Kinesiology 110 simple project! | Science homework help

 1. Choose a topic or claim from a diet or exercise trend/fad that is of particular interest to you. Then come up with a question pertaining to this topic that you would like to investigate further.

·         –You will be answering this question and writing/recording/drawing this information for it to be published/showcased in the science section of Time Magazine, NY Times, etc.

·         –Include at least 5 scientific journal articles to answer your question. You must provide a SNAP reading sheet for EACH article used. Combine all 5 SNAP sheets into ONE document when submitting.

·         –In addition, you should use other articles/sources as necessary for providing background information and defining scientific terms. Know your audience! Make your writing appropriate for the average layperson reading these articles.

·         Follow the specific grading criteria below when completing your case study and above all else- HAVE FUN WITH IT!


SNAP READING SHEET FORMAT(1 of 5) SNAP Article Summary Sheet


Paper (Title, Author, Journal, Date of publication):



Aim and Hypothesis (What was the aim of the study and what did they hypothesize as the expected outcome?):



Subjects (What is the age, sex, race, ethnicity of participants and fitness/dietary status?):



Study Design (briefly describe methods and exercise dose [frequency, intensity, time, type] or dietary plan):



Result(s) (Physiology and performance outcomes – did they change?):



Primary Conclusions (did they achieve the outcome as hypothesized?):



Limitations and drawbacks (and future directions for improvement):



YOUR Questions/concerns/comments:




Did this paper support your hypothesis?

0       1    2       3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10

No                                                                                                       Yes




 Submission Format Options and Requirements:

·         OPTION 1: All written (1 page, single spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman)

·         OPTION 2:  Recorded, audio presentation (with Powerpoint) + ½ page write-up (single spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman) 

·         OPTION 3:Graphical representation of information (drawing/ schematic/ flowchart/ comic strip) + ½ page write-up (single spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman)