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Respond ti each peer initial posting with 3-4 sentences long.


Peer 1 initial post


According to, “Georgia has one of the largest state legislatures in the nation, the General Assembly, composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate, meets from January until late March to set the state’s annual operating budget and to propose laws on a variety of topics from education to environmental protection.  By collaborating in committees and meeting with constituents, the representatives and senators contribute to the state’s health and growth.”


Georgia currently has 56 senators.  The Georgia General Assembly shall appropriate the Senate and House districts.  The U.S. Senate is comprised of two senators from each state elected by the citizens of their respective states.


Under the principle of “proportional and equal representation” I feel that this supports the constitution that we are all created equal.  Each State is allocated a number of Electors equal to the number of its U.S. Senators (always 2) plus the number of its U.S. Representatives (which may change each decade according to the size of each State’s population as determined in the Census). I am not certain that I agree with this concept as I do not believe that we have reached a reliable method of determining the population. 



Peer 2 initial post



      In order to understand what unequal representation is we must first understand representation and how it came about.  The Senate is made up of two senators from each state.  Washington D.C. citizens are the only ones who do not have a representative in the Senate.  The citizens of the state elect their representatives in the hopes that they will keep their best interest at heart and speak on their behalf.  The person in charge of the Senate is the Vice President so it is important who the holds that position.  Below the Vice President are the majority party who elect majority leaders (Bailey, 2002).  The minority party also elect minority leaders.  Those people serve as spokespersons for their parties on the Senate.  With that all being said it sounds as if populations should be equally represented but that is not always the case.

Each committee and sub-committee in the Senate guide and screens the legislative duties of Congress and are supposed to represent the citizens of their states.  They recommend and consider new laws, discard presidential nominations, give advice and agree on international treaties and serve as the higher court for impeachment trials.  The House of Representatives works on new legislation but does not perform the other duties that the Senate conducts ( They also have the power to conduct investigations on certain elements of the executive branch if need be, they are sort of a checks and balance for the government.  They do all of this while keeping the public informed and educated on what is going on in the political world and with their government (  They have the power to discipline and get rid of members if the matter is voted upon.  So far throughout history only 15 members of the Senate have ever been expelled since 1789 so as you can see this does not happen often.

It would seem that with this much power that those who are elected into the Senate would have to be some well-rounded and well educated diverse people.  I do not believe that this can be achieved through only elected two people per state to represent the entire population of people in that state.  I believe in the One Person One Vote rule.  The principle to this rule is that no matter where someone resides in a state they are entitled to equal legislative representation (

States are so diverse now a day that it is impossible to have equal representation with only two people.  If it where the case that when those two Senators where put into place that they had to elect a more diverse committee and then an even more diverse subcommittee that might help to solve the problem but that is not always the case. Those committees and subcommittees are made up of likeminded people.  The majority party in and of itself is supposed to represent the majority of the is a system where two major parties dominate a political unit.  It seems that those who are in the minority party have less representation, so should they not have the same say as the majority. 

In less populous states the majority of the people are usually of the same mind and therefore they are properly represented.  Those states with more diverse populations are not properly represented and therefore the representation should be more diverse.  Even smaller states are becoming more diverse due to immigration and migration of people.  Just because those individuals may not be registered voters does not mean that their lives are not affected by what their state government is doing. Our country allows immigrants to come in and live here so we have to be accommodating to a certain extent.  Non-voting citizens have rights that are protected under the constitution as well as those voting citizens.  I would have to ask the question though of how do you get proper representation if you cannot vote since representatives are voted in.  I guess you would have to hope that there are enough voters out there who have the same views as you and your particular party.

          Less populated states consistently receive more federal funding than states with more people because they are properly represented and have more of a say when it comes to legislation.  It would seem almost impossible that two people could represent a state like California or Texas and be able to be equal to that of say a state like Delaware.  It would seem that having only two representatives for a state such as Texas would only have representation for a small portion of its population whereas in a state like Delaware even though the citizens would not be completely represented they would be better represented than Texas.  This gives an unfair advantage to smaller states.



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