301+ chemistry research topics for college students

301+ chemistry research topics for college students

You are tasked with a Chemistry research paper as an assignment, but you have no idea what topic you will write about. In this article, we will go through chemistry research paper topics suited for college-level chemistry coursework.

Will going over your course books or browsing the internet help you come up with one? Read through and get some interesting topics you could use for your chemistry research paper.

How to choose chemistry research  paper topics

Chemistry is a complex and complicated subject. Students find it hard to explore its various aspects. Various considerations and chemical concepts have made while coming up with research papers in different universities. Thus, students find it easier to select research topics that are popular within the academic community.

Writing repetitive and common topics does not impress the tutor. This approach will deny you decent grades in your evaluation.

You are expected to display good analytic and research skills while coming up with chemistry topics.

Fields that could offer chemistry research topics

Much of the research done in chemistry is based on experimental analysis. Chemistry should not be perceived as a subject that only deals with matter and the periodic table. It touches all spheres of our lives and the universe. By taking this approach, you should be able to come up with innovative chemistry research topics.

What are major research topics in chemistry?

Chemistry comprises of several sub-fields. Some are more complex than others, thus this should be a guiding factor while choosing your research topic. They include:

  1. Analytic chemistry

Analytic chemistry studies the composition and properties of matter through various methods and instruments. As an undergraduate student, you are expected to go past discussing the thermal and electromagnetic features of an element.

  1. Biochemistry

This is the branch of chemistry that studies the chemical processes within and affiliated with living organisms. It heavily relies on other scientific disciplines and hence can be a bit complex.

 It largely requires a laboratory environment to conduct research. All biochemistry research topics are derived from an innovative thesis.

  • Organic chemistry

Organic chemistry assignments are drafted based on the structure, composition, and organic elements of a compound. It is relevant in academia since plastics, fuels, and some disciplines of medicine majorly rely on advances in organic chemistry.

  1. Nanochemistry

Nanochemistry is a combination of Nanoscience and chemistry. It is the study of extremely small things (atom size) in chemistry. It is a relatively new field of science hence lots of opportunity for exploration. With minimal brainstorming, students can easily find a topic for research.

  1. Bio-molecular chemistry

This branch of chemistry studies chemical and biochemical phenomena that naturally occur. It is considered to be challenging since it is closely linked with medicine.

Biomolecular research topics are mostly too advanced for undergraduate students. However, with insightful and proper research you might find a topic that suits you.

Drafting a chemistry research paper

  1. Use reliable sources

While borrowing ideologies from other academic works during your research, cite all your sources. This reduces the instance of plagiarism and gives credit to the original authors.

  1. Use an appropriate format

Every research paper uses a specific outline. A chemistry research paper is no different. You should create a strong thesis statement that provokes the thought of the reader.

The structure of the body should present all arguments coherently. Each paragraph in the body section should contain its idea. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence. Additionally, make your argument, provide evidence, and state the conclusion based on the evidence provided.  The most common citation style for chemistry papers is ACS (American Chemical Society) style.

  • Use generic tone

While discussing chemistry research topics, the tone employed is usually generic. The research paper should present a sequence of logical observations and analysis, rather than the author’s opinions and bias.

  1. Use graphical representations

The use of graphical representations such as pie charts, bar graphs, histograms, diagrams, etc. engages the audience more with your research paper. All graphical representations should be indicated in the appendix section of your research paper.

Chemistry research topics for high school

Chemistry is a core high school subject along with other sciences such as Mathematics, Physics, and Biology. Maintaining a good grade in chemistry while in high school will improve your GPA. Moreover, it increases the chance of you pursuing further studies in chemistry and finally joining a career in the field.

It is therefore to be prompt in writing your chemistry tasks and doing more research in your main areas of interest. Here are several chemistry topics for high school you might want to write a research paper:

  1. The chemical process of water purification
  2. The iron element and its compounds
  3. Patterns in the periodic table
  4. An analysis of the significance of chemistry in medicine
  5. An analysis of the significance of chemistry in industrial (manufacturing and processing)
  6. A study of alkali metals and their compounds
  7. Discuss the electrolytic dissociation theory
  8. An analysis of the importance of chemistry in human health
  9. What are the elements of chemistry in everyday life?
  10. Study the composition, properties, and uses of acids
  11. Chromium and its compounds
  12. Properties and characteristics of non-metals
  13. Hydrogen compounds composed by non-metals
  14. Oxygen compounds composed by non-metals
  15. Discuss the discovery of oxygen
  16. Discuss the discovery of hydrogen
  17. Write a history of the alchemy
  18. Discuss thermal effects in chemical reactions
  19. Discuss the industrial process of harvesting nitrogen from the earth’s atmosphere
  20. Discuss the industrial process of harvesting oxygen from the atmosphere

Chemistry research topics for undergraduates

Undergraduate chemistry research topics are more complex than high school and college topics. Undergraduates can however find many topics to explore and research on. They include:

  1. Explain the mutation of an allergy
  2. Describe the elements used to make food dye
  3. Outline the stabilization process of lithium
  4. Discuss the significance of hydrogen in oxygen discovery
  5. What are the applications of nanophononics in the military?
  6. What are the applications of surface tension?
  7. What are the ionization techniques for the mass spectrometry process?
  8. Discuss the effects of carboxylic acids on humans
  9. Discuss the discovery of the periodic table by Dmitri Mendeleev

Chemistry topics for presentation

If you are tasked with presenting a chemistry topic for your next class, worry not. Here is a list of presentation chemistry topics for research.

  1. Composition of the air we breathe
  2. Causes and effects of snow pollution
  3. The environmental crisis: Are energy-saving lamps helping?
  4. Alternative fuel: hydrogen
  5. Rational nutrition
  6. Is purified wastewater safe to use?
  7. Synthetic versus natural medicines
  8. Synthetic versus natural detergents
  9. Chemical residues in livestock
  10. Will chemical technology help solve global humanity problems?
  11. Sources of chemical raw materials: Fischer-Tropic synthesis
  12. Barium and beryllium toxicity
  13. Safe chemical techniques of pest control
  14. Analysis of reactions potassium and sodium reactions with oxygen
  15. Applications of palladium in medicine
  16. What is the significance of chemistry in cancer treatment?
  17. What are the properties and effects of acid precipitates?
  18. What is the role of vitamins in human life?
  19. What is the application of biopolymers in medicine?
  20. Synthetic versus natural honey
  21. Synthetic versus natural dyes
  22. What are the causes of chemical weight gain and how can it have corrected?
  23. Describe the applications of organic and inorganic substances in the military
  24. Describe different water freezing techniques
  25. Is aspartame a toxic substance when used as dietary sugar
  26. Discuss techniques of cleaning oil sludge from pipes

Organic chemistry research topics

Organic chemistry is a broad area of study due to its numerous applications. Constant research is always done on this area thus there is a lot to write on. Here are a few organic chemistry research topics:

  1. Types of isomerism in organic compounds
  2. Describe globular protein formation
  3. Describe the usefulness of natural gas as a chemical raw material
  4. What are the similarities and differences between water and monohydric alcohols?
  5. Discuss the process of gasoline production
  6. Study the essential types of organic compounds
  7. Describe the infection cycle and disinfection techniques of pathogens
  8. Explain the workings of free-radical reactions
  9. Evaluate the potential relationships between stereoisomers
  10. Discuss the advantages of chemoenzymatic synthesis
  11. Describe what aniline dyes are
  12. Investigate the history of vitalism
  13. Analyze different types of hydrocarbons and their respective reactions
  14. What are the causes and effects of antibiotic resistance?
  15. Describe the significance of the electron dot structure and what it shows

Inorganic chemistry research topics

There are so many research areas under inorganic chemistry. Here are several of the best topics under this area:

  1. Explain the significance of silicon dioxide in solar cells
  2. Outline the process of sapphire formation
  3. What are the differences between inorganic and organic compounds?
  4. Discuss the multiple proportion’s law
  5. Discuss Dalton’s Law of partial pressures and its application in chemistry
  6. Describe the different states of matter
  7. Draw up the factors that influence Bronsted-Lowry acidity
  8. Explain what lattice energy is and the methods used to measure it
  9. Evaluate the shortcomings of the crystal field theory
  10. Expound on ligand effects
  11. Discuss the service of gold in the field of medicine

Chemical engineering topics

Chemical production and manufacture of products through chemical processes is called chemical engineering. Chemical engineering students need to evaluate various chemistry topics for research papers and write on what they feel most interesting.

  1. Describe microfluidics
  2. Discuss NOx emissions reduction
  3. Define and discuss molecular dynamics and simulation
  4. Outline the working process of nanofiltration systems
  5. Expound on rare earth extractions
  6. How are coal slime and iron processed?

Interesting chemistry research topics

Chemistry covers controversial and unusual issues. Such issues present original and innovative approach to identifying chemistry topics to research. These topics usually offer you an opportunity to present new information to your readers as well as making discoveries. Here are a few examples:

  1. Explain how non-living compounds self-replicating and generate complex life forms during evolution
  2. Discuss the production process of synthetic food
  3. Are fertilizers useful or harmful to the environment
  4. Explain the phenomenon behind how the sun burns without oxygen
  5. Explain the use of sodium azide in vehicle airbags
  6. Discuss what nanoreactors are within the field of chemistry
  7. How can chemical energy most efficiently be derived from electromagnetic energy?
  8. Discuss the future of transplantations: will artificial organs suffice?
  9. What can replace oil as a sustainable source of energy?
  10. Explain why the diffusion rate of some enzymes is lower than their reaction rate
  11. Describe the process of freezing air
  12. Discuss the working of photocatalysis in a 3-D printer
  13. How does the composition of a molecule determine its appearance?
  14. What is the foundation of the alpha-effect?

Physical chemistry research topics

Physical chemistry is the study of interactions and transformations of materials. Research in physical chemistry investigates the properties of molecules and atoms and how chemical reactions work.

  1. What are the applications of kinetics?
  2. Expound on chemical or heteroatomic bonding
  3. Discuss the significance of the Schrodinger equation
  4. Discuss aspects of vibrational spectroscopy
  5. Discuss the correlation between quantum mechanics and chemistry
  6. Discuss the properties of multi-electron atoms
  7. Why do isotopes exist?
  8. Describe the time-of-flight principle
  9. Discuss the gas laws
  10. What is the difference between molecular and empirical formulae?
  11. Explain how the melting point of a substance is affected by intermolecular forces
  12. Discuss the correlation between the conductivity and melting point of a substance to the structure type of the substance
  13. Describe fire in terms of thermodynamics and chemistry
  14. State the applications of Hess’ law
  15. How do you determine whether enthalpy change is endothermic or exothermic?
  16. Explain when a reaction is reversible
  17. Discuss and analyze the four types of crystal structures
  18. What are successive ionization energies?
  19. Explore the phenomenon of the earth being closed thermodynamic system
  20. Outline a step-by-step process of how to determine the mass of an atom
  21. How is the electronic configuration of an atom determined?

Forensic chemistry research topics

Forensic chemistry is the application of chemistry and forensic toxicology in a legal setup. Specialists in this field use various techniques to identify unidentified substances. Several research topics include:

  1. Effects of the use of ammonium nitrates in K9 training
  2. Using Raman spectroscopy as an instrument to distinguish sexual lubricants
  3. Discuss the significance of nuclear analytic methods in forensic science
  4. What are the remedies for accidental exposure to fentanyl?
  5. Undertaking time-resolved LA-ICP-MS analysis for the forensic evaluation of PVC backings

Environmental chemistry research topics

Environmental chemistry is the study of chemical processes that occur in air, water, living, and terrestrial environments. Major environmental chemistry topics for research include:

  1. Explain how the greenhouse effect causes global warming
  2. Analysis of the effect of dissolved oxygen in water on aquatic life
  3. Describe acid deposition and its causes and effects
  4. Discuss the ozone depletion phenomenon its causes and effects on earth
  5. Discuss what air pollution is from a chemistry perspective; what chemical make-up air pollution?
  6. Analyze the effect of chemical waste on the environment
  7. Explain the main sources of oxides of nitrogen, oxides of sulfur, and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere
  8. What effect do volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulates have earth’s atmosphere?
  9. Outline the general process of removal of heavy-ion metals from water waste

Current chemistry research topics

New trends constantly show up in the field of chemistry. In case you have no idea what to write about look closely at current trends within the chemical field. Here are a few trendy topics for you:

  1. Discuss the principle that causes the hydrophobic effect
  2. Analyze dipole-dipole interactions within hydrogen molecules
  3. Describe the correlation between DNA and Electron delocalized rings
  4. Discuss the effects of processing amino acids
  5. Explain the structure representation model of molecules
  6. What is the foundational principle of organic chemical activity?
  7. Explain the effect of acid rain on plants and animals
  8. What is the significance of chemistry in the manufacture of make-up products?
  9. Analyze how the human body is affected by carbonated drinks
  10. Is organic food safer for humans to consume
  11. What health risks does radon gas pose and how can it be mitigated in buildings
  12. How does bad plastic packaging influence food quality?
  13. Is life on Mars feasible? A chemical perspective
  14. Chemical analysis on global warming, is it a conspiracy theory?
  15. Discuss modern chemical techniques used in making military weapons

Controversial chemistry topics

Since chemistry has a wide number of applications in human life, not everyone agrees on how best to harness it. Controversial issues could make good chemistry topics for research papers.

  1. What are the ethical implications of chemical warfare?
  2. Describe recent advancements in biological machinery
  3. Discuss the significance of synthetic biology in gene analysis
  4. Discuss the Fritz Haber personality
  5. Outline the process the synthetic molecules
  6. Outline the risks involved in Bioconjugation chemistry

Green chemistry research paper topics

This branch of chemistry is often confused with environmental chemistry. It is concerned with the area of sustainability.  This involves researching how to make chemicals that are less damaging to the environment. Research is done at every stage of making a chemical from design to production.

  1. What are the various methods of safely dumping toxic waste?
  2. What are the most effective techniques of source reduction?
  3. Is biomimicry the best route to sustainability?
  4. What are the major issues facing eco-friendly packaging?
  5. Describe the material used to make solar cells and compare their effectiveness
  6. Discuss the principles of green chemistry
  7. What production techniques can be used in paint to reduce its toxicity
  8. Discuss trends in avoiding the use of pesticides in agriculture
  9. Discuss ionic fluids as the future of chemical reagents
  10. Are bioplastics significant in reducing environmental pollution
  11. Discuss the effect of metathesis on greenhouse emissions
  12. How can we make computer chips more sustainable?
  13. Alternative energies: fuel from coconut husks
  14. How efficient is carbon capture?
  15. Outline the working of the Plantrose process
  16. Discuss the efficiency of artificial photosynthesis
  17. Discuss how we can make nuclear energy more efficient and effective
  18. What are the benefits of Levulinic acid use?
  19. Solid-state photoreaction

Research topics in clinical chemistry

Clinical chemistry deals with the chemical analysis of body fluids for analysis and therapy purposes. It is an area of great significance to medicine. Here are a few topics under this area;

  1. Describe and expound on different types of clinical lab tests
  2. Biochemical and molecular biology methods
  3. Discuss the foundations of molecular diagnostics
  4. What is hematology?
  5. Compare and contrast a pandemic versus an epidemic
  6. Discuss various rare genetic diseases
  7. Discuss the placebo effect; homeopathic medicines
  8. Describe the characteristics of gluten allergies
  9. Outline the functions of the liver
  10. What are the benefits and drawbacks of vaccinations?
  11. Explain in vitro fertilization

Nuclear chemistry research topics

Nuclear chemistry studies radioactivity and nuclear processes. Here are a few examples of chemistry topics for research under nuclear chemistry:

  1. Compare and contrast different types of radiation
  2. Comparative analysis between the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters
  3. Outline how to calculate the half-life of an element
  4. What harmful effects does radiation have on biological elements
  5. Describe the transmission of elements under nuclear fission
  6. Describe the stability of a nucleus
  7. Discuss various types of decay
  8. Explain the significance of nuclear chemistry in medicine
  9. Analyze the chemical interaction between radioactive elements and water
  10. Discuss the nuclear fuel cycle: how is it disposed
  11. Expound use of irradiation as a method to destroy toxic compounds
  12. Explain the process of nuclear waste transportation, disposal, and reprocessing
  13. Discuss the application of radiochemistry in biology
  14. What is the significance of chemosensory in radiation chemistry?
  15. What is the difference between isotopic chemistry and nuclear chemistry?
  16. What is the significance of hydrogen in nuclear fission?
  17. Discuss the creation of the universe: The big bang theory
  18. Discuss methods of ionization in mass spectrometry
  19. What factors contribute to the lack of control of nuclear arms?
  20. Discuss the history of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  21. Fission and surface corrosion

Pharmaceutical chemistry research topics

Pharmaceutical chemistry is the study of drug design. It is quite a tough discipline since it requires a combination of both pharmacy and chemistry. It is unexplored hence has numerous research opportunities.

  1. Mathematical models of controlled drug delivery
  2. Discuss aspects of molecular level drug-receptor interactions
  3. Describe what chemogenomics is
  4. Antimicrobial and phytochemical studies
  5. Pathobiochemistry of diseases
  6. Advancement of spectrophotometric techniques
  7. Discuss the biological significance of Oxazoles
  8. Discuss techniques used in drug design
  9. Combinatory methods; synthetic chemistry
  10. Discuss major aspects of pharmacological Vivo and Vitro investigations
  11. Discuss various emerging drug targets

Analytical chemistry research topics

Analytic chemistry studies the structure of matter. Here is a list of analytic chemistry topics to choose from:

  1. Describe how to find iron in a compound of elements
  2. What are the techniques to measure the quantity of a substance in a compound?
  3. Explain how activation analysis works
  4. What are the dangers of chiral class drugs and ibuprofen?
  5. Compare and contrast the chemical mechanisms of ibuprofen and aspirin
  6. Evaluate the best methods for quantitative chemical analysis
  7. Discuss gas chromatography as a way of separating chemical compounds
  8. Gravimetric analysis
  9. Discuss the chemical equilibrium effect
  10. Discuss types of electroanalytic techniques
  11. Outline the process of salt analysis
  12. Analyze the chemical compounds of bottled water and hence determine its healthiness
  13. How are pesticides detected using immunoassays?
  14. Outline the process of testing cholesterol in blood samples
  15. How do you use a calorimeter to measure temperature?
  16. What are the methods used to identify adulterants in drugs?
  17. What is the significance of analytic chemistry in forensic science?
  18. What are the benefits of spectrochemical techniques?
  19. Discuss the Carnot cycle in thermodynamics
  20. Describe optical enantiomer flaws
  21. Where do food allergies emerge from?
  22. What are the methods of neutralizing waste vegetable oil (WVO)?
  23. Discuss how to determine the shelf life of medicine
  24. Explain the significance of miniaturization in the advancement of analytic chemistry
  25. What is the indication of the endpoint of titration while using standard methods?

Computational chemistry research paper topics

Computational chemistry uses computer simulations to aid in unraveling chemical problems. It uses theoretical chemistry and computer programs to come up with simulations.

  1. Gold nanocatalysis
  2. Discuss the divide and conquer method of computing large systems of electronic structure
  3. Discuss the phenomenon of the vibrational spectrum of Platinum-Cobalt in argon medium
  4. Spectral simulation analysis of organic compounds
  5. Fusion and classification of iron and nickel co-doped
  6. A theoretical approach to the production and structural characterization of Benzaldehyde Oxime
  7. Green production of tetrazines and their role as an HCMV protease inhibitor
  8. Information forces
  9. Discuss the copolymerization process
  10. Computer simulation of macromolecules dynamics and functions
  11. Station level energy efficiency conventions for the internet of things (IoT)
  12. Applications of statistical complexity in electronic systems

Bioanalytical chemistry research topics

Bioanalysis covers the branch of analytic chemistry that studies the quantifiable measurement of xenobiotics and biotics in biological structures.

  1. Describe how to identify ideal conditions for RNA modification mapping through LC-MS
  2. Production of copolymers for biomaterials that aid in bone repair
  3. Procedure development for sample preparation for LC-MS examination of modified ribonucleosides
  4. Describe the process of evaluating mercury amounts in the human body
  5. Methods of determining pesticide residue in plants
  6. Techniques for the detection of Titanium dioxide particles in human body tissue
  7. Discuss the most prominent bioanalytic methods
  8. What are bioanalytic tools?
  9. What is the significance of bioanalytic chemistry in healthcare?

Advanced chemistry research paper topics

Mastery of chemistry leads you to research more advanced topics within the field. Here are several advanced research topics available for exploration.

  1. Describe synthetic production of molecular recognition
  2. Non-covalent bonds: a comparative analysis
  3. Discuss Le Chatelier’s principle
  4. Analyze the properties of imino-disaccharides
  5. What are the applications of spectroscopy?
  6. What chemical information do meteorites provide?
  7. Does nanoscience have the capacity to change our lives?
  8. How toxic is bisphenol A (BPA)?
  9. Discuss the fundamentals of the molecular orbital theory
  10. When is cloud seeding useful?
  11. Explain why certain compounds do not exist
  12. Outline the working of ab initio methods
  13. Analyze the dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia
  14. Discuss the coordination compounds of magnetism
  15. What are the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)?
  16. Explain how CRISPR works
  17. Explain the significance of carbohydrate-proteins on immunology
  18. What is the most common use for polymers?
  19. What causes changes in the weather
  20. Describe the correlation between concentration and collision theory
  21. Explain why some plants are more reliant on photosynthesis than others

In summary

It is common for students to get stuck while coming up with a topic for research. There are many chemistry research paper topics available for study and exploration since chemistry is a wide subject.

A student should display competent analytic and research skills to get a good grade in a chemistry paper. To do that, you must carefully select a sub-field that you find most interesting in writing your research paper.

The best citation style for chemistry research papers is the American Chemical Society (ACS). Always use reliable sources for your chemistry papers to display authenticity. In case you are tasked with a chemistry assignment and have no idea what to write on, place an order to get helped by chemistry experts.

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