Gasoline Prices in America

A.The main reason for the high prices of gasoline being experienced is the complete use of all the world’s resources.
I.Recent statistics have shown that the US consumes over all the world’s resources and only makes just one out of sixteen. Although this can be solved by limiting the amount of gasoline used in the country, it may sound challenging due to the democratic society. The limits on the amounts of gasoline would be viewed as a violation of the people’s constitutional rights.
II.However, the country can be coaxed into understanding the problem and recommend that other means of transportation like carpools and buses and not difficult to adapt to and extremely economical. This has already been implemented through carpool lanes and increases in city buses, with little effects.
B.With gasoline being exhausted from the country’s economy the administration of President Barack Obama signed an executive order that permitted the start of drilling in the nation’s forest in Alaska.
I.Its claimed that there are safer and effective ways to remove the oil and cause small or no damages to the surrounding wildlife. However, this plan’s criticizers suggested that there are only small deposits of oil in the Alaskan forests in any way, the impacts of the new oil excavation plan would not be in the upcoming future and, therefore, will not be an immediate answer to the current gasoline crisis
II.However, other places where the country can obtain oil, which is particularly the Middle East. Although our country is not on good terms with the Middle East countries, they will get the sale at higher prices even if they sell oil to us. But the solution to this could be reconciling our differences with the Middle East countries like Iran. Nevertheless, the animosity between our country and the Middle East has been long occurring, and reconciliation attempts could result in long-term and grueling negotiations; therefore, it might require a lot of comprising from America, thus making it a long and costly remedy.
C.Our country is the largest consumer of gasoline and other fossil fuels in the whole world.
I.If there are ways of relying on other means of energy like fusion engines and solar systems, the county’s economy might flourish. The solar or battery-powered cars idea is not a new concept, but it has often been despised. Today a person buys an automobile, and they never bother buying gas and do not worry about the cost.
II.In addition, such technologies are not only hard to maintain but costly. Electric cars cost a minimum of more than 20000 dollars. Even though money is saved over time, it still does not appeal to the frugal US public. The experimented solar and fused engines have not been available to the public, making the solution unpractical.
D.I propose that our country drops the trade tariffs on any oil that is coming from foreign countries. This solution would provide the country with an effective and quick to resolve the problem.
I.The country’s current system was designed to support the government and help in running industries, enacted specific percentage cost on every incoming non-domestic fossil fuels, and this increased the prices than they could have been. If we imposed no tariffs on any incoming oil, then the excess percentage of the cost will not be there.
II.This one is not only an effective solution to the rising gasoline prices but it’s also fast-acting. The impacts of this resolution will be sudden discovered in just a matter of months; although it’s only a small amount of decrease, it will allow for small reliefs to the American public, thus allowing for more time to create more efficient and long-lasting solutions that would quench the country’s rising gasoline problem.
Even though some people in America have been blaming the Trump administration for the rising gasoline prices, this notion doesn’t make sense considering that other factors have come into play. The country’s animosity relationships with the Middle East countries, failure to initiate the use of solar or battery-powered cars, and the tariffs for imported products have continued to stir the oil prices as all the proposals made in my speech will not harm. Most of them will give America temporary relief for the problem; however, we will not keep depending on quick fixes that are made to appease the ever-anxious public in the long run. Proactive solutions are required to lessen the country’s dependence on foreign oil and lower prices. It’s now the time to have more innovations, and industries like automobile and oil sacrifice themselves to make a difference. Thank you for taking your precious time to listen to my speech; God bless you and our country.

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