Basics of Functional Dependency

Basics of Functional Dependency: Name: Chrystelle Song                       Date: 07/05/2015

Week 5 – Assignment #5: Chapters 15-16                                                    Grade: 5% of Class Grade


#15.19 – Suppose we have the following requirements (all five) for a university database that is used to keep track of students’ transcripts:

(a)     The university keeps track of each student’s name (SNAME), student number (SNUM), social security number (SSSN), current address (SCADDR) and phone (SCPHONE), permanent address (SPADDR) and phone (SPPHONE), birthdate (BDATE), sex (SEX), class (CLASS) (freshman, sophomore, …, graduate), major department (MAJORDEPTCODE), minor department (MINORDEPTCODE) (if any), and degree program (PROG) (B.A., B.S., …, Ph.D.). Both ssn and student number have unique values for each student.

(b)     Each department is described by a name (DEPTNAME), department code (DEPTCODE), office number (DEPTOFFICE), office phone (DEPTPHONE), and college (DEPTCOLLEGE). Both name and code have unique values for each department.

(c)     Each course has a course name (CNAME), description (CDESC), code number (CNUM), number of semester hours (CREDIT), level (LEVEL), and offering department (CDEPT). The value of code number is unique for each course.

(d)     Each section has an instructor (INSTUCTORNAME), semester (SEMESTER), year (YEAR), course (SECCOURSE), and section number (SECNUM). Section numbers distinguish different sections of the same course that are taught during the same semester/year; its values are 1, 2, 3, …; up to the number of sections taught during each semester.

(e)     A grade record refers to a student (Ssn), refers to a particular section, and grade (GRADE).

Design a relational database schema for this database application. First show all the functional dependencies that should hold among the attributes. Then, design relation schemas for the database that are each in 3NF or BCNF. Specify the key attributes of each relation. Note any unspecified requirements, and make appropriate assumptions to make the specification complete.

#15.20 – What update anomalies occur in the EMP_PROJ and EMP_DEPT relations of Figure 15.3 and 15.4?



#15.21 – In what normal form is the LOTS relation schema in Figure 15.12(a) with respect to the restrictive interpretations of normal form that take only the primary key into account? Would it be in the same normal form if the general definitions of normal form were used?


#15.35 – Consider the relation:

        BOOK (Book_Name, Author, Edition, Year) with the data:

Book_Name Author Edition Year
DB_fundamentals Navathe 4 2004
DB_fundamentals Elmasri 4 2004
DB_fundamentals Elmasri 5 2007
DB_fundamentals Navathe 5 2007


a.        Based on a common-sense understanding of the above data, what are the possible candidate keys of this relation?

b.       Does the above have one or more functional dependency (do not list FDs by applying derivation rules)? If so, what is it? Show how you will remove it by decomposition.

c.        Does the resulting relation have an MVD? If so, what is it?

d.       What will the final decomposition look like?



#16.20 – Show that the relation schemas produced by Algorithm 16.6 are in 3NF.


#16.21 – Specify a template dependency for join dependencies.

#16.22 – Specify all the inclusion dependencies for the relational schema of Figure 3.5.


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