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Have you ever listened to an argument and wondered why the people in the debate were so passionate about their positions? Or have you ever wondered why more people don’t try to better understand their opponents in a debate?

In Module 2 you began to explore the idea that there are many sides, or perspectives, in a debate. In creating your literature review, you looked closely at the perspectives you found on your chosen topic. In Discussion 1 you looked carefully at the main issues involved with your topic. Now it is time to synthesize all the information you have found so you can construct an objective analysis of this topic. This is your opportunity to show your audience the complexity and depth of your topic, to encourage them to look beyond the simple “pro-con” positions.

In this assignment, you will conduct a stakeholder analysis on your topic. What is a stakeholder? Anyone with a real interest in your issue, anyone with something of value to gain or lose, is considered a stakeholder. These are the people who have material, social, cultural, or emotional interests at stake within your topic. These are likely to be the voices or perspectives you have been researching in the past few discussions and assignments. You will analyze the topic and the various stakeholders, or perspectives, from an objective viewpoint.

You should spend approximately 10 hours on this assignment.


  1. Research: You have done much of the research for this assignment already! Consult the sources you compiled during your literature review and the information you reported in your PowerPoint presentation. Look over your notes from your expert interview. Decide whether you have enough information (and the best information) to create a comprehensive analysis of this topic. Decide if you have found information to answer all of your questions. If not, remember that research is recursive, and continue searching for, evaluating, and annotating sources until you feel you have a thorough understanding of the topic and can provide well-documented information about each of your stakeholders.  OMIT your own personal opinions, as they are inappropriate in this formal research report about source ideas.  You may use sources other than CCCOnline Library database sources.
  2. Pre-Write: Who are your stakeholders? Identify at least four specific stakeholders or stakeholder groups. What are their values? Why do they think this issue is important? What do they have to gain or lose? What is their goal regarding your topic? How are their positions similar or different from one another? Look at this topic from their various perspectives and examine what these voices have to say.
  3. Write: Write an essay where you carefully and thoughtfully analyze this topic through the viewpoints of the stakeholders involved.
    • Introduction: In your introduction you should give a thorough overview of the topic. Give background information, history, and context to the issue. Identify the main points of conflict or debate. Finally, identify the stakeholders you will discuss in the Body paragraphs.  Include your thesis sentence.
    • Body: Explain with only cited source information the stakeholders and their positions. Devote at least one paragraph to each stakeholder’s position. Explain who they are, what they have at stake, and why the topic is significant to them.
    • Body: Analyze the stakeholders. How are the stakeholders’ positions similar and different? What are the connections between the stakeholders? Why are they similar and different? What makes this topic so complex?
    • Conclusion: Add your voice to the conversation. Synthesize the information you present in your body paragraphs. In your assessment, what is the future of this topic?
  4. You should use 5-7 professional, credible, and current sources, published in the last 5 years.  You also have the option of using and citing information from your expert interview, if you so choose.  Use no other sources of any kind.  Your essay should contain 4-5 quotations from your sources; each quotation should be only 1-2 sentences, no longer.  Paraphrase other main ideas.  Be sure to use quotation marks and in-text citations appropriately and responsibly and include an MLA-style Works Cited page.
  5. Your essay should be approximately 1,000-1,100 words.  Essay length requirements always exclude header and Works Cited page.
  6. Format your essay in MLA Style and include an MLA-style Works Cited page. Need help with MLA?  Refer to the CCCOnline MLA Citation Toolkit.   And consult the Purdue OWL for more information on general MLA format(page layout) and how to create a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited page.
  7. Once your essay is written, revised, and proofread, you may submit it to the Module 3 Assignment folder: Stakeholder Analysis Essay

See the Course ScheduleCourse Rubrics, and Grading and Evaluation sections in the Syllabusmodule for due dates and grading information

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