Common consequences for not doing homework while in school

Common consequences for not doing homework while in school

The amount of homework sent home sometimes turn houses into war zones as parents try to make the kid do homework. Homework is a common crossroad at which students and parents bump during the academic journey.

It is important to know homework plays a vital role in a student’s academic life. Failure to complete homework is an indiscipline that has consequences. This article will focus on the consequences for not doing homework.

It is evident that a piece of work that can take twenty minutes in school can take four times longer when taken as homework. This is due to distractions, delaying and little commitment at home.

The following are major consequences a student may suffer for not doing homework;

Major consequences a student may suffer

  1. Results to poor performance

Homework compliance is often associated with good performance in school. It plays a major role in helping a student become an achiever by enabling them learn more. Failure to do assigned homework leads to hard times when tackling tests.

  1. Poor student’s memory and thinking skills

When a student is doing homework he/she is in a good position to recall and apply what they learned. They are able to think of the best way to get it done. This improves their critical thinking skills.

The consequences for not doing homework are contrary to this, the student has poor memory and thinking skills that lead to poor performance.

  1. Poor time management skill

Homework is time-bound for it has a deadline to be met. To do your homework effectively and meet deadlines, you have to learn how to manage your time. If students are always defaulting homework deadlines, they development poor time management skills.

The student is unable to set priorities of their roles and responsibilities in their studies,  family, and work in the future. Poor time management results in failure in tests because they are not able to complete the test in time.

  1. Promotes irresponsibility

A responsible student completes his homework on time. Dealing with homework without help enables you to become responsible in academics and other life aspects.

Failure to do homework makes a student irresponsible. The final result is irresponsible person in the family.

  1. Lack of extra knowledge

Doing homework exposes students to more information. They explore more than they learn in classrooms as they undertake research paper to complete homework. Failure to complete homework causes the student to stagnate in knowledge which leads to poor performance.

  1. Promotes dependency

Homework completion calls for self-motivation and dependence on oneself study energy. Students learn to do research on their own. The consequence of not doing homework is that you will depend only on what is taught by the teacher

What is taught in class is only 40% of what you should learn. Therefore, you fail on defaulting homework.

  1. Punishment

Punishment is a general term that means different things and methods to people. It is among the consequences for not doing homework and may come as an action or a process on a student who defaults homework.

There are many ways to punish a homework defaulter at home or in school. Some of the school punishments for not doing homework are discussed below.

How Should students be punished?

  1. Scoring low grades

Turning up in school with undone homework is a shame and depicts indiscipline that deserves to be punished. The teacher may declare that homework to be included in the main test results.

You obviously score a zero with undone homework. This pulls down your final grade that results in failure.

  1. Detention

Detention is making the student who defaults homework stay back after classes. It can be done by making them come back earlier after lunch or helping the teachers in photocopying during break time instead of going to play. This is an effective punishment for homework defaulters.

Detained students are made to tidy up and collect rubbish in school. It is a terrible experience that students would not like to face in fear of shame and tarnishing their reputation. It is easier to complete your homework than face detention punishment activities as consequences for not doing homework.

  • Suspension

Suspension is a punishment that can be given to students who fail to finish homework as a habit. A student can be suspended for a certain period of time.

This is a serious punishment that wastes a student’s precious school time. It can cause you to repeat a grade.

  1. Expulsion

Another way of how to deal with students not doing homework is by expelling them. This is completely being kicked out of school. It could be the last result after trying to improve your indiscipline of defaulting homework.

Expulsion is an effective punishment especially applicable as a consequence of not doing homework in high school. It means having to shift school based on discipline issues which makes another school hesitate to admit you.

  1. Sanctions

Schools have the legal right to use sanctions as punishment for indiscipline. Failure to complete may lead to sanctions such as reprimand, letter to the parent or guardians, seclusion from class/ group.

  1. Flogging

Another method of how to deal with students not doing homework is by flogging. If you are a student that defaults homework, you will not escape the pain of flogging. It includes slapping, caning, and whipping.

This is brutal and may causes bruises, cuts, or fractures. To avoid facing such brutal consequences for not doing homework, always comply with the rules of homework writing.

  1. Parent involvement

In cases of teenagers not doing homework, the teacher may be forced to involve the parent to help. Teenage is a stage where a student could be facing challenges, naturally or behavioral, which can make them defaulters of homework rules.

It is so annoying to the parents when they are summoned to school for teenagers not turning in homework. When parents are asked to intervene, they are supposed to follow step by step process to find solutions as discussed below.

  • Ask the teen

Parents are disappointed by kids who keep them colliding with the teacher for failure to comply with assignments. However, the parent’s first step in helping the child is by enquiring from him/her what the problem is.

The parent should try to be gentle and friendly. They should not yell, blame or threaten the child.

Find out the cause of the problem

As a parent, avoid concluding the reason why the child is defiant. Instead, take your time to discuss with the child until you discover the cause.

It could be, they are stressed, bullied, classes are advanced, anxious, learning disabilities, or depressed. Discover the cause and help them deal with it. Remember yelling at the child doing homework to make them comply only does more harm by making them hate homework.

  • Develop the solution

Once the cause of the problem is discovered, develop a solution to help the child improve. This can be booking guidance and counseling sessions, encouraging them, reporting to the teacher in case of bullying. You can also change school for a better learning experience.

  • Finally, establish expectations and rules

Make known expectations and rules, concerning homework writing to the child. This will enable them comply after solving the initial problem. Make them promise not to let you down again.

  1. Low self-esteem

Self-esteem comes from the feeling of being accepted, competent, and effective. When a student is always mentioned for not doing their homework, always in punishment, their self-esteem is lowered. They feel incompetent, inferiority complex that makes them think they are losers.

It is necessary to always strive to complete homework in time to boost confidence in academics and avoid shameful consequences for not doing homework.

What to do when your child refuses to do homework

Common consequences for not doing homework

Every parent at some point has had a hard time at home trying to make their children work on homework. A parent knows homework is for the good of the child and strives to see into that even the most difficult child does it. Some of the ways to make a child complete homework are by;

Working with them on homework – This helps the child to find homework simple when a parent is by their side and can provide help in case of difficulties.

Promising reward after completing the homework- It is one way on how to motivate students to do homework. They work it out as they expect something at the end.

Making them understand the importance of homework- It is important for a learner to understand why students need homework so that they can perceive it positively and not as a punishment. This way they will be self-motivated to handle their own homework.

Students perspectives

A researcher from Stanford did research on students’ perspectives about consequences of not doing homework ranging from lower grade level, higher grade level, and university students.

The researcher says he used self-reporting or open-ended methodology to gauge the student’s perceptions on homework.

The self-reporting method was able to give the student enough space to express what they feel about homework and what they expect for not complying with homework writing tasks. The formulated questions and statements that guided the research helped get a deeper expression including emotions of students on homework.

In one case, he used the question “why do I hate homework” where the students were supposed to highlight the reason why they hate homework. Some of the reasons that were found common from the results are;

“Homework denies me time to watch my favorite movies.”

“Homework is hard. I cannot find the right answers to quizzes.”

“I cannot get enough time to play with other kids with this damn homework on the table.”

“My tutor is so reprimanding. I hate when I have homework that she has to guide me through.”

“I hate homework and deadlines. There is so much to do in fixed time. I have games to attend, gym, movies to watch, and parties within days of the deadline. Homework is really inconvenient.

“I don’t want to do my homework at all. I hate doing homework when my family is having a good time in the living room. I hate homework for denying me the chance with them.”

The researcher also used poem line that students were required to complete in five more lines. For example, students of higher grades and college levels were asked to continue this stanza “Homework oh homework I hate you”.

The results showed that a larger percentage of college students perceive homework as inconvenient. They said there is so much to do outside books.

 The upper-grade students expressed their hatred for homework because it is actually punishment to carry bookwork home while books should be handled only in class.

Young kids will always protest when parents ask them to start up with homework before going out to play. In kids, one thing leads to another consequently, like if they hate homework make them hate school. They know if they attend school they have some work to carry home and the consequences for not doing homework are bitter.

70%of parents with students in lower grades have to deal with protesting children that do not want to go to school every morning. In an open-ended research question used by the researcher, a parent explained that the answer to” wake up its school time” is always “I hate school so much” mama, can I sleep a little more time?

They ask series of questions in the process of being prepared, like who invented school? Did you like school yourself? When am I doing away with school? Why do I hate school so much?

What to do if you hate school

The struggle to wake up to school every day for weeks, months to years can really be boring and cause you to hate school. Homework and assignments can be your reason for hating school. Here are tips on what to do if you hate school to help you enjoy life in school;

Do your homework always and meet deadlines- The consequences for not doing homework are terrible and if you are always handing incomplete homework and off deadlines, you will find life difficult and hate school.

Participate in co-curricular activities– these include games and sports, music, and drama. This helps to break the monotony of being on books and relaxes the brain and enables you to enjoy life in school.

Observe discipline always- being a disciplined student ensures you are always on the right and prevent conflicts with teachers, students, and parents. This way has no reason to hate school.

Manage your time- organizing your activities to fit the schedule, you will not perceive school and homework as inconvenience. You will manage any other business and schoolwork effectively. Early to bed early to wake up, will help you get enough sleep to avoiding cursing the morning to school day.

To sum up

 As seen in the discussion above, parents play a major role in helping their children comply with homework and the consequences for not doing homework can affect them too. Smooth school life calls for discipline of completing homework and meeting deadlines.

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