by working hard. Long-term success is a process and you need to stand firm and keep moving.

Sidestepping from your responsibilities may feel good at the moment but it is a potential hazard. Losing track of your goals and responsibilities takes away your purpose. You will end up in more problems and suffering in the long run.

Ways of responsibility development

Learn to analyze your words and actions beforehand. You will avoid trouble when you learn how to control yourself. Slowly train yourself to think about your words and your actions to avoid hurting other people or yourself. It takes time but if you start early and condition your mind, it is easier.

It will help you to write down a list of all the tasks and activities you are expected to do. You can also set a deadline for each of them. Work to complete each activity before the set deadline. This will make you more reliable, organized, and responsible.

It is important to improve your responsibility especially if you work with other people. This is because your actions will affect everyone else you work with and not just yourself. In some instances, your actions can sink your whole company. Learn to delegate responsibilities and be accountable for your part.

Children are fragile, you should think carefully when spending time with them. They pick up on your actions and emulate them. As a parent or guardian, it is important to observe your behavior, words, and actions when children are present.

How to be a responsible individual

  • Come up with life goal and work towards achieving them
  • Read books and attend seminars that teach about responsibilities
  • Make responsibility a daily goal and start from simpler goals
  • Learn to control yourself in different situations

Responsibility does not come easy but is an asset once you master it. It applies to all aspects of your life, you can start a business or save your finances. In school, you will achieve good grades, build resourceful relationships and earn the respect of your teachers and peers.

You can check on your responsibility by answering the following questions;

  1. Do you consider yourself a reliable person
  2. Do other people consider you reliable
  3. Do you always fulfill the promises you make
  4. Do you like to help other people solve their problems
  5. Do you have long term life goals
  6. Do you think about improving your personal qualities

These are straightforward yes or no questions. If most of your answers were yes, your responsibility is good. If most were no, you need to work further on your responsibility.

How to write an essay on personal responsibility

Like every other paper, you require to follow a format and to include specific things. First, ask the question, “What is personal responsibility essay?” In writing, one of the most important tasks is coming up with a topic. In some instances, the topic is given by your professor. When it is not, you have to do research and come up with a topic. Your topic needs to be captivating, enticing, and interesting. You should be able to draw your readers from the word go.

There are a lot of themes entangled with responsibility. You can use one of the themes as a topic or create a topic based on one of the themes. If you are finding it hard to come up with a topic, here are some useful theme ideas you can use;

  • Social responsibility
  • Power and responsibility
  • Your major responsibility
  • Reasons why it’s hard to take responsibility

If you still cannot find something to write about, writing about yourself is a clever idea. You can talk about your rights, duties, and responsibilities. You can discuss what your main responsibilities are and if you are good at fulfilling them. If you are a student, you can write on what is the responsibility between college and personal life in an essay.

It is important to answer these basic questions to bring in the desired grades and give a well-written paper. Decide where you stand on the topic of responsibility and power. Do you agree that people with more power have more responsibilities in their lives? Discuss how such people maintain control of their responsibilities. You should also include the consequences they are likely to face if they do not act responsibly.

If you choose social responsibility as your theme, you can talk about the theory that modern people have many rights. Include information on why they do not consider important responsibilities in the family and other fields. Why is the modern person scared of taking responsibility for all their actions? Include relevant narratives, facts, and situations to talk about the consequences of living without responsibility.

Writing a personal responsibility essay outline

There are many different ways you can start your essay. They are all valid ideas. You should however evaluate the most comfortable and appropriate plan. These kinds of personal responsibility essays can be tasking if you struggle to express yourself. It is based on real-life experiences and situations which may involve your own.

Like all other written work, this will take time and hard work to complete successfully. Start working on your paper early. Take frequent breaks as you write to avoid burnout. To make it easier to begin, you need to understand the meaning of responsibility. Look into its importance, consequence, and related factors that earn you respect in society.

The common rules of writing apply to this responsibility essays as well;

  • Maintain the format of the paper
  • Understand and observe the given writing instructions
  • Organize your points in a structured manner
  • Use subtitles to arrange your work
  • Complete and deliver your work before the deadline
  • Before you start, think about your audience and what they would like to hear
  • Maintain relevance in your writing, stick to the topic

It is important to create a clear plan for your essay on responsibility. You need to use creativity and effective ways to structure your ideas. A good outline is important because it helps you avoid writer’s block. You will always know where to go next. You can use your outline to set realistic goals to complete each section of your paper. Your outline will help you focus on your writing process. Your paper will have a smooth flow. This is why writing an outline is necessary;

  • You choose the right arrangement for all your points to appear in your paper
  • You can determine if your points are connected to the theme and each other logically
  • You can tell if you have enough evidence to support every point in your paper
  • You can notice possible gaps and deficits in your arguments

Some important parts of a personal responsibility essay outline include;

  • introduction
  • What personal responsibility means to you
  • Consequences of actions
  • Personal goals
  • Tools for self-discipline
  • Maintaining organization
  • conclusion

Steps to writing your personal responsibility essay

Choose a focal point. This is where your essay will build itself. This focal point can make a strong thesis for your personal responsibility essay. It also centers your thoughts and points to one main idea. As you do your research, it is easier when you have the main idea you are developing.

Create sections and subtopics for your paper. An ordinary paper is usually made of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Group your points into different parts according to how you want them to appear on your paper. This will create structure and organization for your self-responsivity essay.


Identify the section to use as your opening category. Begin by stating the definition of your key terms. Provide general background information about your topic. Mention the topic of your personal responsibility and your thesis. If other works are talking about the same issues, you can briefly analyze them in your introduction. Some important factors to address in your introduction are;

  • The general and personal definition of personal responsibility
  • The relationship between personal responsibility and a specific part of life, for instance, personal relationship and college success

The body

For your body, create subdivisions of the thesis. This is normally the longest part of your being responsible essay. Each subdivision comes with its points. State your points in form of topic sentences for each paragraph. This means that a new point should be discussed in its paragraph.

For each point, have supporting statements to provide proof. Supporting sentences come after the topic sentence. Ensure that your supporting statements are directly related to the main point of the paragraph. Discuss the following;

  • The challenges one faces as they try to claim personal responsibility
  • The advantages of personal responsibility
  • The process or journey towards personal responsibility
  • The consequences one risks facing for their actions or words


Your conclusion is the last part of your paper. Come up with a conclusion that will prompt the reader to think. Your conclusion should be a paragraph or two. Do not discuss new concepts. Focus on emphasizing your key points. Restate your thesis in a paraphrased manner. Your conclusion should be precise and interesting. Having an interesting paper will make your reader want to work on their personal responsibility. In your conclusion;

  • Talk about a plan that you have created to help you practice personal responsibility in a specific area of your life
  • Invite your readers to learn how to be responsible for their actions and words
  • Emphasize your main points and your thesis

Proofread your work severally as you edit the errors. This is a vital part of writing that should not be ignored. Look for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. You should also fix all structural and formatting errors. Reading your personal responsibility essay aloud will help you spot structural errors.

Hearing the work will show you where the sentences are unclear or written wrongly. Make sure you have included all the intended information. Your friend can help you read through and offer suggestions. By the end of editing, your paper should flow smoothly with no errors. This is what you need to pay attention to as you edit;

  • Are your paragraphs structured well?
  • Have you used the correct language?
  • Is your essay educative and informative?
  • Does your work have a flow?
  • Is your essay interesting to read?

To avoid confusion and writer’s block, you can have a sample of a personal responsibility essay with you. You can draw structural inspiration from the sample. Reading samples upfront also help you see how other writers have conveyed the message. You can use the tactics and styles you have learned to make your paper interesting.

Closing remarks on essays about responsibility

Writing a Personal responsibility essay has a lot to do with teaching about accountability and owning up. Essays on responsibility are unique because they are drawn from direct experience and circumstances. One can even choose to write it about themselves. This article has provided a step-by-step procedure on how to write an impressive essay on responsibility. If you find it confusing or hard to comprehend, you can contact our team of experts and professionals for help. You can also seek guidance from your educator or read through personal responsibility essay examples.

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