Top 201 + ethics research paper topics for college students

Top 201 + ethics research paper topics for college students

Every career and every course has ethical standards that people need to adhere to. That is why you may be required to research and write about ethics research paper topics. Most students find selecting the best topic for their ethics research paper challenging.

It is essential for you to know how to research the best ethics research topics and how to write a compelling paper. The following is a list of ethical issues and topics that you can address in your research paper

Computer ethics topics research paper

Intrusion, which is also known as hacking, is a major concern in business and government institutions. When a system is hacked, strangers gain access to confidential information, and customers lose their privacy, and sometimes they can lose money.

Writing computer research topics that involve ethical hacking research paper topics will highlight information safety issues. The following topics address these ethical issues

  1. Security goals when dealing with ethical hacking
  2. The most significant data breaches in the world
  3. Viruses that you need to prevent in 2021
  4. Ways you can assess your organization’s vulnerability to hacking
  5. The time needed to back up your work daily
  6. What are some of the methods of quality risk assessment?
  7. Does black box testing have disadvantages?
  8. What is ethical hacking?
  9. The origin of ethical hacking
  10. Is ethical hacking worth it?

Ethical leadership research paper topics

When you are writing about ethical leadership, you need to highlight the ethical aspects of leadership. Focus on the values of a leader, ethical characteristics and behaviors, and how they relate to employees or society. Here is a list of ethics research paper topic in this category

  1. What are the barriers to good leadership?
  2. Is there moral leadership in corrupt countries?
  3. Issues affecting the 21st-century ethical leadership
  4. What is the impact of ethical leadership?
  5. What is the impact of a teacher’s ethical leadership?
  6. Examples of ethical leadership in universities
  7. How does ethical leadership impact employee relationship
  8. How does ethical leadership impact employee performance in a company?
  9. What are the ethical leadership lessons from a former president?
  10. Is there a difference between moral leadership and relational leadership?
  11. What is ethical leadership, and how can an employee benefit from it?
  12. What are the traits of an ethical leader?
  13. Benefits of emotional intelligence in leadership
  14. How to deal with anger in the workplace
  15. Ethical issues regarding force and violence in leadership
  16. What are the moral qualities of a leader?
  17. Should there be gender-specific leadership roles

Ethical egoism research paper topics

This is an ethical position that someone takes for their own interests. The following are interesting research topics on ethical egoism

  1. What is the difference between ethical egoism and virtue?
  2. What is the philosophical position of ethical egoism?
  3. Is there a relationship between crime and ethical egoism?
  4. What is the difference between ethical and psychological egoism
  5. How does ethical egoism impact business
  6. How do people react to ethical egoism?
  7. Compare ethics and morality
  8. What comprises ethical egoism?
  9. What do studies say about ethical egoism theories?
  10. How can a song contribute to ethical egoism?

Controversial ethics paper topics

When a decision, activity, or scenario creates conflict with the moral principles of society, then the situation becomes an ethical issue. This kind of ethical conflict can affect individuals or businesses when their operations are questioned. Below is a list of controversial ethical topics

  1. Is it ethical to have plastic surgery?
  2. Is capital punishment ethical?
  3. Human cloning- is it ethical?
  4. Is abortion ethical?
  5. Does the law justify human trafficking?
  6. Is animal testing for research ethical?
  7. How does genetic cloning interfere with nature?
  8. How does ethnic adoption affect a child’s development?
  9. Are slimming pills good? Is it ethical to use them?
  10. Is there justification for someone to commit suicide?

Interesting ethical issues topics for research paper

Interesting ethical topics will inspire you to write an engaging paper. Identifying interesting topics makes your writing persuasive and enjoyable for your audience. Here is a list of interesting ethical topics

  1. What is the impact of organ donation from an ethical perspective?
  2. How does Catholicism view homosexuality?
  3. Should people be helpful to strangers anywhere they meet them?
  4. Is it ethical for a country to have both rich and poor people?
  5. What are the pictures that should be shown in newspapers and television?
  6. Should people be forced to write down their contact details when going through security checks at building entrances?
  7. Who should be responsible for children’s moral principles? Is it the teacher or parents
  8. Is reporting your close friend who is involved in crime right?
  9. Should politicians campaign in church?
  10. Should assisted suicide be allowed?

Business ethics research paper topics

Business ethics involves studying business policies and appropriate business practices. It also involves controversial topics like corporate governance, CRS, inside trading, and dealing with discrimination. The following are business ethics topics you can brainstorm

  1. Making business decisions and moral practices
  2. Unethical behaviors and their causes in the workplace
  3. What are company ethics?
  4. Business ethics that deal with personal integrity
  5. How can you make the best ethical decisions at the workplace?
  6. Can ethical issues lead to bankruptcy?
  7. What are the ethical dilemmas in the workplace?
  8. Do employees and managers have different ethical standards?
  9. How to avoid sexual harassment at work
  10. Ethical codes at trade associations
  11. The impact of business ethics education
  12. Business ethics in different countries
  13. How to effectively implement rules at work
  14. How to manage ethical issues at work

Environmental ethics topics

When writing your research paper on environmental ethics, consider the moral values and ethical responsibility towards the environment. The following are ethical topics on the environment

  1. Analyzing government environmental ethics
  2. Should businesses take the responsibility of protecting the environment?
  3. What is the relationship between ethics in business and environmental policy?
  4. Why businesses should be concerned with environmental ethics
  5. Is it ethical to build houses in a fragile ecosystem?
  6. How does hunting impact the environment?
  7. What are the disadvantages of climate change? Are there ethical issues when addressing climate change issues?
  8. Are there ethical issues in fishing?
  9. Do ecological entities have rights?
  10. How to fight pollution ethically
  11. Are there good and bad ethics?
  12. What are the environmental benefits of electric cars?
  13. What are the environmental, ethical issues of using paper books?
  14. How to fight global warming ethically

Medical ethics research paper topics

Medical ethics, also known as biomedical ethics, is concerned with ethical issues in the health care system. This includes medicine, the environment, biotechnology, and research.

Some of the common ethical topics in this field include organ transplant, death, and organ donation. Below are topics on biomedical ethics

  1. Why is medical ethics important?
  2. Is medical ethics the same everywhere?
  3. Should there be global ethics in medicine?
  4. Should patients decide to end their lives when the situation seems hopeless?
  5. How to monitor ethics in medicine
  6. What are the ethics of practicing medicine?
  7. Are there situations where medical ethics do not exist?
  8. What causes the differences in medical ethics in different regions?
  9. Can a patient be arrested due to medical ethics?
  10. Are there medical theories that are more ethical than others?
  11. How does religion affect medical ethics?
  12. How to identify behavior problems related to ethics in the medical field
  13. How beneficial are vitamin supplements to the body?

Ethics topics in nursing

Sometimes medical choices have to be made even when the options are not ideal, and choices are not clear. The consequences of such choices could be lower quality patient care, among many things.

This kind of situation leads to ethical issues concerning the choices nurses have to make. Here are medical ethics topics in nursing

  1. Evaluating ethical issues in the field of nursing
  2. What are nursing codes of ethics, and how should nurses apply them
  3. Can nurses be involved in assisted suicide?
  4. Ethical requirements on how nurses should be concerned about psychiatric patients
  5. What are the ethical requirements of collecting data in the field of nursing?
  6. Ethical issues regarding nurses and abortion
  7. Ethical issues regarding how nurses should handle children

Ethical dilemma topics

A decision maker may be faced with an ethical dilemma. This can be the situation in corporate strategy that focuses on managing resources and risks. When researching your ethical papers on dilemma topics, here are ideas you can consider

  1. Should the government execute criminals?
  2. Should the government legalize prostitution?
  3. Is killing animals for food a violation of animal rights
  4. Who is responsible for hosting refugees? Should developed countries take the responsibility?
  5. Should hunting animals be regarded as a sport or animal rights violation?
  6. Allowing your children to eat fatty foods. Is it a case of neglect?
  7. Should pregnant women who are smoking be arrested?
  8. Can happiness be bought? Can you truly live happily without money, or can you be truly happy and poor?

Philosophy research paper topics

When writing about the philosophical discipline, you need to focus on explaining what is good or bad and what is right or wrong morally. The following are topic ideas you can use

  1. Is morality a good thing for people?
  2. What are the ethical issues regarding college education?
  3. What are the ethical issues concerning surveillance?
  4. What are the ethical issues concerning entertainment?
  5. Laws against discrimination, are they effective?
  6. Ethics behind gambling
  7. Has feminism achieved any goals?
  8. Ethical issues on how the younger generation should communicate

Easy ethics topics for research paper

There are ethical issues that people can quickly find solutions to. The answers are direct and straightforward. Here are easy topic ideas for your research paper

  1. What are some of the actions you consider moral and immoral when using technology?
  2. How to know if an action is right or wrong
  3. What is moral responsibility?
  4. How should people behave towards convicts?
  5. What causes egoism?
  6. How can religious beliefs affect the youth?
  7. What is the right thing to do when someone is bullied?
  8. What are the ethical standards expected from politicians?
  9. Is using makeup to change face ethical?
  10. What are the ethical issues regarding teaching teenagers?
  11. What are the ethical issues in friendships?
  12. Ethical issues affecting different races in schools
  13. What is the relationship between the bible and ethics?
  14. How to deal with hatred or envy

Unique ethics topics for college students

When you want to write a unique research paper, you need to choose unique ethics research paper topics. The following are topic ideas

  1. Ethical issues that deal with teenagers performing plastic surgery on their bodies
  2. What smoking can do to an unborn child
  3. What are the effects of gender equality?
  4. Ethical issues regarding youth and technology
  5. How is social media affecting the relationships between parents and teenagers?
  6. What are the effects of bad leadership in an organization?
  7. How to deal with toxic bosses in the workplace
  8. What are the ethical issues regarding social media?
  9. Should GMO food be considered suitable for consumption?
  10. What are the ethical issues about cheating in exams?
  11. What is the role of the church in politics? Should church and politics be separate?
  12. Ethical issues concerning reporting news on print media
  13. How a person’s belief system can affect their decision making
  14. Do the same moral values apply to everyone?
  15. Can lies be justified?
  16. The impact of ethics on education
  17. Morality and happiness. What is the connection?
  18. The causes of racial discrimination
  19. What are the effects of jealousy?
  20. What are the consequences of taking desperate measures?

Social Media ethics research paper topics

Top 200 ethics research paper topics for college

Social media has revolutionized how information is shared in ways that can be profitable to the business. It is an emerging media that can be used in business and to socialize. Here are ideas on media ethics research paper topics

  1. Should companies monitor their employees online?
  2. Should employees who put their content on social media be fired because the content is damaging the image of the business?
  3. Can responsible business be achieved in social media?
  4. How can companies use social media ethically on CRS matters?
  5. How to ethically launch a new product on social media
  6. How to ethically deal with negative comments on social media
  7. How to ethically give positive and negative feedback on social media
  8. Is social media controversial?

Data privacy ethics research paper topics

Information privacy is critical in business. It is concerned with how data is collected, processed, accessed, and stored. Some of the legal requirements include ensuring no unauthorized access happens to private data. Here are some ethical topic ideas on data privacy

  1. Supervising employees using surveillance cameras – Is it an invasion of privacy?
  2. Where does employee supervision start and end?
  3. How should emails and information be screened?
  4. How should businesses store personal information in the database?
  5. What are the ethical concerns regarding missing information?
  6. How should digital information be stored safely?
  7. Methods of gathering private information ethically
  8. Ethical issues regarding confidentiality of information

Medical health and employee safety ethical research topics

Employers should ensure the work environment is safe and healthy for their employees. The ethical topics regarding health and safety are as follows

  1. What are the ethical issues regarding personal safety at work? How do organizational ethics affect employee safety?
  2. What is the difference between professional and personal safety ethics?
  3. Ethical standards regarding ergonomics in the office
  4. Occupational safety and how it can affect employee productivity
  5. What are the safety regulations when designing and building a facility?
  6. mechanism on How companies can identify hazards
  7. Ethical requirements regarding shutting down of dangerous activities
  8. Ethical issues regarding disclosing an employee’s records to the authorities

Organization internal relationships ethics research paper topics

Internal relationships in an organization include ethical values that are demonstrated through practices, goals, and policies. Here are ethics topics for presentation on organization internal relationship

  1. How ethics affects an employee’s job satisfaction and productivity
  2. The impact of bullying at the workplace
  3. How should companies show care to the employees?
  4. How can a healthy atmosphere at work help employees at a personal level?
  5. Ethical issues regarding discrimination against religion, race, and gender at work
  6. How do anti-discrimination laws help employees?
  7. Ethical issues regarding nepotism at the workplace
  8. How to ethically punish bad behavior at work

Social responsibility in business ethics research topics

Businesses not only make profits for their shareholders, but they also have a social responsibility in their community. When companies engage in this kind of activities, they create positive relations with the employees and customers.

They also need to look at the ethical issues regarding such social responsibilities. The following ethics research paper topics will help you to highlight these ethical issues in your research paper

  1. How ethical decisions on social responsibility can affect big corporations
  2. How corporate social responsibility can benefit business, employees, and the public
  3. Ethical issues regarding business social responsibility
  4. Ethical issues regarding the motives of social responsibility
  5. How has CRS evolved?
  6. How businesses can give back to their communities

Business and sports ethics research topic ideas

Sports and business share many things in common, including team spirit and leadership. When writing an ethical paper to compare the two, you need to highlight the link between them. These are ethics paper topics on business and sports you can use

  1. What are the similarities of developing the character of a sportsperson and a business person ethically?
  2. Ethical and moral behaviors in sports that apply to business
  3. Ethical issues regarding competition in sports and business
  4. Unethical competition in sports and business
  5. Fair competition in sports and business
  6. How to organize a team and create team spirit
  7. How can sports help in character development?

How to select the best ethics paper topics

ethics research paper topics for college students

Choosing the best topic is the first step to writing a compelling ethical research paper. Look at the materials available and engage in critical thinking so that you can come up with as many ideas as possible.

Make sure the topic you choose is original to avoid cases of plagiarism. After settling for good ethical topics, you need to craft a catchy title.

Make your title meaningful, catchy, and brief. This will make it attractive to your audience. The following steps will enable you to select a topic for your ethical papers

1.   Perform in-depth research

Look at various resources in the internet and library books and find out the moral dilemmas described in them. You can also think of the ethical issues that happen every day.

Search until you find something that interests you. For example, if you settle on a topic like law and ethics research paper topics, find out if you can get enough information to support your arguments.

2.   Choose an interesting topic

Brainstorm and choose the best topic. Allocate enough time to think about the topic you have selected.

Do not be in a hurry to start writing your paper. Wait for an hour or a day, and if you are fully convinced you have selected the best topic for your ethical papers, then you can begin working on it.

3.   Narrow down your topic

When your ethics research paper topic is too broad, you will not cover it adequately. Narrow it down to something specific and manageable.

How to write an ethical research paper

Writing an excellent paper on ethical research paper topics requires you to have an outline to help organize your thoughts. It is the best way to ensure you remember your major points.

An outline is like a road map that guides you through the writing session. The following sections should be included in your outline and the final draft of your ethics research paper

  1. The title page
  2. An abstract
  3. The introduction paragraph
  4. The methods you have used in your research work
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
  7. The concluding paragraph
  8. Bibliography page
  9.  Appendix

These are the steps in creating an outline

1.   Craft an engaging title

Write an engaging title for your ethics research paper topics. Your title should be concise and interesting.

It should attract the attention of your reader before they get to the introduction of your document. You can research the best ways to craft catchy titles.

2.   Introduction paragraph

This is the paragraph that opens your research paper and the face of your document. The first sentence of this paragraph should have a hook to make readers go through the entire document.

You can hook your readers with a joke, anecdote, simile, rhetorical question, or allegory. Other hook ideas are statistics, facts, famous quotes, metaphor, or literary questions.

3.   Create your thesis statement

The foundation of your document is your thesis statement. It summarizes the main argument of your paper and acts as a guide in the writing process.

Everything you discuss in your paper is connected to your thesis statement. Make sure you write a clear and concise thesis for your ethical papers.

4.   Body paragraphs

The body section of your document is where you discuss your topic extensively. This section bears the weight of your document, where each paragraph represents a sub-point of your argument.

The first sentence of each paragraph should introduce a topic sentence, and the sentences that follow should explain it. For example, if you are writing about legal ethics research paper topics, make sure you thoroughly explain it with relevant examples and evidence.

Each body paragraph should have a concluding sentence that wraps up the discussion on each sub-point in the paragraph. This sentence also smoothly transitions the reader to the next sub-point in the next paragraph.

5.   Conclusion paragraph

 200 ethics research paper topics for college student

The final section of your paper should summarize your main points. The summary help remind your readers of major points after they finish reading details in the body section.

Rewrite your thesis statement as you conclude. Do not use the same words instead, paraphrase them.

The final sentence of your paper should conclude your entire work in an impactful way. This will make your ethical paper memorable, and readers will want to continue researching the ethics research paper topics.

6.   Citation and references

Citing and referencing your work is an important step, and if not done well, can make you lose marks. This is an integral part of your paper, and it is a requirement in the grading rubric.

Make sure you follow your professor’s instructions and formatting style when citing your work. The following recommendations can help

Keep track of your sources

Keeping track of every scholarly article, book, journal, website, magazine, and newspaper you have used is helpful. Take notes of these sources so that you can quickly cite them in your document. Make sure you cite each source where you obtain relevant ethics research paper examples.

Check your Bibliography entry

Check the entries of your bibliography and confirm that the information is complete. Confirm each entry and make sure it is accurate.

For example, if you write about law and ethics research paper topics, ensure you include information like the complete title of the reference material. Other information includes the place and date of publication and the writer’s name.

7.   Proofread your work

Read through your work and make all the necessary corrections. Look for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and correct them accordingly.

Check your sentence structure and make sure each sentence is well constructed. Your work should have a good flow and a smooth transition from one point to the next.

Check the information in your document and ensure it is accurate and relevant. After making corrections, take some time off and stay away from your work for a while.

Come back after a few hours or after a day and proofread your paper again with a fresh mind. This way, you can spot errors that were not obvious before.

Tips on writing ethics research paper topics

Start writing your research paper topics with an outline. This way, you can produce well-structured content for your paper.

An outline is a road map that guides you in the writing process. It helps you organize your thoughts and structure your work to flow coherently from start to finish.

1.   Perform in-depth research

Research your topic thoroughly so that you can produce a solid paper with relevant information. Look for information online and in the library books.

Read various case studies from as many materials as you can and write a comprehensive research paper. A well-researched paper offers value to your reader and makes them interested in doing further personal research.

2.   Writing style and format

When writing your ethical papers, make sure you use scholarly language. This is an academic language that is acceptable for this kind of paper.

Do not use informal languages like slang or casual phrases. Ensure your tone of voice in your writing is appropriate. This way, your audience can look forward to reading your work.

They will expect to receive valuable and credible information. Most students are required to use APA, Chicago, and MLA formatting styles for their research papers.

APA and MLA are the most commonly used formatting styles. Follow your professor’s instructions on which style you need to use for your paper. Check and make sure you have used the style correctly to get your full marks for formatting.

3.   Prepare your primary sentence

You need to prepare your research problem, also known as a thesis statement or a hypothesis, from the beginning. Your primary sentence responds to the research question.

Key takeaway

The key to writing excellent ethical papers is finding the best ethics research paper topics. You need to perform extensive research and come up with a topic that is interesting to you and your readers. Make sure the topic you find has enough information on the issues you want to discuss.

Choose current topic so that you can get relevant and interesting information. Allocate enough time for brainstorming and selecting a topic. This way, you will choose the best topic that will make the writing process more manageable.

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