35+ Top Notch Film Research Paper Topics (2021)

As a student, you will encounter different types of assignments, including film research essays. These are the kind of academic tests where you watch a movie and then create a story based on your impressions. Since you need to produce a convincing analysis paper, start by looking into various film research paper topics.

Film research paper topics

Finding a suitable theme to build your essay on is one of the challenging tasks. However, you can make it with the right tips and topic ideas. Here is an ultimate guide to help you select the film topics to talk about while creating top-notch writing.

35+ Interesting film research paper topics

As much as you need good grades, it’s important to choose interesting film topics to complete your visual writing successfully.  In other words, your academic paper will turn out great, depending on the theme selected. Make sure your piece covers something you can relate to and let it be catchy enough to hook the reader right from the start. Below is a classification of some film research themes you should consider for a good start.

Top notch Historical film research topics

Think about historical research themes. Carefully look for any genre under film history or records and craft an exploratory essay using the best exploratory essay topics. You can also consider past influential inventions and breakthroughs. In this way, you win your professor’s attention throughout the paper. Below is a listing of a few historical film research topics

  • The ancient film technology
  • Write about the various genre in film history
  • Hollywood versus Bollywood films
  • Sci-fi history and its impact
  • How the film industry affect different generations
  • Films about religious history
  • Animation evolution in movie creation
  • Hitchcock scary power
  • Life before the introduction of computer-generated graphics
  • Ways through which Fellini contributed to cinematography

Music film study themes for college students

Who doesn’t love music? It’s pleasing to feel and enjoy how the artist’s soul expresses itself even in the essay writing world. So, it is advisable to opt for music film research topics to engage your target audience. Here are some of the music films themes that hooks

  • Different types of music genres and their effect on society
  • Music upshot on the brain
  • Write about the psychology of music
  • The historical evolvement of the music industry
  • Various types of music therapy- how they’ve been used from ancient times up to date
  • Talk about using music for learning- Today, it is easier to teach via music other than attending a one-hour class session.
  • Various types of commercial music. Get to write about how they affect the viewer.
  • Famous film musicians and composers
  • Evolution of the piano
  • Great women in the music industry
  • Different types of music from various nations
  • Era’s in the art of music

13+ Outstanding Horror film essay topics

You can also go for horror film research topics to create a quality academic essay. It is one of the fascinating genres you will ever find. The real deal is that horror engrosses your target audience with fear hence creating suspense and anxiety. Below is a listing of topics you could write under horror films.

  • Vampire evolution analysis up to the twenty-first century
  • The expression of common fears in horror films
  • Human affection for terror movies
  • The story of Tim Burton and analysis of Gothic horror
  • The horror film ‘Psycho’- Alfred Hitchcock
  • Different horror film organizations in history
  • Edgar Allan Poe contribution to the horror genre
  • Fear and fantasy- how people embrace their fears to achieve the desired thrill
  • Monster creatures from horror films
  • The analysis of expert John Carpenter on horror film Halloween
  • How genre theory is used in horror movies
  • Mark Twain- analysis of the lowest animal
  • Religion, politics, comedy, and racism manifested in horror movies
  • Myth elements in horror films

Film industry study topics  that hooks

Are you stuck with film studies dissertations to talk about in your paper? Go for the film industry study topics. In essence, they will open up your critical thinking, therefore, creating a quality essay. Here are a few film industry themes you can use:

  • Different types of comics in the film industry
  • The art-video editing
  • How is the New 3D technology affecting the world’s film industry?
  • The study of short films Cinema
  • Film audience previews
  • Cinema versus Television experience
  • The story of three Caballeros by Walt Disney
  • The art of animation-from sketch to film
  • Drama as a cultural practice

Tips on how to write a superb film research paper

Writing a film research essay is like writing a recommendation report. You have to get past multiple stages for the sake of quality. Besides, film study courses are extensive-they cover a lot of information. Below are a few guidelines to help get your film writing back on track.

Choose a topic for your film research paper

Like any other type of essay, you need a mouth-watering topic to win the reader’s attention. Make sure the theme you choose relates to the area of study in the film. For instance, it can be about history in film production, movie making, sound in videos, pigment usage, etc. sharing ideas on film research proposal topics

Conduct your research

Take your time and dive deep into research. You can even note down the sources you find online or in the libraries. The more information you gather, the better. Besides, you want your essays’ body paragraphs to stand out.

Create an Outline

As the narrator, come up with a decisive outline. Think of it as a road map for your entire film research paper.  Get to decide how many sections you will include and what to cover in each paragraph. Be sure of what format to use alongside the references. Moreover, make sure your thesis statement is accurate and comprehensive.

Post writing tips

Once you’re through with the first draft of your film research essay, take a break, and then proofread. Check and edit the paper before submission. In this way, you spot any grammar, punctuation, typos, and spelling mistakes. In essence, proofreading polishes your dissertation, thus better grades.

The bottom-line

At this juncture, you have an insight into the kind of film research paper topics to write about whenever your tutor requests one. Remember, you need to follow the above tips, and don’t forget to check out some film research paper examples.

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