Top 40 new ethical arguments topics in 2021

Top 40 new ethical arguments topics in 2021

When writing an ethical argument essay, you want to capture the attention of your instructor. To achieve this, you have to find a topic that will grab the attention of the reader. Finding current ethical arguments topics can be a challenge. Ensure you follow the instructions given by your instructor before you choose your ethical argument topic.

Before looking at the topics, it is important to know what is an argument? And what is an ethical argument? An argument is any reason given against a certain matter. It involves discussing and comparing different views about a matter. Ethical arguments show that certain activities are either morally right or wrong.

What makes an argument ethical argument?  An argument is composed of three parts i.e. statement, reasoning, and evidence. An argument is considered ethical if the conclusion is based on a moral claim. These claims give the readers reasons to accept the conclusion. Ethical arguments are open to critics just like all the other arguments.

Ethical topics for presentation

When writing ethical papers, there are different topics you can choose from. You can come across controversial topics in your search. Choose the topic you are comfortable with. This will depend on the instructions given by your lecturer. You should select current ethical topics to grab the attention of the reader.


The following shows a list of ethical topics you can choose from;

  • Media
  • Relationship and marriage
  • Genetic engineering
  • Synthetic biology
  • Ethics diversity
  • Covid 19 related issues
  • Birth control and contraceptives
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Personal life and privacy
  • Climate change
  • Post-election war and violence
  • Nepotism
  • Accounting practices
  • Discrimination and diversity
  • Sexual harassment
  • Data privacy
  • Gender
  • Food and drink
  • History
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Health and safety
  • Family
  • Animals
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Government
  • Farming
  • Employment
Ethical arguments topics

The following are the top 40 new ethical arguments topics in 2021

  1. Can fast foods be considered healthy?
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of eating organic food
  3. Should abortion be legalized in western countries?
  4. Is it ethical to quarantine people with Covid 19 and other terminal illnesses?
  5. How driving electric cars will prevent pollution of the environment
  6. What are the causes of breast cancer from deodorants and soaps?
  7. Sexual harassment in jobs today
  8. How cybercrime has affected data privacy today
  9. Should the government be involved in combating music piracy?
  10. Effects of global warming in plants and animals
  11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking food supplements?
  12. Is it ethical to perform food cloning?
  13. Should church and politics separate?
  14. Should nurses participate in ending the lives of patients who are terminally ill?
  15. Should schools provide policies on anti-bullying?
  16. Voting is a moral and a legal duty
  17. Is it ethical to adopt a child from a different race?
  18. Should you bribe to avoid a legal penalty?
  19. Has the introduction of free condoms by the government reduced teenage pregnancies?
  20. Is it ethical for same-sex couples to marry?
  21. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?
  22. Benefits of being a member of a single-sex school
  23. Should healthcare be a provision of the government?
  24. Should euthanasia be made legal?
  25. Should marijuana be legalized nationally?
  26. Do schools require physical education or forewing language
  27. Should poor people pay fewer taxes
  28. Is gun control bad or a good idea?
  29. Is it ethical to legalize euthanasia?
  30. Should students be given homework or not?
  31. Should the cost of college be reduced?
  32. How has Covid 19 affected families in the world today?
  33. Should the government increase the age of taking alcohol or reduce it?
  34. Are professional athletes and actors paid too much?
  35. How has child behavior changed currently?
  36. Dangers involved in using cellphones
  37. Can boredom lead to trouble?
  38. Should the government ban the smoking of cigarettes?
  39. Is it safe to use animals for research?
  40. Is the world so independent of computers?

Ethical argument structure

Like all the other essays, ethical arguments have templates. If you want to write about a certain topic, it is important to know the structure of ethical arguments essays. The following section provides a guideline on how to write an ethical argument.

Selecting a topic

Choosing a topic for ethical arguments is the first step for essays. Follow guidelines given in this article on ethical arguments topics.  The following is an example of a topic, “Is euthanasia ethical?”

Generate an outline

Ethical arguments require you to use reasoning in the essay. Show why the topic you have chosen is important to consider. Come up with a thesis statement to support. State the different arguments that support your statements.

Example of an argument; Life is a gift from God and nobody has the authority to take it away in any situation.  Patients who are sick and do not have hopes to recover may opt to take away their lives with the help of health professionals.  This is wrong because no matter the condition, human beings have no permission to bring life to an end.

Generate counterarguments that are possible to support your statement. Respond to all your counterarguments and elaborate your statement in processes. Counterargument example; if there is no hope of recovery, leave it that way. Ending life means doctors are not intending to do further research on diseases. If there is no cure today, it does not mean there will be no cure tomorrow. Medical practitioners should work to bring hope to the society. In the final part, summarize your statement and explain its significance to your ethical argument.


Introduce your ethical argument in short and straight sentences. State the points you will be arguing against. Specify your main arguments briefly. Give the question you will answer in your ethical argument paper.

Example of an introduction; Terminal illness affects both the patient and the family.  In the current world, some doctors support euthanasia while others do not. Health practitioners should put every effort to ensure they save the lives of patients. Helping patients take away their lives is immoral and unethical.


After developing your statement and providing an approach to your essay paper, come up with the body of your ethical argument. Do this step by step. If your essay has more than one argument, discuss each argument in its paragraph. This will help you to consider all the arguments in your discussion.


In this section, give a summary of all your argument. Restate your points of argument. Show the importance of the ethical issues you have discussed in your essay. Do not include any new information in this section. You can finalize by giving your point of view on your ethical argument. Also, point out why your argument should be considered.

Example of a conclusion; Healing a terminal illness can be devastating. This should, however, not make patients and family members lose hope to the extent of ending lives. Life is holy. There is ongoing research about upcoming illnesses. With the above discussion, euthanasia is indeed immoral and unethical. It should not be considered as a solution to terminal illness

After writing, go through your essay. Ensure that your work is easy for the reader to understand. Delete any irrelevant information and check your grammar. Also, ensure you have followed all the instructions of the ethical argument.

While writing an ethical argument paper;

  • Avoid using rhetorical questions
  • Ensure you understand the meaning of all the words used in your essays
  • Provide ethical sources while supporting your arguments
  • List the misconceptions related to your topic
  • Provide case studies related to your ethical arguments
  • Avoid complex words in your essay to avoid confusion

Factors to consider while choosing ethical arguments topics

  1. Knowledge

Choose a topic you are aware of. It is easier to argue against a topic you understand.

  1. Audience

While choosing your ethical argument topics, consider the audience. I.e. who will read your essay? What will they think about the essay? Will they relate?

  1. Facts

Ensure you have enough facts and evidence to support your statement. Your counterargument should have basic information about your topic.

  1. Time

While selecting ethical arguments topics, consider time. Using current topics will motivate the reader. It will also make your essay relevant.

To sum up

There are many ethical argument topics. This is due to change in the world’s activities. When choosing a topic to write about, ensure you follow the instructions provided by your lecturer. Your topic should be current. Also, ensure you choose a topic you can provide adequate information about. If you still need help in discovering new ethical arguments topics seek professional help by clicking here

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