307+ History research paper topics for every college student

307+ History research paper topics for every college student

What do you think is the most challenging part of writing an excellent history research paper? Coming up with interesting and relevant history research paper topics is the most difficult part.

Students must pick unique and exciting topics that inspire them to produce quality work. Contrary to popular belief, writing is not the hardest part.

An interesting topic will captivate your audience. It will also increase your chances of getting better grades.

What are good history research paper topics?

History research paper topics should be relevant and clear. This produces a focused paper that addresses specific issues or events.

Perform preliminary research on a topic. This helps find out whether the subject has sufficient information. For example, good history research topics should have relevant facts that are backed by examples and evidence.

Make sure your topic is unique. Avoid choosing simple topics that most students are likely to pick. Select an inspiring subject that will motivate you to write and the audience to read.

How to choose history research paper topics

Brainstorm and select a history research paper topic. Narrow it down. Make sure it is focused enough to fit the required word count.

Research and write short notes that capture relevant information. This helps in creating an effective outline.

How to find sources for history research paper

Find history research paper topics from reliable sources. Look at credible online databases for relevant topics. Check the school library books for history research topic ideas. The following guide provides relevant and interesting history research topics.

American history research paper topics for college students

United States of America’s history involves Native America settling in the North in 15000 BC. Many cultures were formed, and many disappeared around the 1500s. Here are inspiring topics

  1. Explain the colonization and lifestyle of Native Americans
  2. Discuss how French-influenced Texas architecture
  3. Explain the relationship between Mexicans and Americans
  4. Explain the consequences of “Texas eleven.”
  5. Discuss the invention and execution of Obama Care
  6. Who discovered some of the oldest universities
  7. Discuss the relationship between America and Iran
  8. Explain the transformation of Texas
  9. Discuss the effects of civil war in Texas
  10. Explain the effects of the civil war in Charleston.

Interesting European history research paper topics on World War I

The First World War, known as World War I or the Great War, involved most European Nations. Other countries were also involved in the international conflict. The following are WWI research topics you can consider while writing your assignments

  1. Discuss the background and causes of world war I
  2. Explain the military recruitment from other countries in world war I
  3. The impact of World War I on the U.S
  4. Explain Sarajevo assassination
  5. Explain the aftermath of world war I in the Middle East
  6. Discuss the effects of world war I
  7. Discuss how world war I affected American Democracy
  8. How were airplanes used during world war I
  9. Discuss technology during world war I
  10. Discuss the consequences of world war I in Germany

Good topics for a European history research paper on World War II

The Second World War, also known as World War II, occurred in 1939-45. It was a continuation of the First World War and involved almost every part of the world. Here are history research paper topics on World War II

  1. Explain how the U.S. entered the second world war
  2. Discuss African-American rights and world war II
  3. How did World War II affect art?
  4. Explain methods of communication in the second world war
  5. How did World War II affect ordinary people?
  6. Discuss Hitler and World War II
  7. The role of airplane in the second world war
  8. Explain nutrition and the second world war
  9. Discuss industrial revolution and world war II
  10. Explain the concentration camps in world war II
  11. Discuss Blitzkrieg
  12. Discuss Nazi Germany
  13. Explain Nuremberg trials
  14. Discuss the survivors of the atomic bomb
  15. Holocaust survivors
  16. Discuss war correspondents in World War II
  17. Discuss air warfare of World War II
  18. Explain Joseph Goebel propaganda
  19. Discuss children and the Holocaust
  20. Discuss Atlantic Wall

United States history research paper topics

The U.S is one of the world’s most advanced economies. The Nation has also experienced many historical and dramatic events. Here are some history topics you can consider researching

  1. European colonization and Native Americans
  2. Explain the Salem Witch
  3. Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists
  4. Discuss labor union protests (the 1800s)
  5. Discuss the raid of John Brown on Harpers Ferry
  6. Discuss imperialism in the 19th and 20th Was it justified?
  7. What caused the Mexican war?
  8. Explain McCarthyism
  9. Discuss cotton gin and slaves labor
  10. Explain the events of Hurricane Katrina
  11. Discuss Pearl Harbor
  12. Explain the Sacco-Vanzetti case
  13. Discuss 1950s Baby Boom to present
  14. Discuss the impact of the 9/11 attack
  15. What happened during and after the Galveston hurricane
  16. Discuss the U-2 incident
  17. Explain D-Day invention
  18. Explain the 1871 Great Chicago Fire
  19. Discuss the Manhattan Project
  20. The impact of the underground railroad

Middle Ages and Renaissances women history research paper topics

Medieval times are associated with the influence of the church in most spheres of life. Here are some topics students can brainstorm

  1. Discuss the medieval churches
  2. Clothing and Renaissances Women
  3. Discuss drama in the middle ages
  4. Discuss literature in the middle ages
  5. Medieval music
  6. Explain Renaissance Italy and Domestic art
  7. European paintings and botanical images
  8. Gothic architecture
  9. Discuss paintings in the Early Netherlands
  10. Discuss Raphael’s paintings
  11. The Birth of Christ and Italian paintings
  12. Cameo appearances
  13. Romantic literature in the middle ages
  14. The history of theatre in the middle ages
  15. Renaissance epoch anatomy
  16. Renaissance art and Christian symbols
  17. French Renaissance and ceramics
  18. Renaissance Europe: arms and armor
  19. Caravaggio flowers
  20. Venice vs. Islamic states: Religious differences

European history research paper topics

European history is about discovery, study, interpretation, and presentation of past events. Students can explore the following European history research paper topics

 Explain how dictatorship was implemented in Europe

  1. Explain the Italian Mafia
  2. Discuss Berlins wall
  3. How was the European Union formed
  4. Discuss the consequences of Brexit
  5. Discuss propaganda in Spain, Italy, and Germany
  6. Discuss Europe and Nationalism
  7. Explain European liberalism
  8. Explain Bismarck vs. Hitler
  9. Discuss peacekeeping in Europe
  10. Explain reformation in European history
  11. Discuss Courtly love
  12. Explain Black Death
  13. Discuss the 18th Century Europe
  14. Discuss Rothschild dynasty
  15. Explain Napoleonic wars
  16. Explain Crimean War
  17. Discuss industrial revolution in Europe
  18. The discoveries of Christopher Columbus
  19. Discuss Papal monarchy

Music history research paper topics

Music has been used socially and politically. Explore the following music history topics and how they reflected social issues

  1. Explain the beginning of Jazz in Europe
  2. How did Rock’ n’ Roll begin
  3. Discuss Hip hop and Black Culture
  4. Discuss different music instruments in Ancient Greece
  5. Explain the history of R’ n’ B
  6. Discuss Gospel music and the civil rights movement
  7. Discuss how early music instruments were developed
  8. Discuss early classical music composers
  9. Explain Catholic Church influence and early music
  10. How were string instruments used in writing songs in Greece

Art history research paper topics

Art has played an important role in human existence. It has also been used to preserve history. The following are inspirational art topics you can consider

  1. Discuss ancient Greece sculpture and their features
  2. Mesoamerica vs. Egypt pyramids. Compare and contrast
  3. Discuss traditional Chinese costumes and their culture
  4. Why did Roman artistic style change in the 4th Century
  5. Explain Leonardo da Vinci and Biblical motives
  6. Discuss ancient Greek motifs
  7. Medieval art. Explain the main principles
  8. Discuss the uniqueness in Russian icons
  9. Discuss Baroque architecture features
  10. Explain Raphael’s paintings

African American history research paper topics

american history research paper topics for college students

African American history is very eventful. There is a lot to learn from slavery to various protests. Here are interesting topics that students can choose

  1. Discuss the events that caused the civil rights movement
  2. Discuss the history of Jazz in the U.S.
  3. Explain how African American writers view history and slavery
  4. Discuss America and the first black president
  5. Explain the 14th Amendment
  6. Explain the Abolitionist movement
  7. Explain how Black History month originated
  8. Explain the cultural traits and legends of Black History
  9. Discuss school segregation history
  10. Explain the end of slavery in the U.S.

Theatre history research paper topics

Theatre is an old form of entertainment and remains relevant to date. It tells stories, influences people, and it is an expression of artistic ideas. The following are inspirational theatre history research paper topics

 Compare and contrast Roman and Greek theatre

  1. Discuss the transformation in the Chines theatre
  2. Explain contemporary theatres
  3. Discuss how Broadway shows gained popularity
  4. Discuss the most famous plays in the 20th Century
  5. Explain the role of music in theatres
  6. Explain performance skills in drama
  7. Discuss the history of Chinese drama
  8. Discuss how technology is used in theatre
  9. Discuss creative dramatics

20th Century American history research paper topics

The 20th Century is eventful, from world wars, globalization, and peace in the 1960s. Here are topic ideas you can brainstorm

  1. Explain the causes of economic depression
  2. Explain labor class and the Russian Revolution
  3. Discuss how the Mafia originated
  4. Discuss dictatorship in the 20th Century
  5. How did China become powerful?
  6. Explain how African countries became independent
  7. Discuss Apartheid
  8. Discuss the history of Veterans Day
  9. What are the effects of globalization
  10. Explain the uprising of the democratic movement

Good American history research paper topics

There are many lessons students can learn from the American Revolution before 1877 and in the 20th Century. Here are exciting topic ideas

  1. Explain the history of the feminist movement in the U.S
  2. Compare and contrast Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
  3. Discuss the future of America and the development of Railway
  4. Explain the effects of the Afghanistan war in the U.S
  5. Discuss Rosa Parks
  6. Discuss Charles Cornwallis
  7. Discuss the Camden Battle
  8. Explain the role of Alexander Hamilton
  9. Explain the Saratoga battle
  10. Discuss Boston tea-party

Ancient history research paper topics

Ancient civilization is the source of culture today. The following are topics you can consider

  1. Discuss the meaning of various symbols that were used in Ancient Egypt
  2. Discuss power and empires
  3. Discuss prehistoric Britain and the role of women
  4. Discuss the iron age and the distribution of duties
  5. Discuss the traditions of Sumerians
  6. Explain civilization and the Near Eastern
  7. Explain the impact of religion in Ancient Egypt
  8. Explain notable historic events in Palestine
  9. Explain the value of water sources in history
  10. Discuss culture in Ancient Egypt

307 history research paper topics for every college student

Interesting history research paper topics

There are many history topics that students can write about. Choose an interesting and unique idea. Consider the following history research topics  

  1. Discuss the popularity of the Nazi’s ideology among the Masses
  2. Discuss consumerism, how does it affect politics
  3. Explain what has not changed in the Roman empire
  4. Discuss the significant religious, historical events that caused controversy
  5. How is white supremacy related to the New Nazis?
  6. Discuss capitalism. Is it the best political ideology?
  7. Discuss closed border politics concerning North Korea
  8. What are the challenges of politics about progress in technology
  9. Discuss policies that try to control population growth
  10. Discuss medieval interfaith marriages
  11. Discuss India under British rule
  12. What caused the fall of Cleopatra
  13. Discuss Palestine and Israel conflict
  14. Discuss revolution leaders in America
  15. Analyze the best presidential speeches
  16. Discuss historical pragmatism
  17. Explain British press freedom in the 19th Century
  18. Discuss identity politics
  19. Global perspective of the U.S religion
  20. Discuss the life of Frank Stella. An author and contemporary artist
  21. Discuss the Western Expansion
  22. The legacies of Ronald Reagan
  23. Discuss the countries that participated in the cold war
  24. The impact of world war II in Africa
  25. Diplomacy in world war II
  26. Discuss Gallipoli campaign
  27. The decline of Feudalism
  28. Discuss maritime discoveries
  29. Medieval common crimes
  30. Medieval intellectuals

World history research paper topics

There are very many important events that took place around the world. Students can research and learn about them. The following are topics you can brainstorming

  1. Explain the existence of monarchies today
  2. Explain the Mexican American war
  3. Discuss the weapons that were used in ancient civilization
  4. Discuss Europeans and the Mayan people
  5. Discuss the African American culture and how it affects the rest of the world
  6. How is Australia a silent continent?
  7. Discuss the challenges in the relationship between America and the Japanese
  8. Explain political marriages
  9. Discuss the effects of colonization in South America
  10. Explain Medieval Europe and social relationships
  11. Discuss the church in the middle ages in Europe
  12. Discuss the life of peasants in ancient Europe
  13. Discuss the influence of Greek and Roman cultures
  14. What was the role of the Shogun in Japan?
  15. Discuss lessons learned from world wars
  16. Explain important events of the Ottoman Empire
  17. Explain how Gandhi contributed to world peace
  18. Explain the achievement of women’s rights
  19. How is world war 1 linked to world war 2
  20. How nuclear weapons influenced military clashes

Medieval art history research paper topics

The middle-age period spans from the years when the Roman Empire came to an end to the beginning of the European Renaissance. The Catholic Church financed art during this period. Here are medieval art history topics

  1. What was the central art in the medieval period
  2. Discuss sculpture in the middle ages
  3. Discuss painting in the middle ages
  4. Explain the role of Christianity in the introduction of art history studies
  5. Discuss architecture vs. liturgy
  6. Discuss early medieval images and how they portrayed art
  7. Discuss art and Santa Sabina
  8. Women and art in the middle ages
  9. Explain art and Renaissance food in the middle ages
  10. Discuss the medieval garden designs

Controversial topics in history for research paper

There are many controversial history research paper topics you can choose. Here are topics that can produce a successful history paper

  1. The Jewish history
  2. Explain the origin of pyramids. Who built them?
  3. How did the Roman Empire rise and fall
  4. Discuss the life of Alexander the Great and his death
  5. Discuss Queen Elizabeth’s life
  6. Explain Watergate Scandal
  7. Discuss child labor
  8. Explain America’s immigrant policies
  9. Discuss Islamic jihadists
  10. The inquisition of Spain

Colonial American history research topics

European countries colonized the U.S. Students can learn and research the following topics about this period

  1. Discuss the origin of various city names in the U.S.
  2. How did the French culture influence some states in the U.S.?
  3. Who were the first colonists in the U.S.?
  4. Religion vs. Colonist war. Explain.
  5. The 17th Century African American
  6. Explain the effects of religion in the colonial period
  7. Discuss the colonial war between French and Britain
  8. How did England gain control over North America?
  9. Discuss social classes during the colonial period
  10. Discuss race and religion in the colonial period

Civil rights history research paper topics

Civil rights in the U.S. brought about significant changes. Students can brainstorm the following topics and learn about these changes

  1. Discuss cultural activities and civil rights movement
  2. Discuss AME church and the civil rights movement
  3. Explain the ideology of Malcolm X
  4. Discuss civil rights movement and MLK assassination
  5. Explain segregation in education and civil rights
  6. The role of women in civil rights
  7. Discuss women’s rights movement success and failures
  8. The effects of violence in civil rights
  9. Discuss integration and leaders of civil rights. Why was integration important?
  10. The impact of Martin Luther King Jnr on civil rights

Western civilization history research paper topics

Cultural heritage in Europe is a result of Westernization. The following research paper topics will help students learn more

  1. Explain the most significant achievement of the Roman empire
  2. Discuss Ancient Greek’s inventions that are still relevant today
  3. What caused Rome to fall?
  4. Discuss Western Monarchies and Kyiv Rus
  5. The influence of the Byzantium Empire on Christianity
  6. Discuss civilization and Jews in 1984
  7. How did civilization affect the global economy?
  8. Discuss Roman civilization in the ancient times
  9. How did Ancient Greek contribute to civilization?
  10. Explain Roman Empires contribution to civilization

Research paper topics history about the Native Americans

These topics can help students learn the origin and lives of Native Americans. The following list has topic ideas you can consider

  1. Thanksgiving Day. How did it start?
  2. Discuss North America before the discovery
  3. Explain the impact of civil war on North Americans
  4. Discuss the first migration into Northern America
  5. Discuss fur trade and Native Americans
  6. How did the American Indians relocate?
  7. Discuss Great Sioux 1876-77
  8. How did gold mining affect Native Americans?
  9. Explain movie representation of Native Americans
  10. Discuss Native American art

Civil war history research paper topics

Civil wars can be destructive, and at the same time, they are methods of redistribution of power. Here are some interesting civil war history topics

  1. Discuss the impact of civil war in America
  2. What caused civil wars in America
  3. Discuss Abraham Lincoln and civil war
  4. How does the world view civil war
  5. Reasons for civil war in different states
  6. How did women contribute to civil war
  7. Discuss the effects of civil war in Cambodia
  8. Who were the commanders of civil wars?
  9. Explain the differences between unions and confederacy
  10. How was the military mobilized during civil wars?

Cold war history research paper topics

The cold war began shortly after World War II. It was a period of strive and tension. The following are interesting topics you can select

  1. Was it possible to avoid the cold war?
  2. Discuss the U.S in Afghanistan and cold war
  3. Discuss Vietnam War and Cold War
  4. Explain the effects of the cold war on America
  5. Explain how the cold war has affected the world
  6. How did the cold war end?
  7. What is the cold war?
  8. Discuss cold war in the modern world
  9. The impact of the cold war on the American economy
  10. Explain cold war and USSR motives

Research paper history topics on Vietnam War

The consequences of the Vietnam War were disastrous. Students can study and learn lessons from the following topic ideas

  1. Explain the public outcry regarding Vietnam War
  2. Discuss Cambodia genocide
  3. Vietnam war and the American soldiers
  4. Discuss the impact of the Vietnam War
  5. The impact of the Vietnam war on the economy
  6. Discuss Vietnam war songs
  7. How did Vietnam impact America’s Religion
  8. Discuss antiwar during Vietnam War in the U.S.
  9. The impact of the Vietnam war on government operations
  10. Discuss technology and Vietnam War

Key takeaway

History research paper topics are diverse. They are concerned with every aspect of human life since humanity began.

These topics point to events that happened at a particular period. To get more history research topics, contact us.

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