Best Easy Classical Arguments in 2021

Classical argument is a form of essay writing based on persuasion, especially if the audience has a mixed opinion on the classical argument essay topics. This type of argumentative essay requires that you take a position on the topic and defend it to your audience using relevant facts. Here are essential elements that you need to consider when arguing your viewpoint

  • Begin your argument in an interesting and attention-grabbing way
  • Consider the opposing views and address them objectively
  • Conclude your argument in a satisfying way

Best Essay Classical Arguments in 2020

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Best Easy Classical Arguments in 2021
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Classical Argument Essay Outline

The components of an argumentative essay are designed in a way that will help you cover all the needs of your audience.  This formatting style enables you to transition the reader from one argument to another as they follow your trail of thought.

You are able to effectively persuade your audience using this type of structure. Here are the five components of a classical argument essay outline

  • Introduction
  • Narration
  • Confirmation
  • Refutation
  • Conclusion

1.     Introduction

In your introduction, you need to warm up your audience, make a connection, and state your main idea, which is your claim. Your introduction must be interesting enough to grab your readers’ attention and hook them so that they can read your entire essay.

Some of the methods you can use in your introduction are to pose a question, make a statement of the problem or controversy. You can also use an analogy or attack the objecting viewpoint.

2.     Narration

This part of your classical argument is where you provide your readers with background information that is relevant to your idea. You will clearly outline the circumstances that lead to your claim and the consequences. You can also decide to condense the narration and your introduction.

3.     Confirmation

You will need to provide supporting evidence to your claim with facts from authority sources. A strong link between your supporting evidence and your claim will give you a stronger argument.

In-depth research can provide you with relevant data, facts, and quotes to strongly back up and elaborate your claim. Here is where you use facts to exhaustively argue your main point that you have broken down into sub-points.

Toulmin is a technique mostly used in the confirmation part of a classical argument essay to provide a classical argument analysis. Here are the elements that you can use in this technique

  • Use data as evidence to support your claim and position in the argument
  • Make a claim which is a statement you present to your readers
  • Warrant your claim by linking your data and the claim
  • Use qualifiers to show strength between your claim and data
  • Use rebuttal to argue against opposing views
  • Give background statements to support your warrants

4.     Refutation

Best Essay Classical Arguments

A classical argument mostly has two or more sides to classical argument topics. Your audience is likely to have different viewpoints from what you are about to discuss. Some may agree with you, and some may require you to convince them by proving to them that your position is the right one.

It is important that you consider both views and anticipate objections from the opposing arguments. Preparing for the opposing views enables you to respond to them satisfactorily.

You can also use examples in the counter-arguments to make a response to an opposing viewpoint more effective. In the refutation section is where you address all counter-arguments that are directed to your attention.

5.     Conclusion

The concluding paragraph is where you finalize your classical argument essay, and you give your readers a sense of closure. If you introduced a problem or you asked a question in the introduction, make sure you finalize the matter by answering the question or providing a solution.

When concluding, summarize your arguments and reiterate your key points. You can also end with an emotional appeal to your audience if you wish to do so.

Topic Selection in Classical Argument

It is critical that you choose a good argumentative topic from the start so that you can succeed in your argumentative essay writing. Here is what you need to consider when choosing an argumentative topic

Your topic needs to have at least two sides of an argument so that you can present your arguments and counter-arguments. A controversial topic can do well in a classical argument essay, but as long as the topic is debatable, that should be enough.

Choose a topic that interests you and have some basic information about the topic. This way, you will be motivated to do in-depth research, obtain facts for your essay, and learn new things at the same time.

Choose a compelling classical argument essay topics that have strong arguments and at least two opposing viewpoints. A compelling topic allows you to write a persuasive essay as you present your arguments and counter-arguments to your readers. Your audience will be able to clearly understand the problem, and they can decide which side they will follow.

Classical Argument Essay Topics Characteristics

Essay Classical Arguments

The topic selection is the most essential part of your classical argument essay, as it will determine how compelling your arguments will be to your readers. Here are the characteristics of good classical argument topics

1.     Debatable

An excellent argumentative topic should be debatable with two or more viewpoints. You should not only share general information with your readers but instead, you should motivate them to discuss the topic.

The topic you choose and how you defend your idea should enable your audience to develop critical thinking and view issues from different perspectives. These arguments and counter arguments will allow them to analyze all viewpoints from all angles. It will encourage them to follow and participate in the discussion.

Here is an example of a bad argument topic “animals that are rare are in danger”. This topic does not motivate readers to discuss it further and instead states a fact. This is general knowledge is not good examples of classical argument essay topics because everyone is likely to agree with the topic.

A better example is “should marijuana be used for treatment?” This is a good topic compared to the first one as it opens up room for discussion and divergent views to emerge.

Some people may feel that marijuana can be used as medicine, and others may have a different opinion. The readers might be interested in reading your views on this topic. Other examples of argument essay topics   include

  • Should legal prostitution be considered as a woman’s right?
  • Is it right to legalize abortion?
  • Do people really suffer from the midlife crisis?
  • Is Shake spear real?
  • Is keeping animals in a zoo, right?

2.     Re-searchable


A classical argument essay will require you to take a stand and state your position after you have identified your classical argument topic. Your position is your opinion, and for you to argue it correctly, you will need to support it with facts and relevant information from credible sources.

You need to make sure that the topic you choose is re-searchable, and you can find good sources and enough material to support your claim. A well-researched claim helps to make your argument strong and more convincing.

3.     Current

Choose a topic that has not been discussed for a long time yet is still relevant. Topics like abortion or the use of marijuana for treatment are good examples. They feel new and can be discussed in a different context with divergent points of view.

4.     Manageable

The essay topic you choose should allow you to cover all aspects. This means you should narrow down your topic and focus on what you can exhaustively discuss in your essay.

A topic that is too broad, like global or national topic ideas, might not be manageable. You cannot comprehensively cover such topics in your essay, and it is best if you avoid them or narrow down to a more focused topic.

Classical Argumentative Essay Plan

A plan enables you to organize your thoughts before you can present them in your essay. You can write down all your key points so that you do not forget any important information when writing your final copy. It also acts as a road map that will guide you as you write your essay. Here is a pan that will guide you

1.     Choose your Topic

Do thorough topic research and identify a classical argument topic that interests you. Make sure the topic has two or more viewpoints to make it debatable

2.     Do Research

Know who your target audience is and what they know about your topic. Research further and find out if they would agree or disagree with your thesis.

Try to find out and predict how they will react to your arguments. After researching your audience, you can state your claim or thesis statement

3.     Choose your Outline


Chose the argumentative outline you wish to use and outline your classical argument essay. Outline your arguments to support your claim also outline the counter-arguments that you will discuss.

4.     Write your Essay

You can now use this road map to write your essay. You have all your major and minor point on your rough copy that will help you add more flesh and make your essay compelling.

5.     Edit and Proofread

After writing your essay, you can edit and proofread your work to correct any grammatical errors and mistakes. Format it appropriately and read it out loud to make sure it is perfect, then share it with your audience.

Key Takeaway

A classical argument essay follows a logical outline that enables the readers to transition from one idea to another, making it effective for convincing your audience. This type of writing allows you to defend your position on a topic and acknowledge the opposing views.

You need to choose a topic that will create room for debate and make your readers develop critical thinking as you engage with them. The topic has to be current manageable and re-searchable to make it effective. A good argumentative essay opens up a topic for discussion. In case you need help in choosing argumentative topic and essay writing  reach us now. 

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