Strategic Analysis of One Business

Task Present a current critical strategic analysis of ONE Business Unit within General Electric You are required to cover the following topics covered in the module:

 Resource Audit

 Value Systems

 Product/Service portfolio (BCG Matrix)

 Potential future strategic growth o Identification of options o Evaluation of options You may want to focus the analysis on a specific product

This is fine but you will need to make the focus of the analysis clear to the reader. News & Web Links The links below provide some starting points but students MUST add their own detailed research to develop the analysis:
The following structure is required for the submitted report: 1 Introduction to the report 2 Brief strategic position of the company 3 A critical evaluation of the resources and value systems of the company 4 A critical evaluation of the product/portfolio mix within the SBU 5 A critical analysis and evaluation of KEY future directions for strategic growth 6 Recommendations The coursework is an individual piece of work. It will be 3,000 words, inclusive of appendices (+/- 10%). Please note that text in diagrams or tables will count towards the word count
Hand in date: TBC

It is important that attention is focused on a strategic appraisal of the company as opposed University of South Wales (USW) to providing lots of interesting facts over what interests you or what you find on the internet. Assessment will focus on students’ abilities in applying strategic models and frameworks in a coherent manner that enables them to develop a clear strategic view of the strategic position being studied.

You do not need to reference many academic sources in this element of the assessment, but you must reference sources of company or market information. Furthermore, you must reference sources for any theoretical background that you decide to include. Marking Criteria (The marks for each criterion are to illustrate where the main effort should be spent and are not meant to be a strict marking scheme) Indicative Percentage Criteria 30% Application of Frameworks and models The required frameworks and models introduced in the assignment task should be applied correctly to identify the key issues emerging relevant to the business example selected. 60% Depth of Strategic Evaluation.

Key strategic factors should be critically evaluated to develop the required depth of analysis of the business example selected. A strong analysis needs to be evidence-based rather than appear to be personal opinion so must draw on relevant sources e.g. news & media, industry publications, company web pages, and documentation 10% Clarity of Structure and Presentation The report is well organized and logically constructed, following the layout indicated in the assignment task. The quality of writing, spell checking, grammar, and referencing need to demonstrate accuracy to ensure the reader can focus on the analysis provided (The marks for each criterion are to illustrate where the main effort should be spent) Please remember that an assignment is not meant to DESCRIBE what you have found. Analysis means commenting on your findings and EXPLAINING what the evidence suggests about the company.

Marking Criteria (The marks for each criterion are to illustrate where the main effort should be spent and are not meant to be a strict marking scheme) Presentation

 Use of the front page to set out important details i.e. title of work, student number, etc

 Well laid out text that is easy to follow Analysis

 Strategic Position o Sets out the Differentiation position of GE o Provide some clear examples to illustrate the strategic position o Identify the SBU being examined in relation to others within the company

 Resource/Competencies o Identify the main resources and skills within the company o The section should act as an introduction to the Value Systems o Use of the Resource/Competence model helps to identify the balance related to the strategic position so that you can discuss the way the balance is relevant to the aims of the SBU o Avoid just describing the resources that have been identified

 Value System o Identify the activities that enable the strategic position of the company o Use the Value Chain model to critically examine key activities and the links between them o Look to evaluate relevant external links that create value for the company o Develop an analysis of the activities rather than just a list of examples of company activity

 BCG o Use the model to identify the portfolio of SBUs or product ranges o Develop a critical explanation of positions that have been identified

 Future Directions o Use the Product/Matrix model to identify potential areas of future development o Critically explore the relevant differences of each section of the model e.g. Market development and product offer different challenges

 Conclusions & Recommendations o Draw the main aspects of the analysis together o Set out key points that can be considered for strategic development Structure

 The clear balance of the report

 Effective use of headings, sub-headings Use of supporting evidence

 Clear use of relevant sources to support the analysis, particularly current news and media material

 Awareness of the balance of sources

 The evidence is developed into the analysis to provide the depth of explanation Style of writing

 Clear writing style

 Avoid a personal, descriptive style in the analysis

General Guidance to students Structure

 The introduction should be brief. It is not meant to provide a history of General Electric’s

 The Conclusion needs to draw the analysis to a close and comment on the sustainability of General Electric’s strategic position. Remember you do not introduce new findings into the Conclusion

 If you include Appendices you must refer to them in the relevant section of the report findings

 References should clearly list all the material that has been referred to in their port and set out using Harvard style: Models/Content

 Remember to use the models in a ‘dynamic’ way i.e. place relevant examples onto the models. Do not simply copy and paste ‘generic’ examples from the lecture slides

 Words in the models are included in the word limit. The models lose their value if they are full of text. They should aid in understanding not confuse the reader because too much has been stuffed into them

 Models should be included in the main body of the report. Only place them in the appendices if they are close to a full-page

 You may well refer to points made in earlier parts of the report to show the connections in the analysis. This shows an awareness of the links between themes

 You will struggle to stay within the word limit so focus on the KEY DRIVERS in your analysis

 You will not be able to use all of the examples if you have done the level of reading required so ‘cherry-pick’ those that best illustrate the key driver’s

 Facts and figures need to be supported with sources clearly referenced. Presentation

 Be your own independent work and free from plagiarism by ensuring that work that is not your own is clearly referenced

 Use Harvard style citation and referencing using the Drop-in center published guidelines

 Be written in the appropriate academic style

 Be professionally presented

 Be word-processed using font size 12 for the main text and 1.5 line spacing

 Have numbered pages

 Have been spell-checked and proof-read



For this assignment please you need to focus on ”one business unit”, therefore, wherever you the word ”company” in the assignment brief, it actually means the SBU.


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